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Personality disorders
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Dr. Sarah Jane Khalid is a Therapist and Psychologist in London. She's having 14 years of experience in NHS.

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Personality Disorder

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Personality disorders

Personality Disorders


Dr. Sarah Jane Khalid

What is personality disorder

What is Personality Disorder?

‘Personality’ refers to the pattern of feelings, behaviour and thoughts that makes each of us the individuals that we are.

We exactly don’t behave, feel and act in the same way. But we mostly tend to behave in different ways.

It’s a type of mental health problem where person’s attitude and behaviours cause you longstanding problems in your life.

Signs of personality disorder

Signs of Personality Disorder

The way we feel, behave and react causes us or others significant problems in daily life. For example : You can’t trust others.

The way we feel, behave and react to our problems. For example: We struggle in our life to get success and some people lose hope.

These problem may start when you’re child and thinking too much in your life, it may carry into your young life.

Different types of personality disorders

Different types of Personality Disorders

There are different branches of Personality Disorders!






















What type of treatment can help you

What type of treatment can help you?

Psychological Service

-Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) -Compassion based therapy

-Mindfulness Therapy -1-to-1 Talking Therapy

-Life coaching -Cognitive Coaching

-Psychodermatology therapy -Clinical Supervision

-Dynamic style therapy -Confidence coaching

Personality disorder


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