Building Laboratory Quality Systems:  A Route to Reliable Laboratory Data

Building Laboratory Quality Systems: A Route to Reliable Laboratory Data PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Workgroup Sessions. Cambodian workgroups: Group 1

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Building Laboratory Quality Systems: A Route to Reliable Laboratory Data

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1. Building Laboratory Quality Systems: A Route to Reliable Laboratory Data

2. Workgroup Sessions Cambodian workgroups: Group 1 – Group 6 Each workgroup has a facilitator and a workshop faculty member One workgroup of observers – Vietnam, Thailand, and China

3. Workgroup 1 Facilitator: Sok Khim Chap Seak Chhay Muth Sinuon Hou Serey Witchouck Ty Sokhantey Sok Sitha Seang Narin Tim Kosal Chhay Tich Ea Channimol Keam Pisethavy Chan Krisna Aing Kim Hour Sabine Heinrich Carlyn Collins

4. Workgroup 2 Facilitator: Mom Chandara Nong Kanara Kao Chheng Lang Has Mom Chandara Minh Sovuthy Nuon Seng Sea Sok Meang Chheang Vanna Chan Vibol Yim Chanthan San Savath Soun Mon Eap Mealea Petra Mattke Bob Martin

5. Workgroup 3 Facilitator: Koung Lo Buth Sokhal Pean Poledy Ngo Sitthy Heang Narin Ny Botith Keo Sok Ky Khen Hong Khieng Khemrin Hem Sareth Chhay Kim Chhom Heng Narin Ky Kien Hong John Ridderhof

6. Workgroup 4 Facilitator: Kit Vansith Mao Sarim Badri Chani Ros Sareth Young Ay Chhun Huor Khat Sokeum Aing Kim Hour Nuon Phoeur Plong Thom Dy Sok Vatha Sok Vantha Minh Sovathy Robyn Devenish

7. Workgroup 5 Facilitator: Simoth Denna Ly Penhsun Tun Chhor Vivann Meas Chea Ty Kimhour Bang Em Tha Bunthak Khun Sokmarin Hean Kimseat Ung Prahors Hok Kim Cheng Pok Sok Mary Ralph Timperi

8. Workgroup 6 Facilitator: C. Sokheng Lok Bunthay Vong Yok Ly Nhem Somary Yim Sambath Ou Khy Lay Lut Mardy Kann Reun An Sophat Kong Chhunly Teav Syna Ly Sovann So Cadette Sarin Eng Liz Dax

9. Observer Workgroup Vietnam Thailand China Please choose a group facilitator

10. How To Develop a Plan Gathering information What is quality of laboratory testing in Cambodia? What problems might prevent implementing a quality system? What are the current strengths that can be built on (what’s good, what’s bad)?

11. How to Develop a Plan Getting Support Is a national system important and how do you tell others? How do you get support from national and local leadership?

12. How to Develop a Plan Communications How do you get people involved (national and local)? Laboratory staff Customers

13. How to Develop a Plan Assessment of Laboratory Have assessments been conducted and what are results? How would you get more information if you need it? What quality system essentials are already being addressed?

14. How to Develop a Plan Authorities and Responsibilities Who will have overall responsibility for planning and implementation? Who has authority for laboratory policy (national and local)? Are there laws or regulations that address laboratory practices?

15. How to Develop a Plan Measuring Success Is the plan working? How would you know?

16. Scheme for Group Work

17. Observer Workgroup Discuss all six topics Participate in discussions following the Cambodian presentations

18. Making the Plan Identify and include stakeholders (who are your customers) Establish goals and objectives Identify activities Determine resource needs Assign responsibility Develop a timeline Develop mechanism for evaluation, monitoring and continuous improvement.

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