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Harbour-front Enhancement Committee (HEC) Task Group on Urban Design Study for the New Central Harbourfront (TGUDS) 共建維港委員會中環新海濱研究專責小組 Proposed Design Responses 擬議設計回應. Overall Urban Design Framework 整體城市設計大綱.

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Harbour-front Enhancement Committee (HEC)Task Group on Urban Design Studyfor the New Central Harbourfront (TGUDS)共建維港委員會中環新海濱研究專責小組

Proposed Design Responses


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Overall Urban Design Framework


  • The public were generally in agreement with the urban design vision and sustainable and balanced design approach adopted for the Study

  • 公眾普遍贊同研究所採納的城市設計理想和可持續發展及平衡的設計方式

  • The majority agreed that the refined urban design framework has generally satisfied the sustainable design principles

  • 大部分回應贊同經優化的城市設計大綱普遍能滿足可持續發展設計原則

  • The majority agreed that the refined urban design framework has met the public aspirations for a vibrant, green and accessible new Central harbourfront

  • 大部分回應贊同經優化的城市設計大綱能滿足公眾所期望的一個朝氣蓬勃、綠化和暢達的中環新海濱

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Overall Urban Design Framework


Design Responses


  • Taking into account the public comments and suggestions, the urban design

  • framework for the new Central harbourfront will be further refined

  • 經考慮公眾意見及建議,中環新海濱的城市設計大綱將作進一步優化

  • promoting vibrancy and place-making

  • 增添活力及營造地方特色

  • enhancing visual and physical connectivity of the existing urban fabric to the harbourfront

  • 增強現有發展與海濱的視覺及實體連繫

  • providing guidelines on greening ratio and sustainable building design

  • 為綠化比率及可持續建築設計提供指引

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Sites 1 and 2


  • General support for the design concepts, except for about half of the participants in the Focus Group Workshop who disliked both concepts

  • 普遍支持設計概念,惟約半數專題小組工作坊的參與者對兩個概念皆不喜歡

  • Between the two design concepts, there was a clear preference for Concept A (Hotel & Office) to Concept B (Office & Office)

  • 在兩個設計概念當中,選擇概念A(酒店及辦公室)的明顯地較概念B(辦公室及辦公室)的為多

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Sites 1 and 2


Design Responses


  • Concept A as a basis for further deliberation regarding the following

  • 以概念A為基礎, 進一步考慮以下各點

  • - development intensity of Site 1

  • 一號用地的發展密度

  • - improving building design and disposition of proposed developments at

  • both sites

  • 改善兩幅用地上擬議發展的建築設計及布局

  • - improving accessibility and connectivity of the sites to the adjacent

  • areas

  • 改善用地與周邊地區的通達性及連繫

  • - integrating all Central Piers to achieve better design

  • 整合所有中環碼頭以達致更佳的設計

  • - relocating the proposed bus terminus at Site 2 to other locations

  • 於其他地點重置擬議設置在二號用地的巴士總站

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Site 3


  • General support for the design concepts

  • 普遍支持設計概念

  • More support for Concept B (Larger Landscaped Deck) to Concept A (Reduced Landscaped Deck)

  • 概念B(園景平台較大)較概念A(園景平台較小)獲得更多支持

  • Design Responses

  • 設計回應

  • Concept B is recommended as a basis for further refinements

  • 建議以概念B為基礎,作進一步優化

  • simplifying the form of the landscaped deck

  • 簡化園景平台的形態

  • enhancing pedestrian connections

  • 改善行人連接道

  • promoting visual permeability of the deck

  • 改善平台的視覺通透性

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Site 4 and Reconstructing the Old Star Ferry Clock Tower (SFCT)


  • General support for the design concepts for Site 4

  • 普遍支持四號用地的設計概念

  • More support for Concept A (More Separate Blocks with SFCT) than Concept B (Fewer Separate Blocks without SFCT)

  • 概念A(較多獨立建築物,包含天星鐘樓)較概念B(較少獨立建築物,不包含天星鐘樓)獲得更多支持

  • General support for the design concept for turning the old SFCT into a focal point and maintaining an axial relationship with City Hall and the re-assembled Queen’s Pier

  • 普遍支持將舊天星鐘樓轉成滙聚點,與大會堂及重組後的皇后碼頭構成軸線關係的設計概念

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Site 4 and Reconstructing the Old Star Ferry Clock Tower (SFCT)


Design Responses


  • Further improvement to the setting of the reconstructed Clock Tower at Site 4,

  • together with a Clock Tower Plaza and museum to form a focal point at the

  • new harbourfront with clear visual connection with the harbour

  • 進一步改善於四號用地重建鐘樓的布局,配以一個鐘樓廣場及博物館,成為新海濱

  • 的滙聚點,與海港建立清晰的視覺連繫

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Sites 5 and 6


  • General support for the design concepts

  • 普遍支持設計概念

  • Design Responses

  • 設計回應

  • Improving the pedestrian connectivity and vibrancy in the area, the design and connectivity for the area would be refined

  • 改善該區的行人連接道及活力,令該區的設計及連繫性得以優化

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Site 7


  • General support for the design concepts

  • 普遍支持設計概念

  • Concept B (Urban Green) has gained greater support than Concept A (Urban Park), and many request to enhance vibrancy by adding more nodal attractions

  • 概念B(都市綠洲)較概念A(都市公園)獲得更多支持,亦有很多人要求加添滙聚景點,以增添活力

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Site 7


  • Design Responses

  • 設計回應

  • The “Urban Green” concept as a basis for incorporating the design merits of the alternative “Urban Park” concept to provide more greenery while better defining the attraction nodes to enhance vibrancy

  • 以「都市綠洲」概念作為基礎,融滙「都市公園」概念的設計優點,以提供更多綠化環境,並勾劃出滙聚景點,以增添活力

  • The design of utility facilities would be integrated with the design of the waterfront promenade

  • 公用設施的設計將與海濱長廊的設計互相融合

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Re-assembling Queen’s Pier and Site 8


  • General support for the design concepts

  • 普遍支持設計概念

  • Concept A (Queen’s Pier by the Harbour) was generally preferred to Concept B (Queen’s Pier at Original Location)

  • 概念A(在海濱重組皇后碼頭)普遍較概念B(原址重組皇后碼頭)獲得更多支持

  • Design Responses

  • 設計回應

  • Refinement would be made to the design concept for re-assembling Queen’s Pier at the waterfront and memorial elements at the original site of Queen’s Pier (e.g. through paving and landscaping treatment) would be proposed

  • 在海濱重組皇后碼頭的設計概念將作進一步優化,並建議於皇后碼頭的原址設置紀念元素(例如以地面鋪設及園景美化的形式)

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Other Proposed Refinements


Design Responses


  • Refinements would be made:

  • 將進一步優化:

  • relocating the proposed bus terminus at Site 2 to other locations with a

  • view to releasing more ground level space

  • 於其他地點重置擬議設置在二號用地的巴士總站,以騰出更多地面空間

  • to narrow the width of Road P2 as far as possible and to turn it into a tree-lined boulevard with broad landscape design

  • 盡量縮減P2道路的闊度,並將之轉成林蔭大道,配以園景美化設計

  • to provide cycle tracks or some other form of environmentally friendly transport modes along the waterfront promenade such as trolley bus

  • 在海濱長廊提供單車徑或其他形式的交通設施(例如無軌電車)

  • to examine the possibility of incorporating features with design merits

  • (e.g. maritime theme at the harbourfront)

  • 研究採納具設計優點的設施(例如於海濱設立富海港主題的設施)

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