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Can Art Help Save A Life?. Stephen Silliman and Dan Buonadonna Benin Coloring Book Project. From the CIA Fact Book, 2000. There is a VERY different world out there!. Think about what could happen if 1 out of 10 of your classmates gave 1 week every five years. Just think . . .

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Can Art Help Save A Life?

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Can art help save a life l.jpg

Can Art Help Save A Life?

Stephen Silliman and Dan Buonadonna

Benin Coloring Book Project

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From the CIA Fact Book, 2000

There is a VERY different

world out there!

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Think about what could happen if 1 out of 10 of your classmates gave 1 week every five years.

Just think . . .

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  • Local Ownership: The belief by the local population that they have contribution to planning, financial interest in, and responsibility for project

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  • Lack of Local Ownership may not stop a project, but . . .

  • It will certainly make it more difficult to make it successful in the long run

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Why Water?

Water Is Life

  • Water is Life

  • Water is Religion

  • Water Requires Use

  • Water is Science

  • Water is Contaminated

  • Water Requires Education

  • Water is Purity

  • Water is Death

  • Water Requires Protection

Benin africa l.jpg

Benin, Africa

Country of Approximately

4 Million People

Scenes from benin l.jpg

Scenes From Benin

Food shopping in benin l.jpg

Food / Shopping In Benin

Religious life in benin l.jpg

Religious Life in Benin

History in benin l.jpg

History in Benin

Future spirit in benin l.jpg

Future Spirit in Benin

Working in benin l.jpg

Working in Benin

Water challenges l.jpg

Water Challenges

Water opportunities l.jpg

Water Opportunities

Slide16 l.jpg

Summary: Motivation

IMR ~ 10%

Rate of Death by Age 5 ~ 30%+

IMR < 1%

Rate of Death by Age 5 < 5%

Slide17 l.jpg

Keys to Making This Happen

  • Technology Transfer

  • Improve University-Level Education



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  • University of Notre Dame: All Phases of Projects including Lead on Financing

  • Universite Nationale du Benin: Education of Students and Research on Wellhead Protection and Augmentation

  • Central Afrika Obota (CAO): Oversight of Driller’s Training and Local Education

  • Direction L’Hydraulique: Government Oversight of Project, Particularly Drilling and Augmentation

  • Office of the Ambassador to the United Nations: Political Support / Moral Support

  • Local Government: Local Support

Training drilling l.jpg

Training / Drilling

Extensive Training Crew


Placing Screen /


Bailing the Well

Slide20 l.jpg



Mud Pump


Drill Stem

Swivel / Motor


Bits and Supplies

Local ownership l.jpg

Local Ownership

Locals / Students Working Together And

Contributing to Slotting of Screen

Locals Transporting Water for Drilling

Locals Have Built Pad for Pump

Slide22 l.jpg

Needs Regarding Education and Understanding

  • Education and Understanding

    • Create Education Tool at Low Cost but High Impact

    • Distribute to Children in U.S. and Benin

    • Encourage Communication Based on Education Tool

Slide23 l.jpg

Successful Campaigns

  • Smokey the Bear

  • Don’t Litter

  • “Brains on Drugs”

  • Restaurant Advertising through Coloring Books

Slide24 l.jpg


Little Drip


South Bend

Slide25 l.jpg

Goal of this Group

  • Connect “Little Drip” to the minds of kids

    • Benin, Africa

    • South Bend, Indiana

Slide26 l.jpg


  • Kids Love Coloring / Activity Books

  • 4-8 Page Book Inexpensive to Produce

  • Crayons Inexpensive to Obtain

  • Coloring Pictures Jumps Language Barriers

Slide28 l.jpg


Hand Pump


Washing Hands

Dirty Hands



Slide29 l.jpg

Find The Good and Bad Drops

Slide30 l.jpg

Where’s the Little Drip With . . .

Slide31 l.jpg

Ideas to Get Across

  • Clean Water = Good Water

  • Dirty Water = Sickness

  • Hygiene = Happy

  • No Hygiene (hands, food, etc.) = Sickness

  • Proper use of Latrines / Bathroons = Happy

  • Improper Disposal of Waste = Sickness

  • Others???????

Slide32 l.jpg


  • Prefer Zero Language - or - English and French

  • Black and White

  • Easily Copied

  • Socially Sensitive

  • Even Number of Pages

Slide33 l.jpg

Time Line

  • Draft By April 15

    • Feedback from local school

  • Second Draft by End of Semester

    • Bring to Benin for feedback

  • Final Modifications in Fall Semester

Thanks for caring enough to help l.jpg

Thanks for Caring Enough to Help

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