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Alaska Ocean Observing System DMAG Capabilities. Data management and modeling. Overview. Data management Modeling Transfer Access Analysis Visualization. Data Management. Automation of… Data transport (IN) Storage and processing of new data Product production

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Alaska Ocean Observing System DMAG Capabilities

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Alaska ocean observing system dmag capabilities l.jpg

Alaska Ocean Observing SystemDMAG Capabilities

Data management and modeling

Overview l.jpg


  • Data management

  • Modeling

  • Transfer

  • Access

  • Analysis

  • Visualization

Data management l.jpg

Data Management

Automation of…

  • Data transport (IN)

  • Storage and processing of new data

  • Product production

  • Data access; Data transport (OUT)

  • Data archive and safety

  • Metadata and data lineage

Modeling l.jpg


  • Investigating ROMS modeling with biology & ice

  • Very experimental WRF-ARW runs in PWS, GOA, and SE Alaska

    • Infrastructure in place to allow automated runs of other models

    • Collaboration with AEFF

  • ARSC : near-operational WRF model run at 7.5 km statewide domain

  • Next challenges :

    • QA/QC of information for use as input to models

    • Data assimilation

Domains l.jpg




  • WRF-ARW @ ARSC (NorthAlaska6)

PWS 4km


NorthAlaska6 7.5 km

SEBS: Southeast

Bering Sea

SE 10 km

GOA 10km

Data transport in l.jpg

Data transport (IN)

Active data transport

  • FTP :

  • A specific username/password may be assigned

  • Strictly anonymous is also allowed

  • Scripting required to begin processing

  • RAMS/AEFF, webcams, monthly SWAN, cruise data

Data transport in7 l.jpg

Data transport (IN)

Passive data transport

  • AOOS grabs data

    • Straight up HTTP : OPeNDAP, screen scrape (NDBC)

    • Some other web service : SnoTel/AMBCS

    • FTP; OPeNDAP; …

  • Requires polling of remote server(s)

  • New data is detectable and leads to automatic processing

Access data transport out l.jpg

Access; Data transport (OUT)

  • Access to raw data for download and custom visualization (HTTP)

  • OPeNDAP services

  • Development of OGC GIS data protocols

    • Graphical front end : UMN Mapserver

    • WMS, WFS, and WCS layers : ArcIMS

  • Data Catalog Explorer (Query -> ASCII)

  • Metadata -> data ; Data -> metadata

  • Text, NetCDF, HDF and GIS shape file products can be created to user specifications

    • Maintain compatibility with IOOS protocols data transport, if possible

Access data transport out9 l.jpg

Access; Data transport (OUT)

  • Raw (HTTP) :

  • OPeNDAP :

  • Data Catalog Explorer :


  • UMN Mapserver (GIS) : beta


  • Metadata :


Analysis l.jpg


Open source software

  • Specialized graphics will require porting from commercial applications to open source software

  • Computations that require special tools, IDL or Matlab, will increase licensing, support and general processing overhead

  • AOOS provides basic analysis

  • More complex analysis is driven by user requests and support (it must be automated)

Analysis verification l.jpg

Analysis -> Verification

Verification l.jpg


Visualization l.jpg


  • Data Catalog Explorer

  • GIS web application : UMN Mapserver

  • Metadata -> Data

  • Custom visualization products

  • Custom analysis products

Data catalog explorer l.jpg

Data Catalog Explorer

Umn mapserver l.jpg

UMN Mapserver

Custom products l.jpg

46081 : ADCP

Custom products

Name: Snow and Ice Depth Provider:Hajo Eicken, Barrow Sea Ice Observatory, UAF


Homework action items needs l.jpg

Homework, action items, needs…

  • Get data and products to AOOS

    • Data: great, Graphics: ok; FTP, HTTP, OPeNDAP, IOOS protocol

  • Visualization needs

    • Send us examples of data and graphics

    • Snippets of code are also helpful

  • Data format and access needs

    • Special formats and/or structure need to be known in advance

    • Attempt to make it IOOS compatible

    • Data and products may be restricted

      • Automated, if static IP addressing is used

      • More difficult, if user authentication is required

  • Data and products can be delivered

    • If the process can be completely automated

Contact information l.jpg

Contact Information

Alaska Ocean Observing System

Rob Cermak


School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences

O’Neill Building, Suite 245

905 North Koyukuk Drive

Fairbanks, AK 99775

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