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Migration, PRSPs and Human Development. Richard Black and Jon Sward Sussex Centre for Migration Research.

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Migration, PRSPs and Human Development

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Migration prsps and human development l.jpg

Migration, PRSPs and Human Development

Richard Black and Jon Sward

Sussex Centre for Migration Research

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‘Too many papers are brought together for publication with the best of intentions that are not realized. ... African migration and national development are related and relevant; also their relations are complex and require more sophisticated treatment than they are given in this work ...’

R. Mansell Prothero

Review of African Migration and National Development, ed. B. Lindsay, 1985

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A role for migration in national development?

‘sending countries must address their regulatory frameworks and ask whether their policies facilitate adjustment to increased mobility’

‘update information of the migration-development nexus in various countries

“experiences of emigration over the past 50 years”

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A new paradigm on migration and development?

How do prsps frame migration l.jpg

How do PRSPs frame migration?

What is changing l.jpg

What is changing?


Keyword hits

2nd PRSP treatment of migration - Africa

Internal migration

Policies on international migration l.jpg

Policies on international migration

Policies on internal migration l.jpg

Policies on internal migration

Issues and obstacles in policy best practice l.jpg

Issues and obstacles in policy ‘best practice’

  • Are PRSPs important?

  • Are these policies real?

  • Are policies pitched at the right level?

  • Can policy development be better linked to problem analysis?

  • Should diaspora groups be involved in policy development?

  • Are migration policies technical or political?

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Why is migration difficult to include in debates about poverty?





multi stranded,








policy issues

debates poorly




or unreliable

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Good practice: Bangladesh

  • Projection plans of ‘feasible demand’ in target markets

  • Pre-departure training focused on occupational health and safety

  • Information dissemination on job opportunities

  • Measures to ensure access of women to migrant opportunities, including training, support and protection overseas

  • Support for returnee migrant associations

  • Regulation of the recruitment industry

  • Encouragement of savings

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Good practice: Benin

  • Beninese Diaspora Organised for National Development

  • Conduct census of Beninese abroad

  • Create roster of Beninese professionals in the diaspora

  • Expand diplomatic and consular services

  • Create an environment in Benin conducive for investment

  • Monitor humanitarian and socio-community actions of Beninese abroad within Benin

  • Produce and show a documentary film on the actions of Beninese abroad

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