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Heavy Metal Detoxification in the treatment of autism and the use of metyhlcobalamin PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Heavy Metal Detoxification in the treatment of autism and the use of metyhlcobalamin. Dr T.E. Gabriel Stewart M.B. B.CH B.A.O. M.I.C.G.P A.P.C.T. Topics . AUTISM is A Medical condition . It is not a mental Disorder As such it is preventable Treatable . Topics (Contd.).

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Heavy Metal Detoxification in the treatment of autism and the use of metyhlcobalamin

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Heavy Metal Detoxification in the treatment of autism and the use of metyhlcobalamin

Dr T.E. Gabriel Stewart

M.B. B.CH B.A.O. M.I.C.G.P A.P.C.T


  • AUTISM is A Medical condition .

  • It is not a mental Disorder

  • As such it is preventable

  • Treatable .

Topics (Contd.)

  • Dealing with the yeast overgrowth.

  • Dealing with the leaky gut.

  • Heavy metals and their effects.

  • Chelation.

  • Methylcobalamin.

  • Sources of information.

GUT Issues must be dealt with before dealing with the heavy metal issue

There are 3 main issues common to all autistic


  • Yeast Overgrowth

  • Leaky gut

  • Heavy Metal Accumulation

Yeast Overgrowth

  • Yeast overgrowth leads to poor absorption of necessary vitamins, minerals & esssential nutrients.

  • It is normal to have a small amount of yeast in the GI tract. Autistic children however have abnormal amounts, usually leading to poor absorption of essential nutrients and the leakage of toxic substances into the bloodstream which should not be absorbed.

Dealing with the Gut Problems

  • Gluten Casein Soy Free Diet.

    • MANY children improve on this alone

  • Tests advised at this stage

    • Organic Acid test

    • Yeast for Culture & Sensitivity

    • RBC Essential Elements.

  • Nutritional supplementation

  • How do we treat the Yeast overgrowth & Leaky gut syndrome

    • Nutrition/Antioxidants in food and metabolised in the body

      • Vitamins A, B Complex, C, E, B12 , B6, Folic Acid, Niacin

      • Essential Fatty Acids These are extremely important. They are a most powerful anti-inflammatory agent.

      • Co-Enzyme Q10,DMG

      • Trace elements – Magnesium, Selenium, Chromium, Zinc

      • Probiotics

      • Reduced L glutathione,N Acetyl cysteine, Alpha-Lipoic Acid

      • Anti-fungals medications.

      • Herbal Products,

    Heavy Metals

    • What are they ?

    • Where do they come from ?

    • What effect have they on our bodies ?

    • How are we protected against these heavy metals/free radicals ?

    • How are they removed ?

    • How do they impact on our health when they are removed ?

    Heavy Metals – what are they and where do they come from

    • Lead – petrol, paint, batteries, certain water mains

    • Mercury – fillings in teeth, fish, paint, numerous appliances such as mercury thermometers, nasal sprays and eye drops, certain vaccines.

    • Cadmium – Cigarettes, tyres, metal platings

    • Arsenic – Pesticides, chicken feeds, rice, treated wood

    Heavy Metals – what are they and where do they come from

    • Aluminum – Cooking wares, aluminum foil, antacids, certain vaccines, canned drinks/foods

    • Antimony – Carpets, flame retardant clothes

    • Iron

    • Copper

    Heavy Metals – how are we protected against these free radicals

    • Diet /nutrition– “let food be your medicine and let medicine be your food”- Hippocrates

    • Supplementation

    • Skin release

    • Good kidney eliminations

    • Good bowel eliminations

    • Exercise

    • Healthy lifestyle

    What are the effects of these toxic metals overload

    • They are oxidised to form free radicals resulting in the destruction of cells,

    • They affect organs ,interfere with enzyme systems, inhibit prostaglandin formation. Weaken the immune system, inhibit the proper functioning of cells, contribute to gastrointestinal problems, and are carcinogenic.

    What Chelation agents are there

    • EDTA-Ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid

    • DMSA(dimercocaptosuccinic acid)

    • DMPS(dimercaptopropanesulfonic acid)

    • TTFD Transdermal Allithiamine

    How are they used

    • EDTA is effective only intravenously.It is used in adults in the form of MG EDTA for Heart Disease,Circulatory disorders,neurological disorders, and the chronic degenerative diseases.

    • DMSA (dimercocaptosuccinic acid)

    • DMPS(Dimercaptopropanesulfonic acid)

    • TTFD/allathiamine (active form of B1)

    EDTA and its safety

    • Given according to ACAM protocol millions of chelations in past 30 years no recorded death.

