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Stiftung Digitale Chancen (Digital Opportunity Foundation) Berlin Dr. Bettina Hohn Managing Director

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Co-operation and Partnerships:. Stiftung Digitale Chancen (Digital Opportunity Foundation) Berlin Dr. Bettina Hohn Managing Director. Stiftung Digitale Chancen (Digital Opportunity Foundation) Background.

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Co-operation and Partnerships:

Stiftung Digitale Chancen

(Digital Opportunity Foundation)


Dr. Bettina Hohn

Managing Director


Stiftung Digitale Chancen (Digital Opportunity Foundation)


Concerning the use of the Internet, Germany is standing in the rear middle range compared to other European countries.

Netzwerk Digitale Chancen (Digital Opportunity Network)

Originally developed as a project at the University of Bremen

funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology

(March 2001 – January 2002)


Stiftung Digitale Chancen (Digital Opportunity Foundation)

  • Vision
  • All people should be able to benefit from the opportunities of the knowledge society.
  • Mission
  • Encourage and help people to learn more about the Internet. Stimulate public and private efforts to bring the power of communications to under-served communities.
  • Three Target Groups:
  • Beginners who want to learn more about the Internet.
  • Providers of public Internet access points
  • Experts from politics, business and science who work at closing
  • the so-called ‘digital divide‘ in theory and practice

What we offer

Target Groups


World Wide Web

Internet beginners


Phone. 01805-383725 = 01805-FUERALLE

  • Target group-specific information

on access points

  • children-specific information on

access points

  • additional information for

handicapped people

Database enquiry of 3.500 public internet access points in Germany

with details on opening hours, costs, courses etc. (recommendations for web sites for beginners)

Experts from politics,


and science

Multiplicators of

target groups

Nation‘s premier web portal providing resources and information on the digital divide/digital opportunities

Informing the Policy Agenda

Sharing Best Practices

Support for (non-profit) access points

Providers of access points


Help / Support

(Media) Literacy

  • Public Access
  • Job / Educational Institutions
  • Private Access

Relevant Contents

Positive Experience


Possibly Change of Cost / Benefit Assessment

The Importance of Public Internet Access

for Spreading Internet Use


Digital Opportunity Network

Funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology

from March 2001 to January 2002

How can sustainability be secured?

Establish a Foundation: Stiftung Digitale Chancen (Digital Opportunity Foundation)


Under the patronage of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology


University of Bremen

AOL Germany


Digital Opportunity Foundation, Berlin

Under the patronage of the Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology

  • Executive Board
  • Founders:
  • AOL Germany
  • University of Bremen
  • Strategic Partners




Supporters from politics, business and science

  • Editorial Partners
  • Experts for the target groups:
  • Women
  • Senior Citizens
  • People with handicaps
  • Migrants
  • Disadvantaged children and youths
  • International aspects
  • Rural areas
  • Office of Forum Information
  • Society

Service Providers

Supply contents

Advisory Council

Representatives of societal groups and institutions (e. g., Deutscher Frauenrat, Commissioner for Migrants)

Stiftung Digitale Chancen

Office in Berlin

Scientific Director:

Prof. Dr. Herbert Kubicek

Supply contents

Activities with Partners / Cooperation Projects


support with cooperations and public relations

offers public relations work

Resources and Multiplicators

Digital Divide Network

Benton Foundation

Forum Information Society

Initiative D 21

European Commission

Leading Municipal Associations


Projects and Activities 2002Focus: Support for underserved youth

  • Deepening the Research on Bridging the Divide and Expanding the Database (
  • Providing Assistance for Decision-makers
  • Transatlantic „Teens&Technology Roundtable“ 2002
  • Qualification for Internet-based youth work
  • Practical support for providers of Internet access points
  • Spreading Internet access within charity organizations in Germany
  • Organization of courses and workshops on the design of accessible websites (Universal Design)
  • Fundraising Strategy

Mission of the Digital Opportunities Network (2001):

We want to make people - especially from disadvantaged population groups - interested in the opportunities of the Internet and to support them in the beginning, so that they will be able to recognize the opportunities of this digital medium and to benefit from them.

Excerpt fromthe statutes of the Digital Opportunity Foundation (2002):

(2) Purpose of the foundation is the support of science and research as well as education in the sector of media use and literacy, especially in view of the use of the Internet, particularly in Germany.

(3) The purpose of the foundation will be realized especially by

a) Support of science and research:

·Carrying-out and financial support of scientific studies on questions of the so-called digital divide within the populationconcerning the use of new media as well as measures for solving these problems;

·Organizing conferences and workshops to initiate a national and international exchange on the problems of the digital divide of the population and to provide access to research findings for the public;

·early presentation of research findings on a website in the Internet to make them available to the public.

b) Support of education:

·Qualification and training of pedagogues and social workers to enable them to pass on media literacy to members of population groups who have been underrepresented in the Internet until now (e.g., to disadvantaged children and youths, the elderly, migrants, etc.);

·Organization of events to teach representatives of population groups underrepresented in the Internet subjects suitable for enhancing Internet use and media literacy;

·financial support of other tax-privileged corporate bodies or corporations under public law running programs for spreading Internet use and media literacy in population groups underrepresented in the Internet;

·Implementation of measures, e. g., organization of competitions, aiming at drawing the attention of the public to the importance of the opportunities provided by Internet use and media literacy.


Employed / jobless


People with handicaps


Rural areas

Disadvantaged children and youths

The elderly

Stiftung Digitale Chancen

Under the Patronage of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology

German Trade UnionFederation

German Women‘s Council

Members of the Advisory Council:

Target Groups

German Country Women

Association of German Country Youth

Federal Commissioner for Migrants

Association for Intercultural Work

German Association for the Protection of ChildrenYMCA

Aktion Mensch

Working Group Disability and Media

German Red Cross


Charity Association

Federal Working Group of Elderly Organizations

UNESCO BzPB Churches