Famous people in 2010 wax museum
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Famous People in 2010 Wax Museum. By Third Grade Students 2009-2010. Harriet Beecher Stowe was famous for writing Uncle Tom’s Cabin to help end slavery. By: Chelsea Allison . Sandra Day O’Connor was famous because she was the first lady in the Supreme Court. By: Tori Biggin.

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Famous People in 2010 Wax Museum

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Famous People in 2010 Wax Museum

By Third Grade Students


Harriet Beecher Stowe was famous for writing Uncle Tom’s Cabin to help end slavery.

By: Chelsea Allison

Sandra Day O’Connor was famous because she was the first lady in the Supreme Court.

By: Tori Biggin

Clara Barton was famous because she convinced the US government to create an American Red Cross. She was the first president of the American Red Cross.

By: Rylie Cote

Ronald Reagan was famous for being an actor, governor of California, and President of the United States of America. He was the 40th President of the U.S.A.

By: Drew Faulkner

Abraham Lincoln is famous for freeing all slaves from slavery. He was also the 16th president of the United States.

By: Brady Dehass

Wilbur Wright was a great man. He made the first airplane that worked.

By: Luke Gober

Laura Ingalls Wilder was famous because she wrote children books about growing up on the prairie.

By: Madelyn Halsey

Betsy Ross was famous because she made one of the American flags for George Washington. The first flag had thirteen stars and thirteen stripes.

By: Kyla Howington

Marie Curie was famous for finding out what radium was. She also was the first person who won two Nobel prize awards, one in physics and one in chemistry.

By: Katie Johns

George Washington was the first President of the USA.

By: Jay Martin

Juliette Gordon Low was the founder of Girl Scouts. She helped organize a hospital for soldiers during the Spanish American War.

By: Maddie Miller

Amelia Earhart proved that women could do anything they set their mind to. She was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. She was also the first person to fly to Hawaii to the mainland.

By: Morgan Mize

Sacagawea was

an Native American woman hired by Lewis and Clark to guide them from St. Louis, Missouri to the Pacific Ocean.

By Sydney Patterson

Coco Chanel is famous for changing fashion. She changed the concept of fashion in the 1900s.Coco Chanel launched Chanel No. 5 perfume.

By: Megan Stephens

Michael Jordan is famous for playing pro basketball. He could dunk from the foul line. Today he owns the North Caroline Bobcats.

By: Zack Williams

Neil Armstrong was famous for being the first man to set foot on the moon. He also worked as a research pilot to make sure new planes worked correctly.

By: Emma Woodworth

Magic Johnson was the first rookie to play in an

all-star game. He was also the youngest player to be named playoff MVP.

By: Harrison C. Brown

Elizabeth Blackwell became the first woman doctor. She had a lot of diligence because at the time she wanted to be a doctor people were prejudice against women doctors.

By: Emily Britt

Mickey Mantle

was the first person that hit a homerun in the Astrodome. He won the MVP in 1965.

By: Jake Bruce

Kerri Strug is a very famous gymnastics star. She was in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. She loves gymnastics. She won lots of medals.

By: Macy Clark

Anne Frank had a diary that she wrote in everyday. After she passed away her dad published her diary and it was called The Diary of Anne Frank.

By: Kaitley Congdon

Amelia Earhart was the first lady to fly across the Atlantic Ocean.

By: Caroline Gibson

Abraham Lincoln

was the famous president who ended slavery.

By: Dwayne Gill

Katherine Dunham was the first lady to teach dancing class.

By: Vanessa Jaquez

Clara Barton helped wounded soldiers on the battlefield and she started the American Red Cross.

By: Mallory Land

Daniel Boone is a famous pioneer who spent most of his time fighting against the Shawnee Indians and hunting. He is also known for helping settlers settle new lands.

By: Daniel Lewis

Molly Pitcher brought the soldiers pitchers of water during the war. She helped during the Revolutionary War.

By: Cielo Martinez

Dale Earnhardt won the Daytona 500 in1989. Dale won 4 million dollars in ten years.

By: AJ Meers

John F. Kennedy saved his crew after their boat sank in World War II.

By: Fowler Moore

Abraham Lincoln led us through the civil war. He was a good man.

