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How Disaster Recovery helps using Cloud Computing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Cloud computing takes a very different approach in disaster recovery based on virtualization. Disasters can affect a business at any time without giving a hint or clue, so most of the organizations choose the path of being prepared and believes on a famous saying ‘prevention is better than cure

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How Disaster Recovery helps using Cloud Computing

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Large servers and associated hardware are

eliminated as the copies of electronic records or

data is stored in the cloud which leads to lower the

capital finance.


Based on business needs, Cloud option can be

easily extendable from down to up and vice-versa.

Even if the service needs are climbed up, it is much

cheaper overall when compared to the rest.



Disk, Tape drives, flash drives and etcetera might

last long but troubles crop when restore functions

carried out. This would lead to a double disaster for

the companies when compared to this cloud

storage is more reliable and makes a sense going

with cloud association.


As Cloud service provider charges only for the used

services, the companies can select only what it needs

and requires this automatically leads to immense cost

reduction and profitable for business.

In this case, thecloud is the resource for the disaster

recovery solution, so expensive hardware need not

duplicated. Also, it provides virtual desktops that can be

used for DR and destroys the production site.




It’s time to say good-bye for daily back-up’s stored in disks tapes and more. There is

no need to maintain daily back up’s when using thecloud.

Though the mode of saving data backup in disks can be used, it is highly inefficient

when compared to a disaster recovery in the cloud. Even in real-time the data back-

up can be done in the cloud.

DR using Cloud computing is an ideal Disaster Recovery Solution because of two

main reasons among that one is most efficient and the rest is cost effective.

Cloud Disaster Recovery (Cloud DR) uses less hardware without compromising on

back-up resources to fall back on in labor and capital.

One of the major Cloud DR benefits is the potentiality to tune finely the

performances and costs for the DR platform.

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