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Suzaku archive . Lorella Angelini/HEASARC. Suzaku. Suzaku launched on 10 July 2005 X-ray Spectrometer (XRS 0.3-12 keV) X-ray Imaging Spectrometer (XIS 0.2-12 keV; 4 units) Hard X-ray Detector (HXD 10-600 keV) August 10 2005 : loss of the XRS usability Observing program changes :

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Suzaku archive l.jpg

Suzaku archive

Lorella Angelini/HEASARC

Suzaku l.jpg

  • Suzaku launched on 10 July 2005

    • X-ray Spectrometer (XRS 0.3-12 keV)

    • X-ray Imaging Spectrometer (XIS 0.2-12 keV; 4 units)

    • Hard X-ray Detector (HXD 10-600 keV)

  • August 10 2005 : loss of the XRS usability

    • Observing program changes :

      • New SWG program (finalized in Oct 2005)

      • New AO1 (closing on 6 Jan 2006)

        (validity April 2006-March 2007)

      • AO1 results made public on March 16 2006

    • Changes in Mission Phases: now in the extended phase

      • Suzaku in Senior review in April 2006

Heasarc role l.jpg

  • Populate and maintain the Suzaku science and calibration data archive

  • Provide the following services

    • Public access to the Suzaku archive

    • Science data analysis software environment

    • Web server for the Guest Observer Facility

    • Database system for the Suzaku tables

    • Long-term archive

  • MOU and ICD document roles & responsibilities and details the interface between HEASARC and Suzaku GOF

    Suzaku data archive present at HEASARC and DARTS (ISAS/JAXA)

Archival data l.jpg
Archival Data

  • Data sets part of Suzaku archive

    • Science & housekeeping data organized by observation

      => each containing Level 1 (unfiltered) , 2 (filtered), 3 (products) for all instruments for a specific proposal target

    • Monitoring and/or Trend data organized by type

    • Calibration data using CALDB infrastructure

  • File format:

    • Science, housekeeping and calibration data are provided in FITS format (OGIP standard)

    • Preview of summary products (e.g. GIF)

    • HTML used to record processing

  • Database tables ASCII (TDAT)

    • To select data via the Web based search facility (BROWSE)

Archive population l.jpg
Archive population

  • Two processing & archive sites : GSFC and ISAS/JAXA

    • Special Checksum to verify same data output between the processing site

    • Plan of archive verification between data at HEASARC and DARTS to ensure serving the same data (procedure re-use from Swift)

  • GSFC processing site sent data & databases to the HEASARC via DTS

  • Timescale for data and databases

    • 1 week after an observation is completed

      (typical observation 1-2 days)

    • Database tables (suzamastr and suzaxislg) & trend when an update is available (estimated daily)

  • Archive access via :

    • HEASARC Web Browse and FTP

  • Data volume estimated up to 2-3 Gbyte/day

Initial mission phase l.jpg
Initial Mission Phase

  • During the SWG Phase data access to the SWG team

    • Data encrypted in the archive & key distributed to the Team .

  • GO data

    • Data in the archive encrypted & key distributed to the GOs. One year proprietary period.

  • First public data foreseen ~ 1.5 year into the mission

    • End of the proprietary period data are decrypted at the archive sites.

    • HEASARC and DARTS needs to coordinate this operation

Operational plan status 1 l.jpg
Operational plan : status (1)

  • At HEASARC the hardware configuration is in place:

    • DTS machine & relevant software (DTS and DAS)

    • Physical disks in place (total volume 1.3TB) & mounted on the DTS machine and on the FTP area

    • backup procedure in place (daily and weekly rsync)

  • Established the DTS label for the different transfers

    • Data, Database & for the different type of trend data known

  • DTS data transferring test with processing site (10 Jan 2006)

  • Database ingest mechanism in place (not tested yet)

    • Reuse of the Swift software

Operational plane status 2 l.jpg
Operational plane : status (2)

  • Version 1 processing is under testing . It uses :

    • The 1st software and CALDB releases to be distributed shortly

  • Databases :

    • suzamaster first draft ready for the end2end test

    • suzaxislog not yet implemented

  • Distribution mechanism of the encryption key to the US GO to be tested

  • The first end2end test starts next week (April 17 2006)

    • Transfer data from the Japan to US processing site

    • Processing of the data at the US site

    • Creation of the database at the US site

    • Data encryption and test the mechanism of encryption key distribution

      => Processing and archive operational in May

Software and caldb l.jpg
Software and CALDB

  • HEASARC ingests calibration data in CALDB via the automatic ingest procedure :

    • Deliveries and updates provided by the GOF

    • Access via the HEASARC CALDB page dedicated to Suzaku or via FTP or remote access

  • HEASARC imports the Suzaku software into the HEAsoft package for distribution

    • Deliveries and updates provided by the Software Team via CVS

    • Access via the HEASARC software distribution page or via FTP

      1st Suzaku software & CALDB releases planned for:

      1st week of May

Software interface l.jpg
Software Interface

  • Test software interface



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