Gaia ultimate sports inc marketing the image of ultimate frisbee
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GAIA Ultimate Sports Inc. Marketing the image of ultimate Frisbee. Agenda. Marketing objectives Gaia Ultimate Sports inc. Positioning the product Frisbee industry analysis Customer analysis 5 P’s Financial Conclusion. Marketing objectives. Increase sales through the internet

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Gaia ultimate sports inc marketing the image of ultimate frisbee l.jpg

GAIA Ultimate Sports Inc.Marketing the image of ultimate Frisbee

Agenda l.jpg

  • Marketing objectives

  • Gaia Ultimate Sports inc.

  • Positioning the product

  • Frisbee industry analysis

  • Customer analysis

  • 5 P’s

  • Financial

  • Conclusion

Marketing objectives l.jpg
Marketing objectives

  • Increase sales through the internet

  • Increase brand recognition

Gaia ultimate sports inc l.jpg
Gaia Ultimate Sports inc.

  • Ultimate Frisbee is a growing sport in the world. Gaia has set as goal to be the image of the sport through clothing, footwear, discs and other accessories. As the sport grows so will Gaia Ultimate Sports inc.

  • The name Gaia is from the Greek goddess of the earth.

  • Logo is name Gaia with an over flying Frisbee disc.

Positioning the product l.jpg
Positioning the product

  • Market

    • Every consumer over the entire world that plays ultimate Frisbee (Estimated 100,000 players in over 30 countries according to the Ultimate Players Association

    • Large part of Frisbee is played at colleges throughout North America

  • Product benefits

    • Clothing and shoes specially made and researched to play Frisbee, (i.e. on the inside of a jersey is a special layer to dry off the Frisbee when it is wet; the pins under the shoes are specially manufactured to serve the Frisbee player)

    • Other gadgets will give the Frisbee image to the consumer as Gaia is the only one that targets the Frisbee segment.

Frisbee industry analysis l.jpg
Frisbee industry analysis

  • Competitors

    • Nike

    • Adidas

    • Reebok

  • Competitive advantage

    • Gaia sells through the internet; no stores or retailers

    • Only targeted on Frisbee

Customer analysis l.jpg
Customer analysis

  • College students

  • Gaia members

  • Other ultimate Frisbee players

Product l.jpg

  • Equipment

    • Accessories

    • Footwear

    • Discs

    • Jerseys

    • Custom gear

  • Differentiate by targeting only the ultimate Frisbee segment

  • Price l.jpg

    • The pricing strategy is to follow the market price of competitors.

    • If member then large discounts

    Distribution l.jpg

    • Main

      • Through the internet

    • Second

      • At tournaments (especially the large ones in Austria, Hawaii and New York)

    • Third

      • In the future offer Gaia products through retailers

    Promotion l.jpg

    • Sponsoring Frisbee tournaments throughout North America and Europe.

    • “Be There” Have little stands at the tournaments with stuff for the attendants to buy and so increase awareness.

    • Create customer database of buyers and target them with special offers.

    • Let “heavy” consumers be agents on tournaments.

    Financial l.jpg

    • Direct more money to promotional activities. This will create more brand recognition with the target market.

    Conclusion l.jpg

    • As the sport is relatively small in size Gaia is a relatively small business. Targeting the market is therefore intensive and can only be done by giving the consumers direct contact. This can be achieved at tournaments. Let heavy-users be agents on these tournaments and they will enthusiastically tell about Gaia stuff. Brand recognition will rise and ultimately sales through will rise.