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Network Marketing. Affiliate Software. 5/6/09. Your solutions partner. 29 ... Network Marketing. It is a way of distributing your products to the market ...

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Esj business solutions l.jpg

ESJ Business Solutions

Training Presentation

Your solutions partner

Agenda l.jpg

  • Welcome

  • Expectations

  • Online Environment

  • Marketing Environment

  • Affiliate Environment

  • The Products

  • Setting Goals

  • Marketing the products

Your solutions partner

Welcome l.jpg

  • Welcome to today’s training

  • We hope that this training will assist you to get more knowledge about our business in a positive manner

Your solutions partner

Expectations l.jpg

  • You must have heard about this training.

  • What were you thinking about it?

  • Telling us why you are here- will help us to concentrate on certain topics and facilitate learning

  • Tell us now why you are here

Your solutions partner

Our business l.jpg
Our business

  • ESJ Business Solutions is a South African company which operates internationally.

  • We are marketing

    • Web services

    • Software products

    • Training Products

Your solutions partner

Our purpose l.jpg
Our Purpose

  • All companies exist to make a profit.

  • This company exist to provide affordable products and income opportunities to small companies and individuals

  • We exist because

    • Many people are unemployed

    • Still many people aren’t earning enough to do many things

    • Social and charity organizations need money

    • Little use of online technology

Your solutions partner

Today s situation l.jpg
Today’s Situation

  • Little opportunities

  • Lots of unemployed people

  • Normal salary not enough to go on your dream vacation

  • Not many are educated in the finance and investment

Your online partner

Available options l.jpg
Available Options

  • Take out policies

  • Change careers

  • Save money

  • More education

  • Generate income from God-given assets

Your online partner

Online environment l.jpg

Online Environment

Your solutions partner

Online environment10 l.jpg
Online Environment

  • ESJ operates both in the online and offline environments

  • Following will facilitate of the online environment

    • The Internet & Email

    • Your Website

    • Marketing

    • Payments

Your solutions partner

Website basics l.jpg
Website basics

  • Normally, the following is associated with a website:

    • Internet Access

    • A domain or IP address

    • Hosting

    • Email

Your solutions partner

Internet access l.jpg
Internet Access

  • The internet is a network of connected PC’s.

  • You can find virtually any information on the Internet

  • Identification of devices is via IP addresses

  • To make it more human like- IP address are linked to a domain names.

  • When you type: – the network management software will check the IP address and will route it to the destination.

  • You need a user-id and password from an ISP to access the Internet or you can use an Internet Cafe

Your solutions partner

Domains l.jpg

  • When accessing a website you normally type:

  • http: stands for hypertext transfer protocol (it represents the rules by which communication take place)

  • www: stands for world wide web-which is a graphical environment to display text, pictures, movies, sound etc

  • is the actual domain

  • means that support is a sub-domain of the main domain

Your solutions partner

Hosting l.jpg

  • Hosting is a service whereby a client rents space on a web server on a monthly basis.

  • How space is measured

    • Byte: A byte consists of eight bits.

    • Kilobyte: A kilobyte (KB) consists of 1024 bytes.

    • Megabyte: A megabyte (MB) consists of 1024 kilobytes.

    • Gigabyte: A gigabyte (GB) consists of 1024 megabytes.

    • One page of text can be about 25 KB

Your solutions partner

Hosting terminology l.jpg
Hosting Terminology

  • Space

  • Bandwidth

  • Email addresses

  • FTP accounts

  • Programming support

  • Control Panel

Your solutions partner

Email terminology l.jpg
Email terminology

  • You are sending an email to [email protected]

  • Freddy is one of the usernames on the domain

  • The software will first route the message to the domain.

  • Secondly it will look for an email address named freddy and place the message inside the mailbox

  • An autoresponder is an email address which gives an automatic response when messages are send to it.

  • A mailing list is an email address which contains client addresses to send regular updates.

