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Animal War. Start the epic saga of your animal kingdom, safeguard your land and destroy the other creatures. CS5367-COMPUTER GAMES DESIGN 2007-2008 2st Semester - Group Project Progress Presentation Presented on 2008-03-14. Group Members. Group 03 Members Ku Heung Chin (Ku)

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Animal War

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Animal war l.jpg

Animal War

Start the epic saga of your animal kingdom,safeguard your land and destroy the other creatures


2007-2008 2st Semester - Group Project Progress Presentation

Presented on 2008-03-14

Group members l.jpg

Group Members

  • Group 03

  • Members

    • Ku Heung Chin (Ku)

    • Yu Kam Fung (Kam)

    • Fung Ka Hang (Harry)

The story l.jpg





The Story

  • In the ancient time, there were four strongest creatures:

The story4 l.jpg

The Story

  • Each of the species formed a kingdom and wanted to rule the Earth, so battles were always happened across different kingdoms.

  • Because each species had their special power in fighting, therefore, none of them completely won in the past.

The story5 l.jpg

The Story

  • Now you are the leader of your kingdom, your job is to turn over the situation and leads your kingdom to the victory by completely destroy the other three kingdoms.

Genre l.jpg


  • Shooting Game (STG)

  • Single Player

  • Rolling from top to bottom

  • control the aviator to move on a 2D manner.

Stages l.jpg


  • There will be 3 stages.

  • Difficulty level will increase when passing 1 stage.

  • The Game will be Clear if user can pass all the three stage.

Game over l.jpg

Game Over

  • When Enemies’ bullet hits the aviator:

    • 1 life will be deduced.

  • When Players’ number of life become

    • Game Over!!

  • Number of life depends on the difficulty level.

Scoring system l.jpg

Scoring System

  • When the aviator destroy an enemy or get an items, it can gain some score.

  • When game clear or game over, the system total score of the player will calculated.

  • The player scored the top 5 score will be recorded by the game system.

Aviator l.jpg


  • 4 Kingdoms

    • Speed

    • Attack

    • Special Attack

Weapon l.jpg


  • Straight Bullets at beginning

  • Can be upgraded through getting items.

  • 3 major kinds of weapons:

    • Multi-dimension bullets

    • Laser

    • Missile

Multi dimension bullets l.jpg

Multi-dimension bullets

  • Same destroying power as bullets

  • Improve shooting range

Laser l.jpg


  • Higher destroying power than bullets

Missile l.jpg


  • Will trace the enemy automatically.

  • Need reloading time.

Special attack l.jpg

Special Attack

  • Special Attack (SA) will have much destroy power than the normal attack.

  • Different creatures have different (SA)

  • Each Aviator will have 3 times of SA at the beginning.

  • More SA can be gained by getting items

Items l.jpg







  • Items will be gained by destroying enemies.

Enemy l.jpg


Aviator needs to attract soldiers and castle in order to pass each stage.











Enemy18 l.jpg


Soldiers (weak enemy)

Submit few bullets each time

Killed by at most 3 shots

Castle (strong enemy)

Submit a list of bullets each time

Killed by a number of shots

Enemy19 l.jpg


Enemy s bullets l.jpg

Enemy’s Bullets

  • Level Design

    • Number of bullets shooting from enemy

    • Direction of bullet

    • Density of bullet

  • Symbol

Bullet soldier l.jpg

Bullet – Soldier

Bullet castle l.jpg

Bullet - Castle

Bullet from castle is shooting out in all direction

Development platform l.jpg

Development Platform

  • Programming Language

    • Java (J2SE 1.6)

      • Platform independent

      • Rich graphics and sound APIs

  • Development platform

    • Eclipse - Java SDK

      • User friendly interface

      • Java complier and debugger

      • Java Syntax and spelling checking

Slide24 l.jpg

Game Live Demo

Task to be done l.jpg

Task to be done

  • Graphics and Art Work

  • Sound Effect

Slide26 l.jpg

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