By: Victoria Roberts

Tony Gonzalez plays in the National Football League. He received the All American trophy in college. He is playing for the Atlanta Falcons right now. He gives dolls to sick kids.

By: Jacob Robison

George Washington was the first


of the

United States.

By: David Seavey

Mia Hamm got a gold medal for Olympic soccer.

Now she works for the Morrow Foundation in honor of her brother Garret.

By: Alexandra Shows

Florence Nightingale is famous because she was the founder of modern medicine.

By: Amanda Smith

Richard Petty is a famous race car driver as a national racer and he won 200 races at the Daytona 500. Now he is a spokesman for Goodies.

By: Lance Strayhorn

Michael Jordan is famous for scoring 30,000 points during his basketball career.

By: Connor Truelove

Dorothy Hamill

won a gold medal in the 1976 Winter Olympics. Now she teaches people how to ice skate. That’s why she is famous.

By: Taylor Willoughby

Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. He was the third president of the United States of America.

BY: Aidan Wilson

Abraham Lincoln is most famous for being President during the Civil War. He married

Mary Todd. He kept the USA together.

By: Brady Anderson

Pocahontas is most famous for helping the Indians and the settlers get along.

By: Reece Chapman

Florence Nightingale was one the best nurses in the world. She was born in 1820. She died on August 13th 1901 in London.

By: Lauren Davis

Elvis Presley was a famous person. He made lots of movies and music. He was born in 1935.

He was the

King of Rock-N-Roll.

By: Noah Dunwoodie

Princess Diana was famous for helping AIDS patients and Haiti. She also was famous for marrying

Prince Charles.

By: Peyton Ellis

Sacagawea is famous because she helped Lewis and Clark discover the Pacific Ocean.

By: Destiny Farmer

Amelia Earhart was famous for flying across the Atlantic Ocean. She disappeared over the Pacific Ocean while trying to cross the world.

By: Katlyn Funderburk

Michael Jackson was most famous for his musical abilities. Some of his famous songs were Thriller and Beat it!

By: Lali Gomez

Jeff Hardy is most famous for wrestling. He is a member of world wrestling entertainment.

By: Wyatt Hardesty

Neil Armstrong is most famous for being the first man on the moon. His famous quote is “One step for man, One giant leap for mankind.”

By: Georgina Hoffman

By: Georgina Hoffman

Ozzy Osbourne is not his real name, it’s really John M. Osbourne. He is 62 years old and in his 37th year career.

By: DJ Hoopaugh

Michael Jackson is famous because he was the king of pop. He mounted his first solo attempt in 1971 and enjoyed some early hits.

By: Chase Krucke

Princess Diana is famous for helping people who are sick and poor. She died in a car crash.

By: Gracie McBride

Harrison Ford is a great actor. He played Indiana Jones. He has a spider named after him. He has walked the walk of fame.

By: Knox Murphy

Elvis Presley had many hits. His was Heart Break Hotel. He was in movies too. He was the king of rock roll.

By: Grant Pulliam

Queen Isabella helped Christopher Columbus by giving him what he needed to set sail to find America.

By: Abigail Richard

Annie Oakley helped the Red Cross program. She was in Buffalo Bill’s wild west show. She was most famous for shooting guns.

By: Addie Smith

Bessie Coleman was the first African American woman to become an airplane pilot.

By: Dafne Betancourt

Thomas Jefferson helped to write the Declaration of Independence.

By: Desman Chambers

Grace Kelly was a very famous princess and actress. She loved to by plays and movies.

By: Kendyl Chase

Robert E. Lee was a Civil War hero. He was a general in the Confederate Army. He was the leader in war and peace.

By: Erik Cochran

George Washington was elected as the first President of the United States.

By: Dakota Davis

John Hancock was elected governor of Massachusetts for the first five terms. He was first to sign the Declaration of Independence.

By: Justin Edge

In 1983 Dan Marino was drafted by the Miami Dolphins. In 2005 he was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame.

By: Matthew Glenn

Helen Keller gave speeches about helping the blind. She wrote over a dozen books when

she was a adult.

By: Delaney Goodman

Lance Armstrong is a famous American bicyclist. He has won the Tour de France seven times.

By: Tyler Grabau

Anne Frank was famous for her diary because it told us a lot about life during war. So we would know how it felt to live at that time.

