Helen m plum memorial library computer classes for beginners basic mouse skills
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Helen M. Plum Memorial Library Computer Classes for Beginners Basic Mouse Skills. Bits and Bytes. 01000001=A 01000010=B 01000011=C. 8 bits=1 byte. 1=ON 0=OFF. K(Kilo)=1024 bytes. The word PLUM is 4 bytes long. MB(Mega)=1,048,576 bytes. GB(Giga)=1,073,741,824 bytes. A floppy is 1.44MB.

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Helen M. Plum Memorial LibraryComputer Classes for BeginnersBasic Mouse Skills

Bits and bytes l.jpg
Bits and Bytes

01000001=A 01000010=B 01000011=C

8 bits=1 byte

1=ON 0=OFF

K(Kilo)=1024 bytes

The word PLUM is 4 bytes long.

MB(Mega)=1,048,576 bytes

GB(Giga)=1,073,741,824 bytes

A floppy is 1.44MB

A CD-ROM is 650MB

A DVD is 2.6GB

A byte is a single character!

Slide3 l.jpg

Central Processing Unit

  • Intel or AMD Microprocessor

  • Memory

  • Hard Drive

“The brains of the computer.”

Monitor l.jpg

The monitor is the main display device for the CPU. It displays the VGA signals that it receives.

Ethernet l.jpg

  • Ethernet allows two or more computers or devices to connect and share information. Common uses include:

  • LAN (Local Area Network)

  • DSL Modem – High Speed Internet

  • Cable Modem – High Speed Internet

Internet l.jpg

The Internet is a world wide network of computers connected in various ways:

  • Common uses:

  • Web Sites

  • Email

  • Data Interchange

  • Voice over IP

  • Sound

  • Video

  • Modems

  • Routers

  • Fiber Optics

  • Satellites

Slide7 l.jpg

When you start or restart a computer you are booting the CPU.

Cold Boot – Powering the CPU on.

Warm Boot – Restarting the computer by the reset button, “Ctrl-Alt-Del,” or “Shutdown – Restart.”

Shutdown l.jpg

It is vital to the safety of the computer that the system be shutdown properly. Please remember not to just push the power switch when finished using the computer.


Mouse terms and techniques l.jpg
Mouse Terms and Techniques

  • Point

  • Click

  • Double Click

  • Right Click

  • Scroll

  • Drag

  • Drop

  • Highlight

Windows terms and techniques l.jpg
Windows Terms and Techniques

  • Icons

  • Buttons

  • Desktop

  • Title Bar

  • Minimize

  • Maximize

  • Close

  • Menu Bar

  • Tool Bar

  • Status Bar

  • Start Menu

  • Task Bar

  • Quick Launch

Laboratory l.jpg

Let’s begin by booting the CPU…