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DataTAG-WP4 meeting 8 October 2002. CMS report from FNAL demo week Marco Verlato (INFN-Padova). iVDGL/DataTAG Demo Week at FNAL. Demos: IST2002 4-6 November, Copenhagen SC2002 16-22 November, Baltimore Goals: Basic collaboration between European and US grid projects

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Cms report from fnal demo week marco verlato infn padova l.jpg

DataTAG-WP4 meeting

8 October 2002

CMS report from FNAL demo week

Marco Verlato (INFN-Padova)

Ivdgl datatag demo week at fnal l.jpg
iVDGL/DataTAG Demo Week at FNAL


IST2002 4-6 November, Copenhagen

SC2002 16-22 November, Baltimore


  • Basic collaboration between European and US grid projects

  • Interoperability between grid domains for applications submitted by users from different virtual organizations

  • Controlled use of shared resources subject to agreed policy

  • Integrated use of heterogeneous resources from iVDGL and EDG testbed domains

Cms specific interoperability l.jpg

Master Site FNAL


UFL VDT Server












CMS specific interoperability

…add US & EU sites









From us to eu testbed l.jpg
From US to EU testbed

  • DOESG certificates should be adopted by MOP master

  • CMS software DAR installation needed on SE close to CE (and NFS mounted)

  • MOP worker site configuration file to be sent to MOP master:

(1-1) Stage-in/out jobmanger (SE) or (CE)

(1-2) GLOBUS_LOCATION=/opt/globus

(1-3) Shared directory for mop files: /shared/cms/MOP (on SE and NFS exported to CE)

(2-1) Run jobmanager:

(2-2) location of CMS DAR installation: /shared/cms/MOP/DAR,

(3-1) GDMP install directory = /opt/edg

(3-2) GDMP flat file directory = /shared/cms

(3-3) GDMP Objectivity file directory (not needed for CMSIM production)

(4-1) GDMP job manager:

From eu to us testbed l.jpg
From EU to US testbed

  • VDT server acts as CE and SE in the same time

  • VDT client installation required on batch worker nodes (WN’s)

  • EDG certificates accepted by VDT servers (CE’s/SE’s) and clients (WN’s)

  • CMS software EDG-1.2 rpm’s installed on VDT clients (WN’s)

  • EDG Information Providers need to be installed on VDT server to be seen from RB

  • Some additional data management EDG-1.2 tools, not included in VDT server/client packages, need to be installed to be able to use IMPALA_EDG as we do in EDT-CMS testbed:

    • edg-compiler, classads, edg-replica-manager, BrokerInfo rpm’s

    • some missing libglobus*dbg shared libraries

  • Some modifications required to IMPALA_EDG to match with WN’s below private network and ldapsearch versions

First results l.jpg
First results

  • Successful MOP submission from FNAL to EDG-CE/SE at PD (some minor problems for gdmp publication job)

  • Successful IMPALA_EDG submission from EDG-UI at PD to VDT server at UFL (direct submission, no RB matchmaking) with output files registered to CMS Replica Catalogue

  • CMS+EDG sw pacman-ized for US sites and rpm-ized for EU sites

  • WEB pages set up with instructions and links to packages for preparing a site for demos

  • Fruitful collaboration with CMS-US contacts (Anzar A. and Jorge R.)

  • Daily phone meetings scheduled for keeping updated and plan further steps

Next steps l.jpg
Next steps

  • Register VDT machines to II just set up for the demo

  • Testing pacman and rpm cache installations

  • Testing submission from EU to US+EU testbeds fully exploitingEDG-RB matchmaking capabilities

  • Testing interoperability among different VO’s (submitting ATLAS jobs to CMS testbed and vice versa)

  • Add more EU and US sites to demo testbed

  • Finalize CMS-GENIUS interface to IMPALA_EDG:

    • Work going in parallel with IMPALA_EDG refinements

    • Implementing job tracking visualization through BOSS queries