green roof case study
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Green Roof Case Study

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Green Roof Case Study - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Green Roof Case Study. Aileen Winquist Environmental Planner Arlington County, Dept. of Environmental Services. Green Roof at 2100 Clarendon Blvd . In 2003, as part of the County’s lease renewal, negotiated with the building owner to retrofit a 3,200 sq ft section of roof.

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Presentation Transcript
green roof case study
Green Roof Case Study
  • Aileen Winquist
  • Environmental Planner
  • Arlington County, Dept. of Environmental Services
green roof at 2100 clarendon blvd
Green Roof at2100 Clarendon Blvd
  • In 2003, as part of the County’s lease renewal, negotiated with the building owner to retrofit a 3,200 sq ft section of roof.
  • Roof needed to be replaced.
  • Received a grant from Virginia Dept of Conservation and Recreation (DCR).
  • Grant covered $34,000 – about half the cost of the roof.
green roof at 2100 clarendon blvd1
Green Roof at2100 Clarendon Blvd
  • Worked with Building Owner, Charles E. Smith, and Architect, Page Southerland Page.
  • Demonstration Project - education and tours.
  • Environmental benefits – stormwater mitigation, building insulation, urban heat island mitigation, and aesthetic improvement.
green roof at 2100 clarendon blvd2
Green Roof at2100 Clarendon Blvd
  • Conducted structural engineering analysis to make sure building structure could hold weight of saturated soil.
  • The existing ballasted roof (stone) was about the same weight as the green roof.
  • Planted with six types of sedum.
  • Installed October 2003.
insulation layer
Insulation Layer

Reused styrofoam insulation that was on roof.

water barrier
Water Barrier
  • Water Barrier is most important part of the roof, and is installed the same way as for a standard roof.
  • No Leaks!
waterproof testing
Waterproof Testing
  • After waterproofing,
  • store 2 inches of water on the roof for 48 hours
  • to test barrier.
root barrier
Root Barrier
  • Root barrier is thick plastic, and prevents roots from penetrating the waterproof layer.
water retention
Water Retention
  • Root barrier sealing and water retention layer. Water retention layer stores water in small “cups” for use by plants after rain event.
soil placement
Soil Placement
  • Install filter fabric beneath soil, so not to clog water retention layer. Specially engineered, highly inorganic soil (very little humus) with high water absorption capacity.
soil layer
Soil Layer

Spread soil to consist

depth – 3 inches.

wind barrier
Wind barrier

Cover soil with

photo-degradable wind barrier to prevent wind erosion.

planting the roof
Planting the Roof
  • Plant through the wind barrier with sedums, low-lying, hardy, water-retaining plants that thrive in harsh environments.
  • Select several varieties based on blooming, color, etc.
arlington county s green building programs
Arlington County’s Green Building Programs
  • Site Plan Projects must have:
  • LEED accredited professional;
  • LEED scorecard;
  • LEED tracking;
  • Construction waste management;
  • Energy Star appliances (for multi-family projects).
green building programs
Green Building Programs
  • Commercial Incentive program – density bonus.
  • Green Home Choice program – for residential projects. Twenty projects currently underway or completed.
  • County projects – evaluate feasibility of meeting Silver LEED standard.
other projects with green roofs
Other projects with green roofs
  • Walter Reed Community Center (under construction);
  • Fire Station #5;
  • Palazzo Condominium (NFWF grant).