Chapter 4 the bhutanese
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Chapter 4 The Bhutanese ブータンの人々 The Kingdom of Bhutan is a tiny country of priests and farmers close to the Himalayan Mountains. 近くに Bhutan’s religion celebrates a never-ending 果てしの無い、終わりのない cycle .  輪 ( 輪廻) The country’s history and mythology are mixed.

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Chapter 4 The Bhutanese


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  • The farmers Dzongs or temple-houses were built

    as centers of faith, education,


    and local government /and they continue

    in these roles even today.


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  • Farmers farmers useevery place they can to grow


    crops, and other Bhutanese families

    take care of herds of yaks in the mountains.


  • The government and tradition

    have kept large industries out.


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  • The hunter farmers promises never to hunt again and,


    as a result, archery became


    Bhutan’s national sport.


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  • Buddhism farmers usesmeditationto find happiness.

    O  見つける為に

  • And today, Bhutan is the world’s only kingdom following Tibetan Buddhism.


  • Prayer and religious ceremonies teach/ that all living things must co-exist.


  • Nature and man should be united.

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  • For example farmers , a farmer’s prayer flags/ carry/ his

    例えば                〜を運ぶ

    hopes/ for a good harvestto the Buddha.

    豊作の為に    〜へ

  • In this way, eventhe humblest of people can

    この様に さえも 最も慎ましい生活の人々

    practice their religion in Bhutan.