MSU-Billings Masters Athletic Training Education Program

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MSU-Billings Masters Athletic Training Education Program

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1. MSU-Billings Masters Athletic Training Education Program (ATEP) Tayna Flanagan MS Ed, ATC, CSCS Program Director

2. Frontier Conference Volleyball Tournament November 2007 – held at RMC – provided additional Athletic Training coverage to the teams and tournament  Provided “Care Bags” with info about Billings Places to eat Entertainment for families Bags donated by KOA and info by Rimrock Mall information booth

3. ASMSU-B: Jacket Athletic Training Organization (JATO) January 2008 – student organization was created for Athletic Training students  Has the opportunity for community involvement as well as alumni President: Liz Flom Vice President: Dave Allred

4. Day of Dance – JATO Project February 23rd, 2008 – held at Rimrock Mall St. V’s Healthcare and the Spirit of Women For Cardiovascular Health Educated public about simple ways to achieve cardiovascular health Provided handout with simple exercises Provided map of walking trails in Billings area

5. Clothes & Food Drive - JATO Project May 2008 Finals week Collected 2-3 loads of food for food bank 4-5 car loads of clothes for local shelter

6. Fall Enrollment: 2008-2009 2nd Year Students 1.  Jyae Hur, South Korea 2. Jene Reinhardt, Broadview, MT 3. Linda Givens, Big Sandy, MT 4. Dave Allred, Idaho 5. Kyra Hofeld, Idaho 6. Liz Flom, Oregon 7. Stacey McIntyre, Alaska 8. Courtney Krueger, Wisconsin 1st Year Students 1. Amar Sutrawe, India 2.  Courtney Warren, Nevada 3.  Elizabeth Price, Washington 4.  Amanda Barrett, Minnesota 5.  Jeff Luebbe, Nebraska

7. Professional Internships Jyae Hur - Chicago Cubs Farm team in Phoenix, and Boise, ID baseball teams Kyra Hofeld - Cincinnati Reds Farm team with our own Billings Mustangs Dave Allred - Billings Outlaws spring-summer Chris Cornish - Billings Outlaws February – beginning of May

8. Clinical Hours ATEP students assisted with RMC & MSU-B Fall camp 2 a-day practices.  (Aug 11-16) Football, Volleyball, Men’s and Women’s Soccer, Cross Country Aug. 18 – May: students at RMC, MSU-B, West HS, Senior HS, Skyview HS, Central HS and Laurel HS to assist with practices and learn the routine of being a Certified Athletic Trainer All sports and aspects of Athletic Training

9. Cumulative Community Exposures Each day = 800-900 students + coaches + administrators + parents 5-6 days a week August – May

10. Certification Passing Rate 3 students took National Exam 2 passed on first try (66%) National average passing rate for 1st time test takers is 35% All 3 students have passed Waiting for other 2 students to take exam

11. Student Placement Chris Cornish (England): Professional Soccer team in Texas - mid May Ann Wittkopp (Montana): has a job in New York Takehisa Wada (Japan): Professional Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy: Queens, New York Yu-Chia Lo (Taiwan): has a job in Cleveland, Tennessee Eonho Kim (South Korea): pursuing PhD in Oklahoma

12. Research Injury rates when comparing artificial turf against grass – severity and occurrence rates (Dave Allred) Pending: Use rates of performance enhancement supplementation (Linda Givens) Pending:  Effects of dehydration and cognitive performance using the ImPact Concussion testing system (Liz Flom) Pending:  Nutrition and ACL rates (Jene Reinhardt) Pending:  Electrical Stimulation – decrease recovery time and increase performance (Courtney Warren) Pending: Effects of caffeine on peak anaerobic output (Courtney Krueger)

13. Continuing Education for Community Certified Athletic Trainers Hosted Approved Clinical Instructor Training August 4th at 6 p.m. Purpose: Train Clinical Site instructors for proper paperwork and supervision regulations for ATEP students Provides CEU opportunities for local ATCs

14. Carpe Diem!

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