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1. Watersheds Videoclips from : http://www.ctic.purdue.edu/KYW/glossary/whatisaws.html

2. Watersheds We all live downstream.

3. Another name for watershed is drainage basin. A watershed is the land area that drains surface water into a river, lake, or other body of water. A watershed can be large, like the Mississippi River drainage basin, or very small, like 20 acres that drain into a farm pond.

5. Wherever you live, you are in a watershed. Your watershed may be made up of mountains, farmland, houses, businesses, towns…. What is the largest river near Rockford? Use a map. Where does it start? Everything from Rockford to the start is upstream of you. Follow the river to where it ends. It will flow into a larger river. Everything between Rockford and the end of the river is downstream of you.

6. Mountains and hills divide each watershed There could be many smaller watersheds within the larger one Flow of water: Water flows from a higher elevation to a lower one Streams to rivers Rivers to larger rivers Larger rivers to ocean

7. Fun Facts Length of the Mississippi River: 3,705 kilometers (2,302 miles) Area of Basin: 3.2 million square kilometers (1.2 million square miles). 40% of the United States 1/8 of North America Population along the Mississippi Corridor: 12 million people live in the 125 counties and parishes that border the Mississippi River. Amount of water discharged to the Gulf: 612,000 cubic feet per second Provides habitat for 241 fish species 37 mussel species 45 amphibians 50 mammals 40% of the nation's migratory birds facts taken from EPA website

8. Ground Water Quality in Illinois Ground water quality is generally good, but past and present activities contaminate ground water in isolated areas. Major sources of ground water contamination include agricultural chemical operations, fertilizer and pesticide applications, above- and below ground storage tanks, septic systems, manufacturing/repair shops, surface impoundments, and waste piles.

9. 4 Things affect a the water quality in a water shed: 1. Runoff: oil, pesticides, industrial waste 2. Erosion: excessive soil 3. Acid rain: air pollution returning to earth in the rain 4. Water pollution: industrial dumping, agriculture, oil spills, thermal pollution (warming of water) A watershed is all the area where water travels from higher elevations to lower elevations. Mountains and hills form the boundaries of a watershed. These ridges act as a natural divider to separate each watershed. Within each watershed you will find many smaller watersheds that will help to supply the water needed to keep the rivers and streams flowing.

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