Fund raising with fun
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Fund Raising with Fun Farncombe Cricket Club Network Weekly Amounts Ex 2 Incentive for Club Members

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Fund raising with fun l.jpg

Fund Raising with Fun

Farncombe Cricket Club

Incentive for club members l.jpg
Incentive for Club Members

  • Starting with 10 members, not just club members, then the club will run at least a 6 monthly in house draw. A member will be in the draw if they are a direct member of the clubs eSyndicate and a paid up member of the club as at 1st June each year. The level of draws and prizes increase as more members join – see attached sheet.

  • FCC eSyndicate direct club members will have their affiliate Guest Sites linked on the club web site

  • The Club eSyndicate will donate down new external non affiliate members, through genealogy so that members of the club who are direct affiliates have at least 3 sub members.

    • Allocation will be done in a strict rotational basis, commencing with the first person who joined eSyndicate, followed by the second, etc.

  • Any Club member who is an affiliate member will have their £4.99 annual affiliation fee reimbursed by the club on the first anniversary of renewal and subsequent years – providing that the club eSyndicate has at least 20 members with an average of 1 sub member.

The simplicity l.jpg
The Simplicity

  • Join for £5 per week

  • You get 2 UK Draws per week – 44 Lines each

  • Your winnings paid to you – not via the club.

  • In addition each Club Member Joining will go into a club draw at least quarterly - £30 prize

    • (more members more draws)

  • The club get min £1 per week for every entry

  • You can play for free if you get 5 people to join – if only 2 then it’s only £3 per week

  • The club doesn’t collect money from you it’s done by direct debit card/ Standing Order.

  • Marketing channels l.jpg
    Marketing Channels

    • Personal Endorsement – Acquaintances

    • Email Clubs we know

    • Our Web Site – Lure people in

    • Web Links from other sites – I have 2

    • Click to Pay Web Searches

    • Mail Shots – Maybe (Kevin / Jo?)

    • Literature in the Club and Posters - Leaflets Cards

    • DVD’s to show people

    The messages l.jpg
    The messages

    • It’s Fund Raising for the Club & maybe you!!!

    • It’s like a 100 club

    • It’s the cost of a packet of fags or two pints - £5 per week

    • Are you in a syndicate already? – Have you won?

    • It’s all online

    • You can pay weekly or fortnightly on a Debit Card

    • It’s a twice weekly event – 44 lines per draw

    • We incentivise our members, with free draws & yearly fees paid

    • We advertise your affiliate sites

    • Help promote by passing on the Flyers and Business Cards

    • Get other sports clubs interested – we will follow up

    • Get just a couple of people to Join and it’s £3 a week

    • Get five and it’s free and you’ll be in at least a free quarterly draw

    Committee members please l.jpg
    Committee Members - Please

    • I’d like you to join as an affiliate – not must.

    • When you join let me know and I’ll put your web site on

    • Promote the venture by giving out leaflets and Business Cards to Friends and Work Colleagues

    • Talk it up in the club – Plug the incentives (Draws etc)

    • Get Club Members to join the club site, they will be in club draws.

    • Find other sports clubs members at work who want to raise funds.

    • Get your friends and contacts to join your site, accessed through It makes it cheaper for you!

    • Don’t give up - keep trying.

    • Once you join send emails to your friends using the prospector

    • On the bottom of your own home email’s put the advertising I have emailed out.

    • Find some shops if you can that might have some of our leaflets and Business Cards

    • Does anyone know anyone who would link a web site to ours