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With your host: Alex Trebek. World Cities. National Flags. Sightseeing . Transportation. World Cities. National Flags. Transportation. Sightseeing. 10 Point. 10 Point. 10 Point. 10 Point. 20 Points. 20 Points. 20 Points. 20 Points. 30 Points. 30 Points. 30 Points. 30 Points.

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With your host: Alex Trebek

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With your host:Alex Trebek

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World Cities

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National Flags

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World Cities

National Flags



10 Point

10 Point

10 Point

10 Point

20 Points

20 Points

20 Points

20 Points

30 Points

30 Points

30 Points

30 Points

40 Points

40 Points

40 Points

40 Points

50 Points

50 Points

50 Points

50 Points

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What is North Korea?

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Manchester, New Hampshire

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What is the United States?

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What is Spain?

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What is Russia?

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What is Ireland?

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What is Japan?

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What is Great Britain?

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What is Mexico?

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What is Sri Lanka?

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This is the main form of travel in Korea, whether it is the subway or larger lines like KTX.

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What are trains?

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This is the mode of transportation one uses when they have “booked a flight”.

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What is a plane?

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This is a large road for cars to travel quickly between areas.

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What is a highway or interstate?

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The Coliseum in Rome was used for this.

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What is public fighting, or violence? (폭력)

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This is an old kind of transportation used in China and Japan

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What is a rickshaw?

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This is an island that lies off the southern tip of South Korea and is known for its mountains and lava tubes.

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What is Jeju?

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This is the city in which the Eiffel Tower resides.

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What is Paris?

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This is the name of the pictured structure in India.

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What is the Taj Mahal?

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Primarily used for children, this is a bicycle with 3 wheels.

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What is a tricycle?

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This is the name of the pictured site.

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What is Mount Rushmore?

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Packing for a Trip

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A “parka” is this type of clothing.

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A warm jacket

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