Your solutions partner

Recap l.jpg

  • Candidates to write down their understanding of the following terms

    • Domain

    • Bandwidth

    • Autoresponder

    • Mailing list

    • Internet Access

    • Explain what happens when sending an email to [email protected]

Your solutions partner

Marketing environment l.jpg

Marketing Environment

Your solutions partner

Marketing environment19 l.jpg
Marketing Environment

  • Marketing Orientation

    • Market segmentation

    • Marketing channels

    • Marketing communications

  • Sales Process

    • Competition

    • Customers

    • Methods

  • Promotion Techniques

    • Online Marketing

    • Offline Marketing

Your solutions partner

What is marketing l.jpg
What is marketing

  • Marketing is a process where products are exchanged to customers to satisfy their needs.

Your solutions partner

Market segmentation l.jpg
Market Segmentation

  • Segmentation has to do with identifying specific attributes to get focus.

  • Attributes can be age, social status, income etc.

  • After identifying segments- you need to position your products

Your solutions partner

Marketing channels l.jpg
Marketing channels

  • These are the methods to distribute your product to the specific segment.

    • Retailers

    • Wholesalers

    • Affiliates

  • Collaboration for advertising, discounts, point of sales displays

Your solutions partner

Marketing communications l.jpg
Marketing communications

  • Marketing Communications has to do with the messages you send to the customers which can be via adverts on television, radio and pamphlets.

  • Informing

    • Present or potential customers are being informed about a product

  • Persuading

    • Concentrate on persuading customers to buy a certain product

  • Reminding

    • To remind customers about the product benefits

Your solutions partner

Sales process l.jpg
Sales Process

  • Portray trust building attributes

  • Develop a selling strategy

  • Initiate customer relationships

  • Enhancing customer relationships

Your solutions partner

Promotional techniques l.jpg
Promotional techniques

  • Online

    • Mailing list

    • Search engine submission

    • Paid advertising

  • Offline

    • Pamphlets

    • Notice boards

    • Flyers

Your solutions partner

Recap26 l.jpg

  • You are going to sell a web hosting package to students. Explain how you would go about to:

    • Segment your market

    • Position your product

    • Develop a flyer

    • Channel to distribute your product

  • Explain how you would sell a domain to a small business

Your solutions partner

Affiliate orientation l.jpg

Affiliate Orientation

Your solutions partner

Affiliate orientation28 l.jpg
Affiliate Orientation

  • Important things to store

  • Network Marketing

  • Affiliate Software

Your solutions partner

Make note of the following l.jpg
Make note of the following

  • Your affiliate link

  • Affiliate id

  • Joining date

  • Email address

  • Support details

Your solutions partner

Network marketing l.jpg
Network Marketing

  • It is a way of distributing your products to the market

  • Usually in a form of a matrix with different levels

  • You will receive a % commission from each person in your downline

Your solutions partner

Affiliate software l.jpg
Affiliate Software

  • PostAffililiate Pro does the following

    • Provides a cookie for an affiliate link

    • View each product linking code

    • Link to recruit affiliates

    • Automatically calculate monthly commissions from your sales and downline

Your solutions partner

Recap32 l.jpg

  • Calculate the commission for each person in the following scenario:

    • Product Cost is R100

    • Level1 commission is R30

    • Level2 is R20

    • Level3 is R10

Your solutions partner

Product knowledge l.jpg

Product Knowledge

Your solutions partner

Product categories l.jpg
Product Categories

  • Personal Wealth

  • Web Services

  • Training Products

  • Software Products

Your solutions partner

Personal wealth l.jpg

Personal Wealth

Your solutions partner

Personal wealth36 l.jpg
Personal Wealth

  • To provide regular income opportunities with little or no investment

  • Joining the programme

    • As a free affiliate

    • A community affiliate

    • Network affiliate

Your solutions partner

Network marketing37 l.jpg
Network Marketing

  • Network marketing is an acceptable way to distribute your products to the customers.

