A Career in New York State

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Start working for an Appraisal Firm. After 2 Years, submit experience ... Call Us Today To Start Your Career. Appraisal Education Network School. Merrell Institute ...

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A Career in New York State

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Slide 1:A Career in New York State

Are you ready for Success? Appraisal…… Home Inspection…… Real Estate…… Appraisal Education Network School

Slide 2:Appraisal in New York State

Requires 90 Hour of Approved Education You then file as a Licensed Assistant Start working for an Appraisal Firm After 2 Years, submit experience and pass the state mandated test Earn your Full License as An Appraiser Continuing is required 28 hours every 2 years Including 7 Hour USPAP Update www.merrellinstitute.com for more info!

Slide 3:Home Inspection in New York State

100 Hours of Classroom Education 40 Hours of Field Experience Pass the State Exam Obtain General Liability Insurance File for a License as a Home Inspector Unlike other licenses, no seasoning of Years is required. The regs above are the Main items necessary to obtain a license in New York State

Slide 4:Real Estate Sales

45 Hour Program plus examination Regulations changing shortly so… Taking and becoming licensed now will Grandfather you ! You must have a Broker Sponsor You must pass the State Exam Many have found this career rewarding !


Ready for A Full Time/Part Time Career? Real Estate Sales……. Real Estate Appraisal…….. Home Inspection…….. Are you really ready for the potential of Success in a new and exciting career?

Slide 6:Call Us Today To Start Your Career

Appraisal Education Network School Merrell Institute 1461-16 Lakeland Avenue Bohemia, NY 11716 631-563-7720 Fax: 631-563-7719 [email protected] www.merrellinstitute.com www.appraisaltraining.com

Slide 7:Is a Career Really For You?

Are You Ready To Learn More? Call us for a Free Brochure 631-563-7720

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