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2003 Economic Subject Matter Up Date. Meat Goat Production Where are we now? ….Good, Terry Hutchens, Extension Associate, Goat Production University of Kentucky & Kentucky State University Tess Caudill, Kentucky Department of Agriculture, Marketing Division, Goat Marketing.

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2003 Economic Subject Matter Up Date

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2003 Economic Subject Matter Up Date

Meat Goat Production

Where are we now? ….Good,

Terry Hutchens, Extension Associate, Goat Production

University of Kentucky & Kentucky State University

Tess Caudill, Kentucky Department of Agriculture,

Marketing Division, Goat Marketing

Information Black Hole

Market Sketch

  • 300,000,000 U.S. Population (July, 2002)

  • 10% of the U.S. Population was born in another country

  • 51% is Hispanic

  • The remainder is Asia and African and many are of the Muslim faith

Market Sketch

  • The major portion of goat meat sold commercially in the U.S. is imported

  • Australia, New Zealand and Canada

  • Off Shore Facilities

    • Centralized in-country slaughterhouses for lamb export

    • Piggyback goats

U.S. Export Potential

  • No powerful lamb industry or infrastructure

  • Consistent strength of the U.S. dollar

  • So, why should U.S. retailers buy home grown meet when they can buy frozen for ½ price?

    • Farm fresh is what they want.

Primary Issue

  • What are the ways and means to make goat meat more accessible to the consumer, processor, retailer or wholesaler of goat meat.

    • Quality product on a year round bases (Accelerated breeding or breeding groups)

    • Assist in nurturing culinary traditions

    • Adhere to specific carcass preferences (Blemish free)

    • Ethnic people must be made to feel welcome on the farm

    • The industry needs to go to the price/lb system

    • Don’t ignore the domestic market

Marketing StrategiesPooling For The Regional & National Market

  • Pooling or co-mingling animals into graded livestock sales.

  • This is a good outlet for the small farmer who is not going to sell direct

  • Graded and grouped sales & Tel-O-Auction

Average Price Slaughter Kid “Graded & Tel-O-Auction” (2003)

Price / Lbs - cwt

2003 Kentucky Goat Prices

40-60 lb. Selection # 2

Graded Sales and Tel-O-Auctions

Price / Head

2003 Kentucky Goat Prices

40-60 lb. Selection # 1

Non-graded, per head markets

Price / Head + Added Value of Pooling









  • Kentucky Goat and Sheep Tel-O-Auction Delivery Locations

    • Paris

    • Irvington

    • Lebanon

    • Glasgow

  • Kentucky Graded Goat Sales

    • Kentuckiana Livestock, Marion (last Saturday of the month)

    • Barren River Livestock Market, Bowling Green (Third Wednesday of the month)

    • Paintsville Stockyards (First Friday of every other month)

Three Year Average Goat Numbers San Antonio (97-99)

Number of Slaughter KidsSold In“Graded & Tel-O-Auction” (2003)

Average Price Paid By Weight “Graded & Tel-O-Auction”(2003)

Average Price Paid By Grade “Graded & Tel-O-Auction” (2003)

Marketing StrategiesPooling For The Local Market

  • Farmers approach ethnic groups at churches, mosque, international student groups, ethnic festivals……

  • Make all arrangements ahead of sale

  • Two or more farmers pool 30 to 40 kids

  • Purchase upon inspection by the Imam

    • Purchase 60-80 lb intact males having purity of appearance: bad eyes, legs, abscesses or too fat

Pooling For The Local Market

  • Price is $1.00/lb

  • Total price should not exceed $100 including slaughter and offal costs

    • ($30-$35 & $5)

  • Farmer transports the new owner’s animals to the slaughterhouse

  • The new owner’s take the processed meat home

Marketing StrategiesPooling For On Farm Slaughter

  • Farmer sells the animal

  • Then new owner of the animal slaughters on the farm

  • Farmer needs facilities to catch blood and offal

  • New owner takes animal and offal home

Or, the Alternative!!

Marketing StrategiesPooling For The Cosmopolitan Gourmet & Health Set

Gourmet & Health Set

  • Piggybacking on the KY wine industry

  • Ethnic events and festivals

  • Special cuts and high end restaurants

  • Price in accordance with the clientele

  • $5.50 – $10.50 / lbs

  • Remember added costs of doing business

  • Some meet cuts may need other outlets

KY Processing of Halal Goat Meat

  • Kentucky Specialty Meats, Princeton, KY

    • Halal goat meat 500/week, Frozen barbequed goat Walmart

  • Farm Specialty Meats, Pine Knot, KY

    • Halal goat, beef and lamb, Halal microwaveable stews


  • Take advantage of all available opportunities not just one outlet.

  • Farmers need to educate themselves

  • Farmers need to communicate

  • Farmers need realistic expectations

  • Generally speaking, we have done well in one year

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