Ultra-Sonic Club Cleaning

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Ultra-Sonic Club Cleaning

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3. Ultra-Sonic Club Cleaning You Turn This…

4. Ultra-Sonic Club Cleaning Into This…

5. Ultra-Sonic Club Cleaning Without Hours Of This!

6. How Does Ultra-Sonics Work There is a tank of water heated to 50oc In the water there is a special solution Containing water-softening, anti-rust, disinfecting & bonding agents Ultra-Sonic transducers vibrate at 40,000 cycles/second This is transmitted through the water as waves of sound

7. How Does Ultra-Sonics Work Tiny bubbles form on the surface of the clubs, then implode (called cavitation) This lifts the dirt off the club

8. Ultrasonic Club Cleaning Is Amazing Because…

9. Ultrasonic Club Cleaning Is Amazing Because…

10. The Avanti Golf

11. The Avanti Golf “Club-Cleaner 5000”

12. The Avanti Golf “Club-Cleaner 5000”

13. The Avanti Golf

14. The Avanti Golf “Club-Cleaner 2000”

15. Our Survey Said… We have conducted a number of surveys in various golf clubs in Ireland On the following sheet is an example of the results.

16. Q: How Often Do You Play? 79% of golfers played at least weekly 92% of low-handicap golfers played at least weekly vs. 69% high-handicap This means that adding value with club cleaning could draw these frequent golfers to your club

17. Q: How Often Do You Clean Your Clubs? 47% of golfers clean their clubs between every 1 – 5 rounds With 19% overall never bothering only 8% of low handicappers never bothered vs. 28% of high handicappers

18. Q: Is It Important To Clean Your Clubs? All golfers know how important it is to clean their clubs (only 4% don’t believe so) Even the 8% of low-handicappers who don’t clean believe it’s important

19. Q: How Often Would You Use The Machine? Golfers who would use the machine between every 1 – 5 rounds jumps to 86% 0% said they would not use the machine

20. Q: How Often They Clean vs. Would Use The Machine In almost every case the frequency of usage more than doubles!

21. Q: How Would You Rate The Performance Of The Machine? Overwhelmingly positive reaction!

22. Q: Would You Like To See This Machine In Your Club? Yes – 100% No – 0%

23. Support All machines come with full 2 year warranty Expanded warranty contracts available upon request

24. Marketing We will not only provide machine and servicing We can also support you to help promote this new feature in your clubs We can design and produce a variety of promotional products A-Frames Locker-Room/Bar Framed Posters Counter-Top Displays Next Tee Markers Distance Markers

25. Marketing

26. Marketing

27. Summary This is an amazingly well designed machine It WORKS!! It is well received by golfers It is an exciting new area in golf We can support you with marketing too

28. Contact Ireland Franco De Bonis / Alan Mulready Office Tel: +353 (0)1 864 9120 Mob: +353 (0)87 132 5046 Email: [email protected] UK Steven Yendley Office Tel: +44 (0)1422 346 093 Mob: +44 (0)783 169 2188 Email: [email protected] Any above contact can deal with any European country

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