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The World. Africa (physical features). Africa (population density). Africa (climate). Languages of the World. Language Groups of Africa. Bantu languages – Southern Africa (400 languages, 100 million speakers).

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The World

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The world l.jpg

The World

Africa physical features l.jpg

Africa(physical features)

Africa population density l.jpg

Africa(population density)

Africa climate l.jpg


Languages of the world l.jpg

Languages of the World

Language groups of africa l.jpg

Language Groups of Africa

Bantu languages southern africa 400 languages 100 million speakers l.jpg

Bantu languages – Southern Africa(400 languages, 100 million speakers)

LanguageApprox. # of speakersMain geographic areaFang560 000Cameroon, GabonBoulouCameroonEwondoCameroonDouala400 000CameroonBamileke2 millionCameroonLuva6.3 millionCongo-KinshasaTshiluba6 millionCongo-KinshasaLingala8 millionCentral African Republic,Congo-Brazzaville,Congo-KinshasaKikongo6 millionAngola, Congo-Brazzaville,Congo-KinshasaKituba5 millionCongo (South)Luganda4 millionUgandaMakouaUgandaKinyarwanda-Kirundi15 millionRwanda, Burundi

Bantu languages southern africa cont d l.jpg

Bantu languages – Southern Africa(cont’d)

LanguageApprox. # of speakersMain geographic areaSwahili30 millionTanzania, Kenya,Uganda, Congo DR, Rwanda, BurundiKikouyou4.6 millionKenyaSukumaTanzaniaBembaZambiaNyanja (chewa, chinyanja) 3.2 millionMalawi, ZambiaKimbundu3 millionAngolaUmbundu4 millionAngolaShona10 millionMozambique, Zambia,ZimbabweSotho3.5 millionSouth AfricaTswana3 millionSouth Africa, BotswanaZulu5 millionSouth AfricaNdebele1 millionZimbabwe, South AfricaXhosa4 millionSouth AfricaComorian languages900 000Comoros

Major tribes of africa 1 l.jpg


  • AfarEthiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia

  • AmharaCentral highland plateau of Ethiopia

  • Anlo-EweSE corner of Ghana

  • AshantiCentral Ghana

  • BakongoAtlantic coast of Africa from Pointe-Noire,Republic of Congo to Luanda, Angola

  • BambaraMali

  • BembaNE Zambia

  • BerberMorocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt

  • BoboW Burkina Faso, Mali

  • ChewaZambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi

  • DogonSE Mali, Burkina Faso

  • FonBenin

  • FulaniWest Africa

Major tribes of africa 2 l.jpg


  • IboNigeria

  • KikuyuKenya

  • MandinkaSenegal, The Gambia, Mali, Guinea-Bissau,Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire

  • MasaiEast Africa

  • PygmyDemocratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon,Gabon, Central African Republic, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Republic of Congo

  • SamburuKenya

  • SanKalahari Desert in southern Africa

  • SenufoN Cote d’Ivoire, Mali

  • TuaregN Mali

  • WolofSenegal

  • YorubaSW Nigeria, Benin

  • ZuluSouth Africa  

African tribal groups 1929 l.jpg

African Tribal Groups (1929)

West african tribes l.jpg

West African Tribes

More african tribal groups l.jpg

More African Tribal Groups

West Central Africa (Congo River Basin)

East Africa (Tanzania)

Mineral reserves south africa l.jpg

Mineral Reserves (South Africa)

Africa political l.jpg


Benin west africa l.jpg

Benin (West Africa)

Tribal groups


Africa colonial l.jpg


Africa political18 l.jpg


General african music traits l.jpg

General African Music Traits

  • Emphasis on Rhythm

  • Use of Percussion

  • Density of Timbre (“buzzy sound”)

  • Use of Ostinato

  • Use of interlocking parts

  • Call and Response

  • Controlled Improvisation

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