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BULBS. 1. Bulb. Structure containing an embryonic plant and food for the plant. 2. As a general rule, what is the best way to plant bulbs?. Mass Planting. 3. You should avoid planting bulbs in ___________ __________ _________. thin. narrow. rows.

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1. Bulb

Structure containing an embryonic plant and food for the plant.

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3. You should avoid planting bulbs in ___________ __________ _________.




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9. How can you add organic matter to your bulb soil? shrubs?

Add Peat Moss, Leaf Mold, Compost, or Rotted Manure

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Peat Moss shrubs?

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Leaf Mold shrubs?

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Compost shrubs?

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Rotted Manure shrubs?

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Tuberous Rooted Begonia shrubs?


Spring, 1” deep

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Gladiolus shrubs?

Spring, 5” deep

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Dahlia shrubs?(tuber)

Spring, 8” deep

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Crocus shrubs?

Fall, 4” deep

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Hyacinth shrubs?

Fall, 6” deep

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Bulbous Iris shrubs?

Fall, 6” deep

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Lily shrubs?

Fall, 7” deep

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Tulip shrubs?

Fall, 9” deep

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Daffodil shrubs?

Fall, 10” deep

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21. As a general rule, how far apart should bulbs be planted?

Same as the planting depth.

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22. When should you dig up your spring flowering bulbs?

After the foliage turns yellow and dies back.

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23. How often should you dig up tulip and hyacinth bulbs in order to ensure high quality blooming?

Every year

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24. How often should daffodil, crocus, and lily bulbs be dug up and replanted?

Every 3 to 5 years

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25. What time of the year do tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, crocus, and lily’s bloom?


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26. What time of the year do dahlias, tuberous-rooted begonias, calla, and gladiolus flower?


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Fall – after the first frost has killed the foliage.

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28. Why should you wait until the bulb’s foliage (leaves) have completely died back before you dig them up?

Shows the growth cycle is over and food is stored in the bulb.

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30. How can you prevent insects from damaging your bulbs when they are in storage?

Dust with pesticides

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31. How can you prevent moisture loss from your bulbs when they are in storage?

Cover with sawdust or peat moss

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32. Why is it a bad idea to cut the tops off of your bulbs before they have died back naturally?

Will reduce next year’s flowering if removed too soon.

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33. Summarize the process of before they have died back naturally?Forcing Bulbs?

  • Fill pot 2/3 full of soil.

  • Place bulb in pot, point up, flat side out.

  • Fill with soil, leave ¼ inch of bulb tip protruding.

  • Label.

  • Place outside in cold frame or cover with bark.

  • Bring bulbs into greenhouse about January 15.

  • Water.

  • Kemp temperature at 60 degrees.

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Cold Frame before they have died back naturally?