  • It works on the basis that you recruit new members and earn commissions from their sales.

  • The more members in your down line – the more commission you earn.

  • ESJ has developed three programmes with different goals in mind and is also promoting other reputable programs

Your solutions partner

Free affiliate l.jpg
Free Affiliate

  • Product features

    • Absolutely free

    • Access to affiliate software

    • Access to membership site

  • Product benefits

    • No financial risk

    • No investment required

    • Great income opportunity

Your solutions partner

Community affiliate l.jpg
Community Affiliate

  • Product features

    • $35 one-time investment required

    • Membership to affiliate program

    • Access to members site

  • Product benefits

    • Guaranteed income of $1368

    • Possible income of $5000 per month

    • Opportunity to market the programme

Your solutions partner

Network affiliate l.jpg
Network Affiliate

  • Product features

    • Three options: $30, $50, $70

    • Includes a readymade website

    • Includes a domain

  • Product benefits

    • Quick way of earning money

    • Receive a regular monthly income

    • Easy way of downline commissions

Your solutions partner

Recap41 l.jpg

  • How many members do you need to recruit to break even on the network options?

  • How would you present the community option to your colleague?

  • Explain your approach to recruit an unemployed person

Your solutions partner

Web services l.jpg

Web Services

Your solutions partner

Web design l.jpg
Web Design

  • Description

    • Standard FrontPage development to advertise your business or idea

  • Product features

    • 1,3 or 6 page options

    • Free sub-domain and email address

  • Product benefits

    • Use it for advertising

    • Plenty of space for other content

Your solutions partner

Web hosting l.jpg
Web hosting

  • Description

    • Monthly or annual renting of space on a web server

  • Product features

    • Has a ControlPanel

    • 50, 100 and 200 MB, 300 and 1 GB options

  • Product benefits

    • Flexible options for different needs

    • Easy to use website builder

Your solutions partner

Combo packages l.jpg
Combo Packages

  • Description

    • Integrated packages, tailored for specific industries, with lots of freebies

  • Product features

    • Free training, autoresponder, ebooks

    • For churches, SMME’s, social organizations

  • Product benefits

    • Access to the Small Business Website

    • Integrated solution

Your solutions partner

Email services l.jpg
Email Services

  • Description

    • Easy to use services that uses an email address

  • Product features

    • POP3 email addresses

    • Email addresses, autoresponder, mailing list

  • Product benefits

    • View mail offline and online

    • Affordable for any size of small business

Your solutions partner

Domain services l.jpg
Domain Services

  • Description

    • Giving your business a name on the Internet, etc.

