How to make more money from yoga
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You are passionate on yoga and wish to turn into a successful and sustainable career.\nIs it possible? Or profitable?\nYes, as long as you create your OWN opportunities. It has the same inherent risks of any other business. It takes time {maybe years} to really develop your yoga teacher training business (As does Yoga).\n

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Is it possible? Or profitable?

Yes, as long as you create your OWN opportunities. It has the same inherent risks of any other business. It takes time {maybe years} to really develop your yoga teacher training business (As does Yoga).

The majority of yoga teachers focus on group yoga classes in yoga studios or fitness centers. If you wish to earn a livable income teaching yoga, you need to diversify and create multiple streams of income. Here are several ideas to start off with.

Give private lessons. Even a few long-term private yoga students you can teach regularly can turn out to be a solid foundation for your yoga business as you develop further additional yoga offerings.

Take it online! More so if you have a unique yoga trait that’s not easily available anywhere else? With technology like Skype/ Google /Facetime, it’s easier than ever to offer a private sessions via streaming video. Your students need not travel frequently, taking away the effort to meet in person?

Conduct signature workshops. A great way to delve deep into a specific topic with your students. These workshops are a great way to greatly boost your yoga income. They can be higher priced offerings too. You can even come with a single signature workshop that you can rinse and repeat across multiple studios/locations.

Conducting class series. Everybody loves them!. Students prefer class series because of the start, the end, and the curriculum in place. Teachers love them because students register for a series (6-8 classes) at a time, paving way for regular income. You can offer a yoga for beginners class series… think about yoga for corporate executives or on restorative yoga.

Host a retreat. A retreat doesn’t always have to be around the world and involve lots of money. Though international yoga retreats are popular, they are often very expensive with a negligible profit margin. Seek out smaller retreat locations – even a country-house or beach resort – with a handful of students. It could turn out to be the favorite event for lots of people!

An international yoga retreat in Bali can be amazingly fun. Make sure to run the numbers twice or more before you start off and allow yourself lots of time to not only plan, but also give your students a chance to save for it!

Teach at a local institution. Nowadays most universities require students to undergo a physical education class to get their degree? So why not be a university level yoga teacher! You may be able to teach at the student recreation center or work with other trainers in the athletic departments.

Managing a fitness center or yoga studio. Beware, the manager position could actually be a full time gig on it’s own! Many yoga studios owners are spread super-thin across managing the day to day routine, teaching classes, and planning out the future. If the studio you’re teaching in doesn’t have someone to manage it you may be able to take on the job yourself.

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