Fine Points of Headline Writing

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Comma can be used to replace the word

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Fine Points of Headline Writing

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Slide 1:Fine Points of Headline Writing

Verb tense – most headlines written in present tense, lends air of urgency. Also future tense, infinitive form.

Slide 2:Punctuation problems: No periods at end Comma can be used to replace the word “and” Semicolons rather than commas separate clauses Single quotes replace double, take up less space Dashes and colons can replace said: Dash at end, colon at start Dashes also can be used for emphasis Colons can sometimes replace verbs “Nascar racing: most dangerous sport”

Slide 3:Capitalization: Downstyle is most common, only first word is up Modified Upstyle: Main words capitalized, still popular at some papers Upstyle: All words up Watch abbreviations, no periods in acronyms Use AP style for state abbreviations, Use figures in headlines sted of words

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