  • Product Features

    • South African domains

    • International domains

  • Product benefits

    • Your own identity

    • Buy separate or part of package

Your solutions partner

Design templates l.jpg
Design Templates

  • Description

    • Ready to use websites that can be customized to your liking and content

  • Product feature

    • HTML can be modified

    • Comes in packages

  • Product benefits

    • Wide choice

    • Easy customization

Your solutions partner

Recap49 l.jpg

  • Scenario

  • You encounter a customer who has a budget of R5 000 for technology

    • Tell us how you would market the web services products by indicating

      • Recommended products

      • And how the customer can use the products

Your solutions partner

Training services l.jpg

Training Services

Your solutions partner

Training services51 l.jpg
Training Services

  • HTML Training

  • IT Training

  • Web Training

  • Project Management

  • Business Management

Your solutions partner

Html training l.jpg
HTML Training

  • Description

    • Easy to follow menu enabled training with the emphasis on entry learning

  • Product features

    • Navigation structure

    • Computer literacy, Web Design, Business Training

  • Product benefits

    • Menu driven

    • Includes exercise files

Your solutions partner

It training l.jpg
IT Training

  • Description

    • Elearning certification courses to learn to become professionals

  • Product features

    • Online access for 1 year

    • A+, Network+, Server+, Security+, Technical Package

  • Product benefits

    • Evaluate yourself

    • Certification approved content

Your solutions partner

Web training l.jpg
Web Training

  • Description

    • Elearning courses to develop, publish and maintain webs sites

  • Product features

    • Online access for 1 year

    • FrontPage, DreamWeaver, CIW Webmaster

  • Product benefits

    • Evaluate yourself

    • CIW certification approved content

Your solutions partner

Project management training l.jpg
Project Management Training

  • Description

    • Elearning certification courses to learn the project management profession

  • Product features

    • Online access for 1 year

    • Project Management, PMI Certification, MS Project

  • Product benefits

    • Evaluate yourself

    • Certification approved content

Your solutions partner

Business training l.jpg
Business Training

  • Description

    • Elearning and video courses to learn important business and computing skills

  • Product features

    • Online access for 1 year

    • Essential, Business, Computing, Home Business

  • Product benefits

    • Evaluate yourself

    • Certification approved content

Your solutions partner

Recap57 l.jpg

  • Explain your understanding elearning

  • Explain your understanding of HTML learning

  • Name 3 Microsoft certification courses

  • Name 3 CompTia certification courses

  • What courses can you recommend for webmasters

  • What modules are contained in the ICDL certification package

Your solutions partner

Software products l.jpg

Software Products

Your solutions partner

Software products59 l.jpg
Software Products

  • Web Marketing

  • Electronic Books

  • WebPage Creators

  • WebMaster Centre

Your solutions partner

Web marketing l.jpg
Web Marketing

  • Description

    • Software to help you with marketing your website on the Internet

  • Product features

    • Easy to use

    • Ad Tracker, Ad Formatter, Secret Popup, Banner

  • Product benefits

    • Affordable software

    • Feature rich

Your solutions partner

Webpage creators l.jpg
WebPage Creators

  • Description

    • Software to help you to create your own web pages

  • Product features

    • Easy to use

    • Killer Minisites, SiteMaker, Headline Creators

  • Product benefits

    • Affordable software

    • Feature rich

Your solutions partner

Webmaster centre l.jpg
WebMaster Centre

  • Description

    • Software to help you to develop and manage your website

  • Product features

    • Easy to use

    • HTML, JavaScript Package, Autoresponder, Black Label

  • Product benefits

    • Affordable software

    • Feature rich

Your solutions partner

Electronic books l.jpg
Electronic Books

  • Description

    • Ebooks to help you with managing your online business

  • Product features

    • Easy to use

    • Starting an online business, Ezine Package, Affiliate Marketing, Traffic, Market your business

  • Product benefits

    • Affordable software

    • Feature rich

Your solutions partner

Recap64 l.jpg

  • Explain the benefits of ebooks

  • List 3 functions of a webmaster

Your solutions partner

Goal setting l.jpg

Goal Setting

Your solutions partner

Setting goals l.jpg
Setting goals

  • Now that you’ve learned about

    • Online environment

    • Marketing

    • Products

  • It’s time to set your goals

Your solutions partner

Goal setting67 l.jpg
Goal Setting

  • S specific

  • M measurable

  • A achievable

  • R realistic

  • T time bound

  • My goal is to make sales of more than R30 000 within 3 months

Your solutions partner

How am i going to do it l.jpg
How am I going to do it

  • My goal is to make sales of more than R30 000 within 3 months

  • Ask yourself: “How am I going to achieve it?”

    • Identify your target market

    • Document their needs

    • Identify products to serve those needs

    • Position products

    • Prepare your sales pitch

    • Sell the products

Your solutions partner

Strategies for goals l.jpg
Strategies for goals

  • Remember that some payments are once off, monthly and annual.

