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National Adoption Day Business Partnerships: 101 Involving Local Businesses Benefits of Business Outreach Raise community awareness about the issue of foster children Provide your coalition with new communication channels and resources, including potential funding resources

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National adoption day l.jpg

National Adoption Day

Business Partnerships: 101

Involving Local Businesses

Benefits of business outreach l.jpg
Benefits of Business Outreach

  • Raise community awareness about the issue of foster children

  • Provide your coalition with new communication channels and resources, including potential funding resources

  • Increase the visibility and profile of your coalition/organization

  • Foster new relationships for your coalition

National adoption day coalition l.jpg
National Adoption Day Coalition

  • The Alliance for Children’s Rights

  • Casey Family Services

  • Children’s Action Network

  • The Congressional Coalition of Adoption Institute

  • Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

  • Freddie Mac Foundation

Think like a business l.jpg
Think Like a Business

  • Factors for involvement:

    • Alignment

    • Cost

    • Ease

    • Timing

    • Benefits

    • Results

Keep in mind l.jpg
Keep in Mind

  • It’s OK to start small

  • You are presenting an OPPORTUNITY

  • Passion and commitment sell

  • Create business alliances that work for YOU

  • Think of your business contacts as year-round relationships

  • Do not take a NO personally

Goal setting l.jpg
Goal Setting

  • What do you want to accomplish?

  • What other outreach efforts are you engaged in? Can there be an intersection?

  • What resources do you need from the business community?

  • How will you measure your success?

Business research l.jpg
Business Research

Questions that are important to answer

  • What are the company’s products and/or services? Do they fit with the goals of National Adoption Day?

  • What current community causes/issues does the company support?

  • What is the approval process and time frame for decision making?

  • Who is the right contact?

    Where can you find this information?

  • Company Web sites

  • Annual reports

  • Business publications, local paper business sections, business-oriented Web sites

Creating a target list l.jpg
Creating a Target List

  • Create a business outreach list

  • Prioritize and target your best opportunities (i.e., “low-hanging fruit”)

  • Three degrees of separation

    • Who do you know that knows someone?

    • Best person to start with depends on the company size—always seek a decision maker

    • Community relations/public affairs representatives

Preparing your request l.jpg
Preparing Your Request

Key Points

  • Overview (who you are, what you want to do, why a business should be interested)

  • National Adoption Day messaging

  • Details about your event and the “ask”

  • Benefits to business

  • Next steps

What do i ask for l.jpg
What do I ask for?

  • Monetary Donations/Sponsorships

  • In-Kind Donations to event (food, coupons, giveaways)

  • Volunteers

Benefits to businesses l.jpg
Benefits to Businesses

  • Recognition in media materials

  • Invitation to, and recognition at, event

  • Signage

  • Volunteer opportunities for employees

Making your request l.jpg
Making Your Request

  • Be concise

  • Tailor each request to the company

  • Use local and/or relevant statistics

  • Be results-focused

  • Stress ease of involvement

Making contact l.jpg
Making Contact

Remember - You’re selling an OPPORTUNITY

  • Make the call

    • Determine point of contact

  • Letter/Fact Sheet

    • Have ready when first call is made

    • Short and relevant

    • Proactive

  • Meeting

    • Try to get a face-to-face meeting when possible

They said yes l.jpg
They Said Yes!

Now What?

  • Get it in writing

    • Create a letter/e-mail of confirmation that outlines the agreed-upon activity

  • Service your partnership

    • Make sure the company knows who their point of contact is from your organization

    • Communicate and keep them up to date

They said no l.jpg
They Said No

When a company says “No”…

  • Do not take it personally

  • Keep your contact information and thank them for their time

  • Consider inviting them to future events/activities

Maintaining business relationships l.jpg
Maintaining Business Relationships

  • Thank your business partners (be creative!)

  • Publicize your partnerships

  • Solicit feedback

  • Further engage businesses in coalition activities

  • Share results

  • Keep in regular contact with them

Timeline l.jpg


Week 1: Goals, target list, fact sheet/letter ready

Week 2: Calls/letters to businesses

Week 3: Calls/letters, follow up calls

Week 4: Follow up calls, confirming involvement details


Week 1: Implementing

Week 2: Implementing

Week 3: Reconfirming event details with businesses, last minute details

National adoption day resources l.jpg
National Adoption Day Resources

Letter of invitation

Confirmation of participation letter

Solicitation of donation letter

Sample phone script for business


Proclamation for governors/mayors

Personal release form

Business cover letter

Business drop-in article

Drop-in newsletter article

Thank you letter

Template media materials

How to stage a media event

How to find families to speak

Core talking points

Faith-based organization drop-in article

Event signage

National Adoption Day logos

Final reminders l.jpg
Final Reminders

  • Keep your request materials simple and to the point

  • Always ask for suggestions, new contacts

  • Remember that each business is unique

  • Be creative and have fun!