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Beautiful Butterflies! Life Cycle Caterpillar Facts Click on a picture to learn more about the person. Click on the home button to return back to this page. Use the arrows to move forward and backward in the presentation. Body Parts Kinds of Butterflies The Egg The Larva Life Cycle

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Beautiful Butterflies!

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Life Cycle


Click on a picture to learn more about the person. Click on the home button to return back to this page. Use the arrows to move forward and backward in the presentation.

Body Parts

Kinds of Butterflies

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The Egg

The Larva

Life Cycle

The Adult

The Pupa

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The Egg

The egg is white. The egg is small and it is soft. Eggs are laid on a plant it likes to eat.- Isaiah

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The Larva

The larva’s head is small. The larva eats the yolk inside the egg. The caterpillars have true legs and use mandibles to eat. They have sucker feet.-Jahiem

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The Pupa

The pupa is surrounded by the chrysalis. A pupa grows into a butterfly. A pupa goes through a change called metamorphosis.-Chris

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The Adult

The butterfly pushes through the chrysalis. At first its wings are wet and weak. The butterfly pumps liquid into the wings. The butterfly wings grow bigger and stronger. -Janyla

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ButterflyBody Parts

Legs & Feet


Body & Wings

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Compound eyes see color and patterns on flowers. Compound eyes are made up of many lenses.-Zolynn

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Legs and Feet

Butterflies have six legs. Butterflies have legs to walk. Their feet are sticky.-Merrisses

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Body and Wings

The thorax supports the butterfly’s wings. The antennae are for balancing and smelling. The abdomen holds organs that help a butterfly digest its food.-Cal

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Caterpillar Facts

When a caterpillar comes out of its shell it eats a leaf right away. Caterpillars are good for birds to eat. A caterpillar’s old skin comes off about six times. Then it turns into a cocoon.-Winnie

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Caterpillar Facts

A caterpillar eats a lot of leaves to grow big. A caterpillar can confuse their predators like a bird or other animal. The caterpillar molts its skin.-Taylor

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Caterpillar Facts

The old skin comes off the caterpillar and it grows new skin. A caterpillar can shed six times before it’s a cocoon. It will be a butterfly when it is an adult. -Cinnamon

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Caterpillar Facts

A caterpillar hatches in a week or so. Caterpillars are good food for a bird. Caterpillars spin silk from their mouth.-Jordan

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Kinds of Butterflies



Black-Veined White


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Morphos Butterfly

The morphos live in the rainforest. The word for butterfly in Poland is motyl.-Keegan

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The spots on the buckeye look like deer eyes. -Amelia

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Black-Veined White

The black-veined whites are called cho-cho in Japan. This cho-cho’s wings look like someone made an outline with a black pen and then colored it in with white paint. -Daniel

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You can tell the schmetterlings apart because their color is different. Each motyl has a unique wing design. -Matthew & Zach

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