Northern Shield Resources
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Northern Shield Resources. NRN: TSX Venture N9S: Frankfurt. A Unique Opportunity…. Forward Looking Statements.

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Northern Shield Resources

NRN: TSX Venture

N9S: Frankfurt

A Unique Opportunity…

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Forward Looking Statements

The information in this Presentation contains forward-looking statements. These statements are subject to certain risks and uncertainties that could cause the actual results to differ materially from those included in the forward-looking statements. The forward-looking statements are only made as of the date of this Presentation, April 28, 2006. This Presentation has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of National Instrument 43-101, "Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects", and National Instrument 51-102, "Continuous Disclosure Obligations."

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Capital Structure

As of May 23, 2006















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A Well-balanced Team

William Kiff Chairman (Win Energy Corp)

Ian Bliss

Neil Bliss (formerly Alcan International Ltd)

Bernard Kelly (Businessman)

Charlie Berard (Macleod Dixon LLP)

John Pedersen (Scandinavian Gold Ltd)


  • Ian Bliss(President, CEO)

  • Samuel Legg(CFO)

  • Chris de Saint-Rome(VP Corp. Dev.)

  • Marcus Archer (Corp. Sec.) (Macleod Dixon LLP)



  • Ron Little(CEO Orezone Resources Inc)

  • Pamela Strand(CEO Shear Minerals Ltd)

  • Dr Edward Schiller(Consultant, formerly Dia Met)

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Corporate Strategy

  • Focus on platinum group elements (PGEs) and diamond exploration in under-explored regions of eastern Canada

  • Expose investors to two of the most sought after and highly valued commodities in the world, thus levering the rewards from the discovery of any economically viable deposit

  • Use a scientific, model-driven approach to define targets and target areas in the search for world-class deposits

  • Continually generate new prospects and attract high-quality joint venture partners as required

Projects highbank lake pges l.jpg
Projects – Highbank Lake (PGEs)


  • The discovery of a previously unknown, large (500 km2) layered intrusion was announced by NRN in early 2004

  • Layered intrusions are highly sought after as nearly all of the world’s PGE reserves are contained within layered intrusions

  • At every turn, geological and geophysical data have indicated strong potential for the presence of Bushveld-type PGE accumulation

  • Attracted Impala Platinum Holdings Ltd as a partner in July 2005

  • Impala is earning a 60% interest in the project over a $5 million 5-year option agreement

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Highbank Lake Property (PGEs)

Amongst the ten largest layered intrusions in the world

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Layered Intrusion Model

PGE deposits are found in well fractionated layered intrusions in association with chromite and sulphide bearing layers or “reefs”

Layered intrusions are known for the remarkable continuity of their individual horizons

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Highbank Lake Property

Scale map comparing the City of Ottawa to the Highbank Lake property

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Multiple Target Horizons

Aeromagnetic and geochemical data indicate the presence of multiple prospective target horizons in positions consistent with those expected based on a Bushveld-type model

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MMI Geochem Results – Profile 11

Pt, Pd, Cr, Ni, Cu, and Co geochemical anomalies at multiple horizons can be traced along strike for lengths of 20-40 km. These elements are common pathfinders in the Bushveld.

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MMI Geochem Results – Profile 11

Mg enrichment at target horizons may indicate injection of “fresh” magma into the magma chamber. Magma mixing is believed to be key to the formation of PGE-rich ‘reefs’.

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Highbank Chromitite Boulders

The recovery of PGE-anomalous (up to 1.7 g/t) boulders from the property further supports the potential for PGE-chromitite reefs in the intrusion

Massive chromitite

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Thickness of the Highbank Intrusion

The thickness of the layered intrusion at Highbank is comparable, perhaps even greater than the Bushveld Complex

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Titan-24 IP Survey Lines

  • PGEs will be concentrated in the sulphide phase

  • Sulphide-bearing target horizons should show up as chargability anomalies on the IP survey

  • Titan-24 survey is deep penetrating

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Platinum Demand

Environmental regulations governing exhaust emissions are being phased in around the world by 2010

Autocatalyst 44%

  • Platinum used for oxidation of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide in both gasoline and diesel engines

  • Rhodium is unique in its ability in converting NOx to Nitrogen

  • PGMs are unique in their durability in these hostile environments

Jewelry 34%

Industrial Uses 21%

Future use of platinum??

Fuel cells…

Investment 1%

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Platinum: Supply and Demand

Source: BMO Nesbitt Burns Gold and Precious Minerals

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Projects – Diamonds


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Diamond Targets

Taiga West Target

Red Rover Property Targets

Bradley Property

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Project Summary - Diamonds

  • Several drill ready prospects

    • Properties located along a well-defined corridor that is prospective for diamondiferous kimberlites

    • Solid exploration targets identified using geophysics and KIM-bearing sediment samples

    • Increased diamond exploration activity in the region

    • Drilling to commence in May 2006 on Taiga/Highbank diamond targets with exploration expenditures funded by JV partner

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Project Summary - Highbank

  • Highbank Lake is a newly discovered, large (500 km2), unexplored layered intrusion

    • Northern Shield has 100% of the layered sequence staked

    • Strong indication of multiple PGE reefs

    • Anomalous concentrations of PGEs in soil samples can be traced intermittently along multiple horizons for 32 km

    • Anomalous concentrations of chromium in soil samples can be traced intermittently for 25 km

    • Chromitite boulders recovered from the property are amongst the highest grade in N. America and are comparable to the Bushveld & Great Dyke

  • Strong partner – Impala Platinum Ltd Holdings

    • Impala can earn a 60% interest in the PGE rights of the property by incurring $5 million of exploration expenditures within 5 years

    • Impala is the world’s second largest producer of platinum and has a market capitalization in excess of US$ 6 billion

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Project Summary - Highbank (continued…)

  • Political and Economic Environment

    • A significant PGE and/or chrome deposit in Canada would demand a premium in the marketplace

    • Could be the largest PGE resource in North America

    • There are geopolitical drivers pushing PGE companies to diversify their assets to regions outside of S. Africa

  • Timing is right

    • Unexplored layered intrusions are very rare

    • 3000 m drill program beginning late May-early June 2006

    • Multiple high-priority targets have been identified

    • Platinum price is at all time high and predicted to remain strong

    • Palladium and Rhodium prices strong

    • Chrome prices remain healthy

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Northern Shield Resources

NRN: TSX Venture

N9S: Frankfurt

A Unique Opportunity…