Electronic Health Records in Denmark
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Electronic Health Records in Denmark Darley Petersen Health Information Manager Unit of Research and Development Odense University Hospital DK-5000 Odense C, Denmark Phone: +45 6541 4848 - Fax: +45 6590 6327 E-mail: [email protected] Denmark. 5 mill. inhabitants.

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Electronic Health Records in Denmark

Darley Petersen

Health Information Manager

Unit of Research and Development

Odense University Hospital

DK-5000 Odense C, Denmark

Phone: +45 6541 4848 - Fax: +45 6590 6327

E-mail: [email protected]

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5 mill. inhabitants

Odense University



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Odense UniversityHospital





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Danish Regions

Region of Southern Denmark

- The Regional Council

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Region of Southern Denmark

Flagship: University Hospital in Odense

6 Administration Centres in local hospitals

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Coordinated Digital Health in Denmark

  • The National Strategy for digitalization of

  • Danish Health Sector 2008 – 2010

  • Administration 20 persons within The National Board of Health established by

  • Danish Government (Ministry of Health and Prevention)

  • Danish Regions

  • Municipal Association

  • Reponsible for

  • Management

  • Structure - Design

  • Coordination – Pilot projects - Networking

Each region responsible for

individual development and implementation

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International Dimension

  • Challenges:

  • Mutual experience on

  • Standardization

  • ICD10 – Snomed CT

  • Laboratory results

  • X-Ray i.e. DICOM standard

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Actual strategy

  • Includes:

  • Social as well as private hospitals

  • Specialist’s clinics

  • GP’s

  • Primary care

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  • To give best conditions for effectiveness in treatment

  • To reduce possibilities for mistakes in treatment

  • To give citizens opportunities to seek information about their own health

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Architecture - Clinical Care Support

  • Care documentation

  • E-prescribing

  • Medicine module

  • Order management

  • Patient Administration

  • - Pricing and Billing,

  • - Scheduling and Bed Management

  • Incident Reporting and Intelligence

  • - Statistics

All architecture is built upon existing programs

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Before Implementation

  • Development of infrastructure

  • Knowledge of individual department’s need for documentation and change of routines

  • Supplementary training of staff

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Project Groups

  • The clinical arm

  • The organizational arm

  • The technical arm

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Odense University Hospiptal

The clinical arm:

Before being able to log in to set up the first EHR, the staff has undergone a training program during the established “EHR-school”.

The staff has been trained along with scheduled implementation plan.

The teaching personnel (super users) will be available for further service during the implementation period .

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Odenses University Hospital

The organizational arm:

For logistics:

An EHR office has been established with personnel from the three arms to coordinate technical and clinical issues.

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Odense University Hospital

The technical arm:

A “technical lift” was necessary in Odense University Hospital.

New facilities for server was established, kilometres of cables was integrated in existing system.

New ceilings and boxes for printing was established.

New rooms for medicine were installed, too.

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Odense University Hospital

Other supplementation:

New lamps, furniture like chairs and desks electronically able to accommodate a variety of working postures.

Also, handheld palm pilots and new computers to match the new needs will be purchased.

IT-Department, Technical Department and IT-User Service Centre has finished reconstruction and all installation of network.

Approximately 130 sections will be fully equipped for implementation for EHR in summer 2008 .

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Odense University Hospital

  • Information about

  • Strategy

  • Plans

  • School

  • Implementation Schedules

  • The staff can be currently updated from the hospital’s intranet

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The Five Danish Regions

  • Status Summer 2008:

  • Implementation plans are ranging from

  • being in the period of decision making for IT equipment to

  • having implemented several pilot projects on EHR including training of personnel.

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Danish Board of Health:


Ministry of Health and Prevention:


Danish Regions: http://www.rm.dk/files/Webteam/English/


Odense University Hospital Denmark: http://www.ouh.dk/wm122110