    • Doctors licensed in western Canada since 1997 No serious ADRS

    • NIH conducting $30 million clinical trial on 2,300 patients no serious adrs

    • NIH 800,000 I.V EDTA chelations in U.S. alone no serious ADRS

    • Not suitable for ASD children 3 hour i.v. inneffective in chelating mercury

    • Powerful chelator of all other toxic heavy metals

    Metal Dertoxification in Auistic children

    • DMSA is the most widely used , convenient, safe , and given orally. It is a good chelator of Mercury, Lead and Cadmium.

    • Dmps May be given intravenously. A good chelator of mercury,often used as a provovative agent, usually given in oral form

    Chelating With the oral chelators

    • DMSA is given orally according to the Dan protocol 10mg/kg body weight/3times daily for three days on and 11 days off.

    • Repeat Full Blood Count and Blood chemistry tests at 3 to 4 month intervals.

    • Mobilization and excretion of the heavy metals produces a shift in the equilibrium between the various compartments of the body. This exerts an almost magnetic effect on metals in depots which are not directly accessible to the chelating agent. The body attempts to restore an equilibrium between the depots again. The heavy metals will then migrate partially into compartmenst where it is accessible to the chelating agent.

    Advantages of DMSA over DMPS

    • DMSA more widley used therefore greater experience with its use and well established safety profile.

    • Well established in the DAN protocol.

    • No well established oral DMPS protocol.

    • DMPS used more in acute poisoning with Lead, Mercury, Arsenic etc.

    • DMSA is more effective in removing Mercury from the brain, particularly when combined with Alpha Lipoic Acid.

    Disadvantages of DMSA oral therpay

    • DMSA may feed into the yeast/leaky gut/Gastrointestinal problems.

    • DMPS is not as severe on the gastrointestinal problems

    • DMPS used by some physiciansina once weekly dosage of 100 mg per week

    • Is over 50 % absorbed

    Other Heavy Metal Detox Options

    • Reduced Glutathione

    • Alpha Lipoic Acid

    • N-Acteyl Cysteine

    • TTFD-Allithiamine

    • Transdermal DMPS

    • Transdermal DMSA

    Methylcobalamin and pharmacology

    • Metylathion is the process by which a single Carbon atom is transferred from a Methyl donor to another molecule.This process is essential to life itself.

    • Dr. Richard Deth of Boston believes that Thiomersail interferes with the Metylathion process in converting Vitamin B12 to Metylcobalamin.

    • In many cases Autsim can be treated effectively by the Administration of Metyl B12 to augment the Metylathion capacity.

    Biosynthesis of Active Methylcobalamin

    • The low levels of Glutathione in autistic children will adversely affect their ability to detoxify and protect against heavy metals such as Thiomersal.

    Impaired Methylation

    • As impaired Methylation is important in Autism, the administration of Methylcobalamin should bring about an improvement.

    • Dr. James Neubrander has found significant improvement with injections of Methylcobalamin by giving the Methylcobalamin every 3 days.

    • Improvements were noted in Attention, language ability and social skills.

    How is Methylcobalamin given?

    • Dosage recommendation is 65 micrograms per Kilogram Bodyweight every 3 days.

    • This means that as much as 1250 micrograms is present in 0.05ml

    • The needle 30 gauge 3/10 Ultrafine BD insulin. It may be given by the parent while the child is sleeping.

    • It is inserted into the buttock at a 30 – 45 degree angle just under the skin.

    Adverse effects

    • Stimming

    • Hyperactivity

    • Should these effects occur one does not necessarily stop the treatment.

    • If Adverse effects are tolerable the treatment should continue

    Concentrated Metylcobalamin by Injection

    • Metylcobalamin is the active Co-enzyme element of B12

    • B12 is present in the brain and central nervous system asMetylcobalamin & is Non toxic.

    • It is known that Metylcobalamin metabolism is impaired in the Autistic child.

    • Much information on this is available for Dr. Neubrander.

    Multi dimensional approach

    • It should be remembered that improving Methylation capacity is only one component of the multi dimensional approach in the treatment of Autism.

    • Gluten Casein free diet

    • Nutritional supplementation

    • Chelation

    • Behavioural therapies

    Sources of Information

    • www.chelation-ireland.com

    • www.ACAM.org

    • Children with Starving Brains Jaquelyn McCandless, MD ISBN 1-883647-10-X

    • Biological treatments for Treatments for Autism and PDD by William Shaw Ph.D ISBN 0-9661238-1-6

    • Tests www.greatplainslaboratory.com

    • Autism Research Institute www.autism.com

    Contact Details

    • Dr T.E.Gabriel Stewart

    • 29 Hawthorn Lodge, Castleknock, Dublin15, Ireland

    • Telephone: +353-1-8212540

    • Fax : +353-1-8128370

    • [email protected]

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