  • Concentrate on the recurring monthly and annual payments

  • Focus on the products which you can sell easily

  • Encourage your customers to signup on the programme

  • Recruit new members

Your solutions partner

Target marketing l.jpg

Target Marketing

Your solutions partner

Community organizations l.jpg
Community Organizations

  • Market Description

    • Religious organizations, NPO’s and NGO’s

  • Their needs

    • Membership administration, financial admin, link to other churches, management of special projects, employment opportunities, contact details of customers and suppliers, church, computer literacy, management of fundraising, Internet access for global communication

  • What we can offer them

    • Special prices for training, source software and computers, develop websites, link up internationally, create fundraising forms

  • How we should market our products

    • Church gets portion of income

    • Administration software

    • Possible employment

Your solutions partner

Small businesses l.jpg
Small Businesses

  • Market Description

    • Shops, small vendors, house businesses, offices, plazas

  • Their needs

    • Access to resources; password protection on software, Technology to assist them, payroll system, database filing system, laptop to move around, orders and receipts management, communication with customer and colleagues, to stay up to date with economy,

  • What we can offer them

    • Facilitate laptops; source software, provide computer literacy training; develop websites, signup with news and business sites, assist with business forms

  • How we should market our products

    • Link them up with related organizations

    • Promote their businesses internationally and nationally

    • Improved communication

    • Software to improve operations

    • Put business on autopilot

Your solutions partner

Individuals l.jpg

  • Market Description

    • Workers, unemployed people, families, community workers

  • Their needs

    • Improve qualifications, computer literacy for job advancements, recognized qualification, quick way of obtaining qualification, efficient way of using the computer, employment opportunities

  • What we can offer them

    • ICDL training; employment opportunity,

  • How we should market our products

    • ICDL qualification is accepted internationally

    • Various affordable training options

Your solutions partner

Professionals market l.jpg
Professionals Market

  • Market Description

    • Consist of doctors, educators, lawyers, dentists, social workers etc

  • Their needs

    • Business and appointment cards, Communicate effectively with clients; stay informed with colleagues

    • use of technology to simplify operations and flexibility,

    • Stock control system, ability for specials, research purposes

  • What we can offer them

    • Sell computers; provide training; develop websites, link to research sites, source software, assist with business forms

  • How we should market our products

    • Make appointments

    • Promote their practices for more exposure

    • Improved communication, even internationally

Your solutions partner

Last recap l.jpg
Last recap

  • Explain how you market the 4 level downline product to your colleague from work.

Your solutions partner

Company support l.jpg

Company Support

Your solutions partner

Email support l.jpg
Email Support

  • Email Address

    • [email protected]

  • Purpose

    • All your personal queries pertaining to the affiliate program

    • This can be done at any time during the day

Your solutions partner

Online support l.jpg
Online Support

  • We provide access to our Membership Website

  • Purpose

    • To give our affiliates as much information as possible to succeed

  • What is included

    • Online Orientation

    • Business Environment

    • Product Knowledge

    • Printable Affiliate Package

    • Free Courses

Your solutions partner

Small business support l.jpg
Small Business Support

  • We provide access to a small business website.

  • Purpose

    • To improve your knowledge about the general aspects of setting up and managing a business.

    • To be a reference guide when starting your own business

Your solutions partner

Discussion support l.jpg
Discussion Support

  • We provide an online discussion forum to talk to other affiliates about anything relating to our business

  • Purpose

    • To provide a way to learn from one another

Your solutions partner

Offline support l.jpg
Offline Support

  • SiteSell

    • We provide access to affiliate documents from SiteSell because they have excellent support for their products

  • What is available

    • Affiliate Handbook

    • Netwriting Course

    • Webmaster Business Course

    • Offline Sales Kit

    • Service Seller Course

    • Other Promotional Material

Your solutions partner

Thank you l.jpg
Thank you

  • Thank you for the presentation opportunity

  • Thank you for listening

  • Thank you for participating

  • Any questions before you signup?

    Take action now and signup:

Your solutions partner