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Panama Rainforest Trip Summer 2002. By: Fran Zak Pascack Valley HS Panama . San Blas. B.C.I. Gamboa. Canopy Tower. Canal. Here’s Panama!. Typical Road Signs. Capybara Crossing. Barro Colorado Island (B.C.I.). An isolated ecosystem

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Panama Rainforest Trip Summer 2002

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Panama rainforest trip summer 2002 l.jpg

Panama Rainforest TripSummer 2002


Fran Zak

Pascack Valley HS

Slide2 l.jpg

Panama 

Slide3 l.jpg

San Blas



Canopy Tower


Here s panama l.jpg

Here’s Panama!

Typical road signs l.jpg

Typical Road Signs

Capybara Crossing

Barro colorado island b c i l.jpg

Barro Colorado Island (B.C.I.)

  • An isolated ecosystem

  • Surrounded by the Panama Canal

  • Only accessible to research scientists

  • 2 nights in “dorms”

  • The animals are protected against poachers

Sights on b c i l.jpg

Sights on B.C.I.

The trails l.jpg

The Trails

The big tree l.jpg

The Big Tree

Tarzan would have loved the vines l.jpg

Tarzan Would Have Loved the Vines!

When not hiking here s how we got around l.jpg

When Not Hiking, Here’s How We Got Around

Our accommodations l.jpg

Our Accommodations

B.C.I-2 Nights

Canopy Tower-3 Nights

Gamboa-3 Nights

San Blas-1 Night

What s a sloth l.jpg

What’s A Sloth?

Slide14 l.jpg


Look up in this hollow tree

to see hundreds of bats!

Other rainforest animals l.jpg

Other Rainforest Animals

Termite Trails

Still more animals l.jpg

Still More Animals!

This is a tiny frog in the palm of Greg’s hand

Tree frogs l.jpg

Tree Frogs

Tree Frog Eggs

They caught and tagged an ocelot l.jpg

They Caught and Tagged an Ocelot

Radio towers will track his travels l.jpg

Radio Towers will Track His Travels

The panama canal l.jpg

The Panama Canal

Visiting the natives l.jpg

Visiting the Natives

Learning their customs l.jpg

Learning Their Customs

Indian life l.jpg

Indian Life


Indian crafts l.jpg

Indian Crafts

The airport to the islands l.jpg

The Airport to the Islands

Snorkeling around the islands l.jpg

Snorkeling Around the Islands

The dolphin lodge hotel l.jpg

The Dolphin Lodge Hotel

Our hotel on the islands l.jpg

Our Hotel on the Islands

  • Hotel had no refrigerator

  • Electricity goes out at 9 pm

  • Bathroom light was a kerosene lamp

  • No A.C.,no screens on windows

  • Gorgeous view of ocean surrounding the island

Our island hotel l.jpg

Our Island Hotel

Canopy tower l.jpg

Canopy Tower

A converted radar tower is now a beautiful hotel

Magnificent ending to a spectacular trip l.jpg

Magnificent Ending to a Spectacular Trip

Thank l.jpg



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