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Bell of the Stethoscope . Break room door handle. calculator. Charge bat phone. Charge Nurse Report Binder. Counter cleaned. Counter not cleaned. Diaper Scale. East HUC Desk. Equipment Scanner. Glove Box. Glucometer. Isolette buttons. Isolette Knobs. Computer Keyboard. Lounge Table.

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Bell of the Stethoscope

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Presentation Transcript

Bell of the stethoscope l.jpg

Bell of the Stethoscope

Break room door handle l.jpg

Break room door handle

Calculator l.jpg


Charge bat phone l.jpg

Charge bat phone

Charge nurse report binder l.jpg

Charge Nurse Report Binder

Counter cleaned l.jpg

Counter cleaned

Counter not cleaned l.jpg

Counter not cleaned

Diaper scale l.jpg

Diaper Scale

East huc desk l.jpg

East HUC Desk

Equipment scanner l.jpg

Equipment Scanner

Glove box l.jpg

Glove Box

Glucometer l.jpg


Isolette buttons l.jpg

Isolette buttons

Isolette knobs l.jpg

Isolette Knobs

Computer keyboard l.jpg

Computer Keyboard

Lounge table l.jpg

Lounge Table

Md cell phone l.jpg

MD Cell Phone

Medfusion black clip l.jpg

Medfusion Black Clip

Neosucker l.jpg


Np notebook l.jpg

NP Notebook

Ventilator screen l.jpg

Ventilator Screen

Parent cell phone l.jpg

Parent Cell Phone

Pacifier l.jpg


Patient bottom drawer l.jpg

Patient Bottom Drawer

Patient chart l.jpg

Patient Chart

Patient mask l.jpg

Patient Mask

Slide27 l.jpg


Physician bag l.jpg

Physician Bag

Patient top drawer l.jpg

Patient Top Drawer

Pyxis l.jpg


Sat monitor l.jpg

Sat Monitor

Shelf for person items l.jpg

Shelf for person items

Sleeve l.jpg


Social worker pager l.jpg

Social worker pager

Spacelab monitor screen l.jpg

Spacelab monitor screen

Telephone l.jpg


Ultrasound wand l.jpg

Ultrasound wand

X ray cassette l.jpg

X-ray cassette

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