By: Savannah Greene

Pocahontas was a peace maker. She is famous for saving John Smith’s life and teaching the settlers how to grow corn.

By: Jodie Grizzle

Harriet Tubman was a leader of the Underground Railroad.

By: Joslyn Keels

John Glenn was an astronaut and U.S Senator. He is remembered for going into space twice, oldest man in space, and first senator to be elected to four terms.

By: Forrest Kidd

Orville Wright was a great builder. He knew how to make kites, toys, bikes, and a motor airplane.

By: Draven Millwood

Davey Crockett was an American frontiersman. He served as a Tennessee congressman. He died at the Alamo.

By: Justin Munion

Abraham Lincoln was the 13th president of the United States. He helped end slavery.

By: Edward Pinson

Nathan Hale was remembered for helping George Washington win the Revolutionary War.

By: Luke Piper

Elizabeth Blackwell was the first woman doctor. She was the first girl to graduate from Geneva Medical School.

By: Chloe Sanders

Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic and Pacific. She was also a nurse for the Canadian Military during the first world war.

By: Trinity Stephenson

Rosa Parks joined the NAACP to

stop the unfair treatment. She is remembered for not getting out of her bus seat when

told to.

By: Kirsten Sumner

Florence Nightingale was a nurse during the Crimean War. She started her own school for nurses.

By: Autumn Williamson

Pearl Bailey was a famous singer. She started singing when she was 15 years old. She began singing in Philadelphia’s black nightclubs.

By: Brooklyn Woodall

Abraham Lincoln is famous for being a lawyer in 1836. Also for being the 16th president. He died in April 1865.

By: Jacob Barrett

Theodore Roosevelt was famous for being a U.S. volunteer. He died on January 6, 1919.


By: Jakub Brookshire

Rosa Parks is famous for being the first black lady not to give up her seat to a white man in Tuskegee Alabama.

By: Miranda Carr

Libby Riddles is a famous musher. She won the Iditarod.

By: Emma Durkin

Thomas Jefferson is famous because he wrote the declaration of independence. He was a president of the United States of America.

By: Nathan Emerson

Juliette Gordon Low is famous because she was the founder of the Girl Scouts. She was born on Oct.31,2010 in Savannah G.A.. She had a very good sense of humor and can really turn a frown

up-side down.

By: Claudia Geltz

He was a great man and wants everybody to have freedom and fair treatment. He was also raised in Orange County.

By: Alex Grizzle

Helen Keller was blind and deaf. She wrote a book on her life. It was called Story of My Life.

By: Kelsey Light

David Crockett was a volunteer soldier. He fought so Texas would earn its freedom from the Mexican Government

By: Bryce Mize

Sojourner Truth

She spoke for women's rights.

She ran away from her master.

She hired some one to right A book about her in slavery.

By: Charity Pierce.

Laura W. Bush became first lady on 2001. She also help children read more. Her name use to be Laura W. Lee. She married George Bush. She is still alive. She is 64.

By: Makalah Roberts

Elizabeth Grimson, also known as Betsy Ross is famous because she mad the 1st American flag that George Washington designed. Betsy Ross was the 8th child of 17 born to Samuel and Rebecca. She died at age 84 and was buried on Arch Street.

By: Madison Sartain

Miley Cyrus is a famous singer and actress. Her real name was Destiny Hope Cyrus. She is the main actress on “Hannah Montana”.

By: Lindsey Sewell

George Washington

was famous because he was the first president of the U.S.A. He was also the first one in war and in the hearts of our countryman. People called him the father of our country. He died in 1799.

By: Ethan Shockley

Jackie Robinson was a famous person. He was born in Jan. 31,1919. He was born in Cario Georgia. Jackie Robinson died on Oct.24,1972.

By: Taylor Shubert

Matt Hasselbeck is a football player.

And he played for the Seattle Seahawks.

He is 36 years old.

He was born in Boulder, Colorodo.

By: Logan Strayhorn

Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean alone in a plane. Amelia was also the first woman to try to fly around the world.

By: Hannah Sweeney

Princess Diana was married to Prince Charles. Her wedding dress was 25 feet long! She died because she was in a car wreck.

By: Cassie Thurmond

John Cabot discovered north America with Christopher Columbus .He found the North West passage to Asia.

By: Travis Turner

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