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Community Facts. Georgia graduation rate – 71.1% Local graduation rates: Wilkinson 83.3% Dodge 74.8% Telfair73.8% Bleckley71.4% Laurens67.0% Wheeler62.3% Dublin City59.0% PRELIMINARY 2006-2007 Georgia High School Graduation Rates Ranked by School System

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Community Facts

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Community facts l.jpg

Community Facts

Georgia graduation rate – 71.1%

Local graduation rates:

  • Wilkinson 83.3%

  • Dodge 74.8%

  • Telfair73.8%

  • Bleckley71.4%

  • Laurens67.0%

  • Wheeler62.3%

  • Dublin City59.0%

    PRELIMINARY 2006-2007 Georgia High School Graduation Rates Ranked by School System

    Governor’s Office of Student Achievement

2005 graduates entering georgia public colleges in 2005 2006 l.jpg

2005 Graduates Entering Georgia Public Colleges in 2005-2006

Georgia rate:38.2%

  • Bleckley County:44.8%

  • Dublin City:44.8%

  • Laurens County:42.3%

  • Dodge County:34.3%

  • Telfair County:33.7%

  • Wilkinson County:27.7%

  • Wheeler County:24.4%

2005 graduates entering georgia technical colleges l.jpg

2005 Graduates Entering Georgia Technical Colleges

Georgia rate:6.5%

  • Telfair County:21.6%

  • Bleckley County:11.8%

  • Laurens County:10.8%

  • Dodge County:10.0%

  • Wilkinson County: 7.9%

  • Wheeler County: 7.0%

  • Dublin City: 6.0%

Adult educational attainment total population l.jpg

Adult Educational AttainmentTotal Population

Population with Less than High School

State of Georgia:21.4%

Telfair County:36.4%

Wheeler County:32.1%

Laurens County: 29.7%

Wilkinson County:29.6%

Bleckley County: 28.3%

Dodge County: 21.4%

Georgia 2005 Kids County Factsheet * Family Connection Partnership

Adult educational attainment total population5 l.jpg

Adult Educational AttainmentTotal Population

Population with High School Graduates

State of Georgia:28.7%

Wheeler County41.8%

Wilkinson County41.4%

Telfair County40.1%

Laurens County 37.1%

Dodge County 36.6%


Georgia 2005 Kids County Factsheet * Family Connection Partnership

Community facts6 l.jpg

Community Facts

Youth 16 to 19 Not in School &

Not Working

State of Georgia:10.9%

Wheeler County18.0%

Telfair County14.7%

Dodge County 14.1%

Laurens County 11.0%

Bleckley 10.6%

Wilkinson County10.3%

Georgia 2005 Kids County Factsheet * Family Connection Partnership

Economic impact of high school non completion in georgia by region l.jpg

Economic Impact of High School Non-Completion in Georgia by Region

Region%Population 25+ without aResulting Foregone

HS diploma, 2000Income in 2006 Dollars

130.9%$2.2 Billion

225.3%$1.2 Billion

314.5%$4.2 Billion

427.5%$1.1 Billion

525.4%$1.1 Billion

622.6%$1.0 Billion

724.5%$1.1 Billion

825.6%$0.9 Billion

933.2%$0.9 Billion

1029.4%$2.0 Billion

1130.5%$1.0 Billion

1219.3%$1.1 Billion

Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education – Georgia Chamber of Commerce

The Economics of Education, Second Edition

Table 3.

Education career partnership vision statement l.jpg

Education & Career PartnershipVision Statement

Preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s opportunities

Education career partnership mission statement l.jpg

Education & Career PartnershipMission Statement

Provide every student an opportunity to participate in a seamless educational system that includes high level academic and technical preparation for workforce readiness and life long learning

This year s ecp plan l.jpg

This Year’s ECP Plan

  • Increase Business/Industry/Community involvement in the ECP and CTAE Advisory Committees

    • Help ensure needs of the workforce are addressed in secondary/post secondary education

    • Help develop career pathways through high school to post secondary and ultimately workforce

    • Help Business/Industry communicate needs with students and their parents

  • Help solidify Teachers as Advisors program for all schools

    • Uniform delivery of the program across the SDA

    • Reduce duplication of efforts

Vocabulary definitions l.jpg

Vocabulary Definitions

Articulated Courses – Secondary courses whose standards are the same/nearly the same as a

Post secondary course and may count for credit at the technical college

CTAE – Career Technical and Agriculture Education

CTAE Committee – High school committees hosted by CTAE teachers and directors who seek

input from local business and industry, usually meets one or two times per year

ECP – Education and Career Partnership

DOE – Department of Education

DTAE – Technical College System of Georgia

Standards – required information that must be taught in a class.

This year s ecp plan12 l.jpg

This Year’s ECP Plan

  • More variety of post secondary course offerings in dual enrollment

  • Increase articulation of courses between secondary and post secondary

    • Increase participation of teachers in articulation meetings

    • Increase teacher/student/parent knowledge of articulated courses

  • Provide career development for teachers

    • Increase knowledge of labor trends and business/industry needs

    • Increase number of strategies to help teachers make education relevant to real life experiences for students

    • Share knowledge with students

    • Increase feedback from teachers to determine if activities are helpful

The question l.jpg

The Question….

Can you help us?

Ways to help l.jpg

Ways to Help

  • Visit middle/high schools in your community

  • Participate on CTAE Advisory Committee

  • Share personnel needs of your company with high schools’ administrators, teachers, and students

  • Share real-life needs of secondary education with students

  • Share need for good work ethics, post secondary education, and technical training with students and their parents

Education and career partnership ecp l.jpg

Education and Career Partnership (ECP)

How can we help you?

Ecp can help you l.jpg

ECP Can Help You:

  • Make contact with local high school administrators and counselors

  • Talk to students about work ethics and education/skill level expectations in the workplace

  • Become a mentor for students

  • Have input at CTAE Committee meetings

  • Have input at ECP meetings

  • Gain insight into issues relating to secondary and postsecondary education in your community

Slide17 l.jpg

Projected Outcome: Prepared Students

Ready for the Workforce

  • Together, we can help students see the need for secondary and post secondary education/training.

  • Together, we can increase Georgia’s high school graduation rate.

  • Together, we can build a strong community.

Thanks for your time l.jpg

THANKS for your time!

Robbie Hobbs, ECP Manager

Heart of Georgia ECP

560 Pine Hill Road

Dublin, GA 31021

478-274-7765 (office)

478-275-6642 (fax)

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