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What are your concerns?.

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University of Wisconsin-Platteville

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1. University of Wisconsin-Platteville COLLEGE SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR PARENTS

3. No one in our family has ever gone to college. Roughly one third of our first-year students are “first-generation college” (FGC) students. We offer “support courses.” Resident Assistants (RAs) are experienced & trained.

4. CNSLED 1010: Introduction to College Life (including “Pioneer Enrichment” & parallel courses) Roommate & residence hall survival General Education explanation Student Support Services Time management skills Test-taking skills Study skills “Keys to Success”

5. Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) At age 18, your student legally controls your “right to know” … even if you are paying tuition! And we can’t tell you much of what you want to know.

6. KEYS FOR STUDENT SUCCESS Get involved! Balance academic commitments with campus organizations. Manage time! Learn to prioritize responsibilities. Ask questions! Engage in dialogues with faculty & staff.

7. CAMPUS ACTIVITIES Student Senate Coro D’Angeli Tutoring Intercollegiate Sports Intramurals Exponent newspaper Residence Hall Association WSUP Pre-Law Club Rangerettes Musicals Fraternities & sororities Student Ambassadors Theatre Soil Judging Teams TV5 News

8. Residence Hall Life Suggestions Learn to get along with roommates Learn to be considerate of others Learn to prioritize & manage time Participate in organized group activities

9. Tips for Parents: Useful Books I’ll Miss You Too: An Off-to-College Guide for Parents and Students When Your Kid Goes to College: A Parent’s Survival Guide See our reading list for more!

10. Tips for Parents: Great Gifts A CD/DVD rack A digital camera A new set of towels A closet organizer An iTunes music gift card

11. Find a regular time to call (e.g., after 9 Sunday nights). Send letters or cards from home with gifts, money, pictures, etc. Attach pictures to e-mail. Tips for Parents: Connecting

12. Stamps & envelopes Photo / funny note from family pet Some favorite snacks Gift cards for movies / restaurants Homemade cookies! Tips for Parents: Care Packages

13. Keep an open mind. Engage in discussion of important issues—even if you disagree. Listen as objectively as possible. Share your love and pride. Tips for Parents: Disagreements

14. Encourage complete pay-offs on all credit cards each month. Discuss responsible credit card use … and potential problems. Promote smart cell phone plans. Tips for Parents: Money Management

15. Support exploration of several fields, not just that “first choice.” Encourage student discussions with people working in the field. Explore several career resources. Tips for Parents: Academic Majors

16. Promote “school first, sports second” with your student athlete. Be aware of changes in weight or physical appearance. If the sport is no longer fun, quit. Tips for Parents: Student Athletes

17. Ask clarifying questions. Restate what you hear. Encourage communication (even if you have trouble with the content). Reflect on what was shared. Tips for Parents: Listening Skills

18. Definitely not a necessity at UWP Encourage your student to walk … bike … car pool. Use Student Center “ride board.” Limited parking, high gas prices Tips for Parents: A Car on Campus?

19. Did high school soften perception of how much work is expected? Promote use of prioritizing “to-do lists” on a daily & weekly basis. Two hours study for one in-class hour? Tips for Parents: Procrastination

20. Don’t reject any major choice out-of-hand. Listen! Liberal Studies courses develop universal skills for all careers. Writing … critical thinking … teamwork Tips for Parents: Liberal Studies Major?

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