Carboxylic acids nitriles
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Carboxylic Acids Nitriles. Natural Products Nomenclature Acidity Preparation Reactions. Analgesics. Fats and Fatty Acids. Prostaglandins. Penicillins from mold. From Ergot Fungus. Common Nomenclature. I.U.P.A.C. Nomenclature. Dicarboxylic Acids. A Diacid.

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Carboxylic acids nitriles

Carboxylic AcidsNitriles

Natural Products





Alcohol vs acid
Alcohol vs. Acid Conjugate Base

E withdrawing groups enhance acidity
e Conjugate Base- Withdrawing Groups Enhance Acidity

Benzoic acids
Benzoic acids Conjugate Base

Deprotonation Conjugate Base

Ester formation
Ester Formation Conjugate Base

Carboxylic acid preparations
Carboxylic Acid Preparations Conjugate Base

  • Oxidation of 1o alcohols and aldehydes with Na2Cr2O7/H2SO4

  • KMnO4 oxidation of alkylbenzenes

  • Grignard reaction with CO2 (Carboxylation)

  • Hydrolysis of a carboxylic derivative:

    e.g. acid chloride, acid anhydride, ester, amide, nitrile

Grignard reaction with co 2
Grignard Reaction with CO Conjugate Base2

Mechanism Conjugate Base

Hydrolysis of a nitrile
Hydrolysis of a Nitrile Conjugate Base

Naming nitriles
Naming Nitriles Conjugate Base

Dehydration of an amide use strong dehydrating agent
Dehydration of an Amide Conjugate Baseuse strong dehydrating agent

Reduction of nitriles
Reduction of Nitriles Conjugate Base

Partial mechanism
Partial Mechanism Conjugate Base