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A ARP Dental Insurance Plan Serving the individual dental insurance needs of the 50+ population Dr. Lowell Daun. Available dental programs for individuals. Dental Discount Plans Not insurance Percentage discount for specific dental treatments HMO Capitation plan

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AARP Dental Insurance PlanServing the individual dental insurance needsof the 50+ populationDr. Lowell Daun

Available dental programs for individuals l.jpg
Available dental programs for individuals

  • Dental Discount Plans

    • Not insurance

    • Percentage discount for specific dental treatments

  • HMO

    • Capitation plan

    • Pre-assigned provider office

  • PPO

    • Fee-for-Service program

    • Extensive provider network with providers agreeing to pre-negotiated reduced rates

    • The ability to see an out-of-network dentist at a higher out-of-pocket cost

Aarp program accessibility l.jpg
AARP Program Accessibility

  • Available in 49 states plus DC and Virgin Islands

Where is the plan most successful l.jpg
Where is the plan most successful?

  • California

  • Florida

  • New York

  • Pennsylvania

  • Texas

Aarp program benefit design l.jpg

Choice of two benefit designs

Premium rates range from $38 - $51 monthly for a single person

2-year rate guarantee

4 payment options

12-month waiting period for major restorations, periodontics and prosthodontics

PPO program

AARP Program Benefit Design

Aarp program benefit summary l.jpg
AARP Program Benefit Summary

  • * Benefit level available only when visiting a Delta Dental PPO dentist.

  • ** No deductible required for diagnostic or preventive services under Plan A.

Who purchases this plan l.jpg
Who purchases this plan?

  • Individuals 50 and over, such as:

    • Retirees without dental benefits

    • Working adults without employer-sponsored benefits

  • Typical psychographics:

    • Affluent in terms of household income and net worth

    • Well-educated

    • Aged 60-75

    • Female

    • Married

    • Financially savvy, like to shop, technically savvy, live the fine life

What makes this population different l.jpg
What makes this population different?

  • Lack of availability to true private dental insurance

    • Less than two out of every ten older Americans are covered by private dental insurance (DHHS “Oral Health in America – 2003)

    • No more than 20% of Americans 75 years of age and over have dental insurance (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – 2005)

    • Oral Health America gave the nation on average a final grade of a “D” for private dental coverage in a special grading report on “The oral health of Older Americans” (Oral Health in America – September 2003)

Comparable dental programs l.jpg
Comparable dental programs

  • Only one other individual/voluntary program is available to this population: TRICARE Retiree Dental Program

    • Department of Defense contract for retired military and their eligible dependents, administered by Delta Dental

    • Very similar to AARP Dental Insurance Plan’s benefit structure with comprehensive coverage

    • 100% voluntary, premiums paid by the enrollee

Key elements of a successful dental plan l.jpg
Key elements of a successful dental plan

  • Understanding the needs of the senior market

    • Comprehensive coverage

    • Affordable price

    • Network size

    • Quality of network dentists

Marketing channels l.jpg
Marketing channels

  • Direct Mail

    • to current AARP members

  • Print Advertising

    • in AARP publications

  • Online Advertising

    • and other sites of interest to seniors

What else do they want l.jpg
What else do they want?

  • Third cleaning

  • Implants

  • No waiting periods

  • Increased maximums

Program administration l.jpg
Program Administration

  • Administrative Requirements

    • More complex than with the traditional commercial client

      • Call volume

      • Regulatory requirements

  • Enrollment Rollout

    • Original forecasts assumed all states approved by September 2004

    • Many key states (including CA, FL, NJ, NV, & WA) were not available until early 2005

    • As of June 2007, the only remaining state is MA

Program utilization l.jpg
Program Utilization

  • The first members to join the plan were the most costly members

  • Once the demand was met, the experience and needs were more favorable

  • Maximum Utilization

    • First year members rarely reach their annual maximum

    • Once full benefits are reached, the number of members reaching their maximum increase towards normative levels

    • Utilization is remaining higher than expected overall

      • Procedures being used are closely resembling Delta Dental’s Commercial experience with this demographic

Aarp program results to date l.jpg
AARP Program Results to Date

  • As of June 2007

    • 182,222 total members

  • Most successful product launch among AARP Healthcare Option (HCO) products

  • Highest requested product among HCO products in 2005—2006

Innovations l.jpg

  • Plan designed with the senior market in mind

    • Periodontal maintenance cleanings and denture repair 1st year benefits

  • Expanded benefits under consideration

    • Third cleaning

    • Implants

Aarp dental insurance plan contact information l.jpg
AARP Dental Insurance PlanContact Information

  • Toll free: 1- 866-583-2085

  • Web site: