How Highly Effective Official’s Build Credibility And Respect - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

How highly effective official s build credibility and respect
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How Highly Effective Official’s Build Credibility And Respect. The Dumb Things They Do To Destroy It. AND. Officiating Experience. FHSAA Official – 27 Years (Wrestling) 16 Years (Volleyball) 5 Years (Baseball) FHSAA Rank I Superior Official – 17 Years

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How Highly Effective Official’s Build Credibility And Respect

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How highly effective official s build credibility and respect l.jpg

How Highly Effective Official’s Build Credibility And Respect

The Dumb Things They Do To Destroy It


Officiating experience l.jpg

Officiating Experience

  • FHSAA Official – 27 Years (Wrestling)

  • 16 Years (Volleyball) 5 Years (Baseball)

  • FHSAA Rank I Superior Official – 17 Years

  • Past Pres/Booking Officer – NCFWOA – 15 Yrs

  • Past Training Official – NCFWOA

  • Selected For 20 Regional Wrestling Tournaments

  • Selected For 8 State Wrestling Tournaments

  • Selected For Multiple College Open Tournaments

  • Head Official For Multiple High School Events

  • Scored 100% on Wrestling Rules Exam – 3 Times

  • Guest Speaker & Clinician @ FHSAA Field Clinics

Highly effective credible officials get it l.jpg

Highly Effective & Credible Officials Get It!

  • They Understand The Bell Curve

  • They Always Demonstrate Proper Professionalism

  • They Practice The Five P’s of Planning

  • They Always Strive to Improve Themselves

  • They Don’t Politicize & Rewrite The Rule Book

  • They Know Each And Every Contest is Important

  • They Are Not The Center of Attention

  • They Care!

What is professionalism l.jpg

What is Professionalism?

Highly Effective & Credible Officials Always Demonstrate a High Level of Professionalism

Is the ability to demonstrate the

qualities and competencies of one’s

profession with commitment and skill

It is both an individual characteristic

and an ideological position

Another definition l.jpg

Another Definition

  • Is Having a Conscientious Awareness of

    The Role, Image, Skills and Knowledge

    in The Commitment To Provide a Quality Oriented Service

Professionalism verifies that you are l.jpg

Professionalism Verifies That You Are:

Qualified Competent Thorough In Charge In Control

The five be s of professionalsm l.jpg


  • BE - Able to Set Goals to Grow & Develop

  • BE - Fit and Practice Good Personal Health

  • BE - In Good Appearance At All Times

  • BE - Knowledgeable and Demonstrate The Proper Application of Rules And Mechanics

  • BE - Responsible and Carry Out Your Duties

Setting personal goals to grow and develop l.jpg

Setting Personal Goals To Grow And Develop

  • Set realistic goals at a high level

  • It takes time to move up the ladder

  • Work hard to advance

  • CE is important (clinic’s, camps, ask questions)

  • Self- evaluate - What can I do better?

Being fit and healthy l.jpg

Being Fit and Healthy

  • Be in Condition Year Round

  • Do Not Ref If You Are Injured

  • Always Be Physically and Mentally Prepared Before the Season Starts

    ….the athletes are prepared, are you?

Here i am outstanding in my field l.jpg

Here I Am “Outstanding in My Field”

My PE Field

Appearance l.jpg


  • Sets The Tone For The Entire Contest

  • First Impressions Are Everything

  • Be In Proper Uniform

  • Shoes Polished

  • No Faded Pants or Shirts

  • Keep Extra Uniform In Your Official’s Bag

Knowledge application of rules l.jpg

Knowledge & Application of Rules

  • Frequently Study Your Rules – Know Them!

  • Review Situations – Case Book, Officials

  • Study Old Exams

  • Learn The Intent and Spirit of The Rules

  • Attend Local and State Field Clinics

  • Strive to Learn How and When to Apply or Enforce The Rules of The Contest

  • Use The Internet

Always demonstrate good mechanics signals proper positioning l.jpg

Always Demonstrate Good Mechanics, Signals, & Proper Positioning

Hustle To Be in Good Position

Demonstrate Proper Signals

Blow A Good Whistle

Responsibly carry out your duties l.jpg

Responsibly Carry Out Your Duties

  • Always Use The Proper Signals & Mechanics

  • Vocalize To Sell The Call – But Don’t Show Boat!

  • Be Courteous But Firm!

  • Know Your Pre-Contest, Contest, & Post-Contest Responsibilities

  • Always Incorporate Preventative Officiating

    • Always Hustle & Be In Good Position

Basic traits of highly effective officials l.jpg




…Respect Peers and Superiors




Traits continued l.jpg






General guidelines for the highly effective official l.jpg

General Guidelines ForThe Highly Effective Official

  • Be more Concerned About Your

    Character Than Your Reputation

    2. Hear and See Everything but React Only to What You Need to

    3. Always Strive to Improve

    4. Have Patience and Keep Your Poise

    5. Always Be Positive

More credibility builders l.jpg

More Credibility Builders

  • Do Not Break A Contract For a Better One

  • Run Your Officiating Like a Business

  • Be Gracious Accepting Contracts

  • Be Prompt

  • Call The Assignor or School Promptly If

    You Cannot Attend The Contest

Dumb things officials do to lose credibility l.jpg


  • Inadvertently Scouting For a Coach

  • Fraternizing With Coaches, Athletes, Parents

  • Power Trip Official

  • The Money Gruber

  • The Homer

  • The Bus Stop Ref

  • The Gossip Monger

  • The Opinion - ator

  • The Gift Bearer

Great news developing credibility effectiveness it can be learned l.jpg

Great News!Developing Credibility & Effectiveness…It Can Be Learned

Slide21 l.jpg

Some Parting Thoughts

Strive To Work Hard At The Officiating Craft

Dedicate Yourself To Not Be Average and Ordinary - Don’t Be Satisfied With Mediocrity

Have Fun Learning And Growing

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