What Makes A Successful  High School Soccer  Program

What Makes A Successful High School Soccer Program PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Develop a philosophy or expectations for each season. Talent levelCompetitionAge and Maturity level of playersSchool philosophy involving playing time, and number of players carried on the team.. Soccer Coaching Quotes to live by

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What Makes A Successful High School Soccer Program

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1. What Makes A Successful High School Soccer Program

2. Develop a philosophy or expectations for each season

3. Talent level Competition Age and Maturity level of players School philosophy involving playing time, and number of players carried on the team.

4. Soccer Coaching Quotes to live by….. “Their football was exceptionally good – and they played some good football.” Andy Roxburgh “Of the nine red cards we received this season, we probably deserved half of them.” Arsene Wenger

5. Can you meet the requirements of development and success.

6. The High School Coach and Club Soccer HUGE ADVANTAGES TO YOUR INVOLVEMENT Knowledge of players (This is your feeder system.) Greater cooperation with club coaches. Parents and community appreciate the visibility of the High School coach within the club program Running training sessions and coaching a team improves knowledge, methods and confidence.

7. Improving Yourself as A Coach….. An Everlasting Process

8. Still young, keep playing Take NSCAA and USSF coaching courses Attend clinics and symposiums Watch sessions, borrow ideas Attend MLS and top amateur league games Subscribe to Fox World Sports and Goal TV Get Involved with the ODP programs Listen to feed back from players Have a coach you respect, evaluate your training sessions.

9. More Quotes …… “Too many players were trying to score or create a goal.” Gerard Houllier “We ended up playing football, and that’s not our style.” Alex MacDonald

10. Team Rules and School Rules Eligibility requirements Be consistent on rules and infractions during practice Knowledge of difficulties at home or in school (Demographic Profile) Missing practice for all the right reasons and advantages overlooked by coaches and players Transportation issues

11. Quotes to remember …... “ Okay we lost but good things can come from it – negative and positive.” Glen Hoddle “A lot of hard work went into this defeat.” Malcolm Allison “Michael Owen is a good scorer – not a natural born one, not yet, that takes time.” Glen Hoddle

12. Empowerment Within Your Team

13. Appointing a Captain Role of captain Involvement of the players in decision making Scheduling Practices Line up suggestions Team problems

14. Pause before you speak to reporters….. “ We probably got on better with the likes of Holland, Norway, Belgium, and Sweden; some of whom are not even European.” Jack Charlton “Home advantage gives you an advantage.” Bobby Robson

15. Pre Season Training Schedule for everyday, from opening day of pre season to final game. Schedule provided two to three months before season to players and parents. How many sessions per day Fitness test Providing breaks from training - Team Building Use of volunteer coaches and ex players- clearance

16. Goal Keeping coach Balancing the components of soccer into your pre season training. Example of balancing components Week One technique tactics fitness psychological 50% 20% 20% 10% Week Two technique tactics fitness psychological 40% 30% 20% 10% Week Three technique tactics fitness psychological 20% 50% 10% 20%

17. Economical training Value of scrimmages Choose a system appropriate for your players.

18. Everybody plays the fool…… “ We had enough chances to win this game. In fact we did win.” Alex Smith “I don’t read everything I read in the press.” Dave Jones

19. Risk Management Risk Management Players cleared to train (physical, insurance) Sufficient personnel for supervision of practices and matches Medical assistance for practice and matches Facilities safe for practice and matches Proper equipment

20. Does your web site provide personal information about your players? Awareness of Sexual Harassment Laws Players Moving Equipment Water breaks and shortened training sessions

21. Game Analysis Training Game What do I work on in Practices? The Use of Video

22. Did he really say that? “Hagi is a brilliant player but we’re not going to get psychedelic over him.” Andy Roxburgh “Cole should be scoring from that distance but I’m not going to single him out.” Alex Ferguson “I think one or two of our legs got a bit leg weary.” Mick McCarthy “When you are up 4-0, you should never lose 7-1.” Lawrie McMenemy

23. Useful Information: Generate publicity Create or make aware of tradition. Play as many games at night as possible. Make college coaches aware of your players and your program. Make the home games events. Make your schedule challenging. Ignore the parents and the critics.

24. “He’s captain of the Rangers, and that’s one of the reason’s he’s captain” Walter Smith “They had a dozen corners, maybe 12 I’m guessing.” Craig Brown “What I said to him at half time is unprintable on the radio.” Gerry Francis “ We need goals when the score line is 0-0.” Sven Goran Ericksson

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