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GPS Communication Software. Mapping Program. Tarpits and Tips. Tools of the Trade . GPS. Tools of the Trade - Part IV. Tarpits and Tips. TIPS. Outline. Datums Error, Accuracy, and Precision Map Scale and Errors Tips for Managing GPS Error Better Maps for GPS. GPS Datum Tarpit.

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Tools of the Trade

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Tools of the trade l.jpg

GPS CommunicationSoftware

Mapping Program

Tarpits and Tips

Tools of the Trade


Tools of the trade part iv l.jpg

Tools of the Trade - Part IV

Tarpits and Tips


Outline l.jpg


  • Datums

  • Error, Accuracy, and Precision

  • Map Scale and Errors

  • Tips for Managing GPS Error

  • Better Maps for GPS

Gps datum tarpit l.jpg

GPS Datum Tarpit

  • What’s the big deal?

    • A football field of difference if you are wrong!

    • What if you’re on the wrong side of the ridge?

    • Or worse…the valley!!


Shift happens florida example l.jpg

Datum Shift


Shift Happens - Florida Example

Shift happens redmond or 2005 example l.jpg

Shift Happens - Redmond OR 2005 Example

710 Feet

When datums matter l.jpg

In the Field

Comms between GPS users

Comms between GPS and Maps

Example: dispatch in one datum, you read off in another

In the GIS

Projecting data on top of GIS data

Example: You set DNRGarmin Projection to UTM 10 NAD83, but your GIS is in UTM 10 NAD27

When Datums Matter

Slide8 l.jpg


or Spoken




400 feet off

Display set to NAD27

They Expect WGS84

Slide9 l.jpg

Transfer to


Set Projection in DNR Garmin to NAD27



Always Stores in WGS84

Working in NAD27

Gps datum tips l.jpg

GPS Datum Tips

  • Summary:

    • Check, check, check

    • When Downloading with DNR Garmin, Always check “Set Projection” to match your GIS

    • ASK!

    • When you hear WGS84, with your scale, it’s the same as NAD83

Aviation GPS is always WGS84

Error accuracy and precision l.jpg

Error, Accuracy, and Precision

  • Importance

    • Safety

    • Make or break a GIS project

  • Learn ways to keep GPS errors to a minimum

  • Be aware of the issues

Kenneth E. Foote and Donald J. Huebner, The Geographer's Craft Project, Department of Geography, The University of Colorado at Boulder.

Basic definitions l.jpg

Basic Definitions

1.) Accuracy: how close to truth or accepted values.

2) Precision: how repeatable or consistent

Basic definitions13 l.jpg

Basic Definitions

Accurate + Precise

= Low Error !

3.) Error: includes both the imprecision of data and its inaccuracies

Map scale l.jpg

Map Scale

  • Accuracy and Precision for a map are a function of the scale at which the map was created

  • Applies for digital or paper

  • National Mapping Accuracy Standards employed by USGS

Map accuracy standards l.jpg

Map Accuracy Standards

  • 1:2,400 ± 6.67 feet

  • 1:24,000 ± 40.00 feet

  • 1:63,360 ± 105.60 feet

  • 1:100,000 ± 166.67 feet

Map scale and the garmin l.jpg

Map Scale and the Garmin

  • Will your Garmin GPS MAP76 meet Mapping Accuracy standards for a 1:24,000 scale product (+/- 40’)?

  • How about 1:63,360 (+/-105’)?

  • Yesterday, we answered that question?

Sources of map errors l.jpg

Sources of Map Errors

  • Age of Data

  • Map Scale

Mapsource data is 1:100,000 scale

  • Digitizing Errors

Tips for managing gps error l.jpg

Tips for Managing GPS Error

  • Metadata

  • Average all Points

  • Fresh batteries

  • External Antenna

  • All else fails

    • Map and Compass

Tips for managing error l.jpg

Tips for Managing Error

  • Staying As Accurate as possible

+/-26 ' (open)

Tips for managing gps error20 l.jpg

Tips for Managing GPS Error

  • Record Metadata:

    • Who, What, Why

Managing gps error l.jpg

Managing GPS Error

  • Try to average points

  • 60 points

Managing gps error22 l.jpg

Managing GPS Error

  • If in the trees, turn off WAAS

  • Position can be even worse.

  • Always take a 3D position over a 2D Differential!

Managing gps error23 l.jpg

Managing GPS Error

  • Try to use Antenna when possible

  • A Map76 under Canopy gets twice as accurate with an external antenna

  • Use Sleeve mounts if you have to

  • When mounting in vehicle, use brackets

Gps accessories l.jpg

GPS Accessories

  • Maps

  • Compass

  • GOTO:

    • Distance

    • Bearing

Ideal gps accessories l.jpg

Ideal GPS Accessories

  • Extra AA batteries

  • Case ($14.00)*

holds cables,




Make great maps l.jpg

Make Great Maps

  • Practice Collecting Good Data in the field

  • Pass onto others only important stuff

  • Make your data secure

Future firefighters l.jpg

Future Firefighters

Summary l.jpg


  • Importance of Datums

  • How error free are you?

  • By managing error you can beat the odds

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