Managing with passion an exploration in organizational aesthetics
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Managing with Passion: An Exploration in Organizational Aesthetics PAUL SHRIVASTAVA, Bucknell University, [email protected] MICHELLE COOPER, Artist, [email protected] Outline Issues: Emotions, Passion, Managing with Passion Method: Aesthetics, Organizational Aesthetics, Embodied Learning

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Managing with passion an exploration in organizational aesthetics l.jpg

Managing with Passion:An Exploration in Organizational Aesthetics

PAUL SHRIVASTAVA, Bucknell University, [email protected]

MICHELLE COOPER, Artist, [email protected]

Outline l.jpg

  • Issues: Emotions, Passion, Managing with Passion

  • Method: Aesthetics, Organizational Aesthetics, Embodied Learning

  • Research Setting: Argentine Tango as Embodiment of Management Skills

  • Experience Passion: – Demo, Dance Tango

  • Discussion – Role of Passion in Organizations & in Life

Emotions passion managing with passion l.jpg
Emotions, Passion, Managing with Passion

  • Emotions, emotional knowledge, is critical but a taboo in organizations.

  • “Managing” is supposedly rational, analytical, & objective. Little space is given to subjectivity, emotions, passion, or intuition.

  • Yet, no great human feat was accomplished without Passion and emotional engagement.

  • Passion refers to deep emotional commitment and engagement – it is an embodied experience – using body, mind, and spirit/emotions.

  • Aesthetics is a path to understanding passion & emotional life of organizations

My interest in managing with passion l.jpg
My Interest in Managing with Passion

  • Origins - Founding and running eSocrates, Inc.

  • Passionate entrepreneurs in the incubator, at VC Conferences.

  • Engaging body (90 hour weeks), mind (planning, strategizing, designing software) and emotions (elation-depression cycles).

  • Reading philosophy, sociology, and neurology of emotions & passion.

  • Taking up dance (Argentine Tango) as an aesthetic medium.

Method aesthetics l.jpg
Method: Aesthetics

  • Beauty is an enduring virtue, there is truth in beauty

  • Aesthetics = sensory knowledge and felt meaning of objects and experiences.

  • Reason and logic often contrasted with emotion and feeling

  • What they have in common is that both are sources of knowledge and generate meanings we rely and act on.

  • Aesthetic inquiry seeks sensory and emotional knowledge, inter-subjective truth

  • Mode of inquiry is Art – painting, music, dance, drama, theater

  • Art v/s Science> Art+Science> Art as Science

  • Dance your dissertation

Organizational aesthetics l.jpg
Organizational Aesthetics

  • Organizations/Organizing need beauty, art and creativity.

  • Organizational aesthetics – sensory knowledge and felt meaning of organizational objects/processes, use of artful methods, artistic innovations.

  • Organizational Relevance of Aesthetics –

    • Creativity in tech, ads, communications, entrepreneurship

    • Aesthetic Practices –Architecture, Apple’s product design, Texas Death Row Narratives

    • Links to larger social, ecological, life context

  • Organizational Scholarship - AACORN, Aesthesis Journal

Slide7 l.jpg

Research Setting: Dance, Argentine Tango as a Vehicle for Managing with Passion

  • Dance - an expressive art, social, cross cultural, historical

  • Argentine Tango – Social dance, 1880s immigrant to global citizens,

  • Argentine Tango - an embodiment of management values and skills - improvisation, communication, teamwork, leadership, and community development. 

  • These managing skills are practiced by couples in social Tango dancing

Argentine tango music dance culture of passion l.jpg
Argentine Tango: Music, dance, culture of Passion Managing with Passion

  • emotional music with complex intellectual themes (love, loyalty, relationships, beauty, loss, nostalgia, abandonment)

  • physical sensual, aware

  • Connection and communication

  • Socialization and community

Readings l.jpg
Readings Managing with Passion

  • Nussbaum, M. Upheavals of Thought: The Intelligence of Emotions, London: Cambridge University Press, London 2001

  • Hopfl, H. (Ed.), The aesthetics of organization . London: Sage, 2000.

Slide10 l.jpg
Demo Managing with Passion

  • Leadership (make follower feel beautiful, secure, learn follower steps)

  • Teamwork (self-practice, synchronicity aesthetic)

  • Communication (via gaze, smile, embrace, weight shift, steps, torso, arms, legs)

  • Community

Experiencing passion embodied knowing l.jpg
Experiencing Passion - Embodied Knowing Managing with Passion

  • Conceptual/Intellectual to Sensory/Emotional

  • Aesthetic Experience v/s Prepositional Knowing

  • Towards holistic embodied learning

Emotional infrastructure of organizations l.jpg
Emotional Infrastructure of Organizations Managing with Passion

  • Organizations have an “emotional infrastructure”, much like they have a physical infrastructure (land, plant and facilities) and a technology infrastructure (info systems, equipment, processes).

  • Passion skills can provide access to emotional infrastructure composed of moods, climate, assumptions, culture, goodwill, beliefs, mutual trust and authenticity.