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Satirist Hu Ge,producer of hugely popular videos mocking CCTV and filmmaker Chen Kaige, ... The video (in Chinese) follows the Apartment Dweller as they ...

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Translation Exercise

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During the 15 1/2 -hour flight, Tai Shan ate his way through 40 pounds of bamboo, 3 pounds of pears and 2 pounds of apples. He was still munching when Nicole Meese, his main keeper during his 4 1/2 years at the National Zoo, handed off responsibility for his care to her Chinese counterpart, Wu Daifu.


Translation Exercise

  • A: When did you mover out of the dorm?

  • B: I moved out in February.

  • A: Whos the woman sitting next to Little Wang? I cant recall.

  • B: I dont know her. I have never met her before.

  • A: I am going to be traveling for a year. Please remember to clean the house once a week.

  • B: No problem. I wont forget. Have fun. Call my cell phone if you need anything.

The Lantern Festival ( yun xio ji ) in Shanghai

Directional complements in the construction

Satirist Hu Geproducer of hugely popular videosmocking CCTVand filmmaker Chen Kaige, has struck again with another viral hit. This one, a critique of Internetcensorship, stars several online celebrities and mocks a popular nature program, Animal World () by introducing a new species, the Apartment Dweller, whose habitat is a high-rise apartment and whose primary activity is surfing the web. The video (in Chinese) follows the Apartment Dweller as they encounter numerous dangers and are protected by humans who prevent them from downloading movies, watching yellow (porn) sites, and other risky behavior. Those who suffer from the contagious disease of thinking, have their content reviewed in multiple layers and are forced to wait. The actor portraying this particular thinking breed is none other than best-selling author, race car driver and hottest blogger Han Han.


(zhi j dng w )

China ushers in the Year of the Tigeron Sunday, kicking off a week-long celebration marked by festive fireworks and family gatherings.

But conservationists warn that unless China and a dozen other countries act urgently, wild tigers will vanish from the planet by 2022, the next Year of the Tiger.

A century ago, more than 100,000 big cats roamed the Earth, but stocks have plummeted: scientists say there are now just 3,200.

China, once home to thousands of wild tigers, has fewer than 50.

Chinas Year of the (Endangered) Tiger


The Chinese government is considering taking meat from pet animals off menus across the country, raising concerns among dog farmers who have relied on the industry for generations.

The draft proposal to ban dog and cat meat has drawn an angry outcry from regions where the dish is popular.

Opponents say the ban would destroy local culinary traditions.


  • V++Numeral+MeasureWord+N+(actionhasbeencontinuingandisexpectedtolastintothefuture)

  • A:

  • B:

Enjoy the "Year of the Tiger"

it may be our last

Unless China and a dozen other countries act urgently, wild tigers will vanish from the planet by 2022, the next Year of the Tiger.

intensifier (even)

  • +N/Pron+/+V(positive/negative)

  • Heevenforgottobringapenwithhimwhenhehadtotakeatest.

  • Heevenforgottorememberhiswonphonenumber.

  • Heevenforgottobringmoneywhenhewastreatinghisfriendstodinner.

  • Theapartmentdoesntevenhaveakitchen.

  • Hisbathroomdoesntevenhave(tap)water.

  • Hisbedroomissotinythatevenabedcannotbeplacedinit.

  • Hislivingroomissosmallthatitcannotevenseatfivepeople.

V+ (lackcapacityfor/to)

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