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PowerPoint. This presentation is a completed sample project that you can use as a help guide to create your own PowerPoint presentation. Once you have created your presentation, please name it, save it and send it to: [email protected] Have fun!!!. What is Power Point.

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Powerpoint l.jpg

This presentation is a completed sample project that you can use as a help guide to create your own PowerPoint presentation.

Once you have created your presentation, please name it, save it and send it to:

[email protected]

Have fun!!!

What is power point l.jpg

What is Power Point

Power Point is one of the easiest word processing programs that allows you to create outstanding documents.

Power Point is a presentation program that produces exciting presentations that can include:clipart...pictures...movies...sounds...

Understanding toolbars l.jpg
Understanding Toolbars

Select View and look at the toolbars......

  • Standard

  • Formatting

  • Drawing

Standard toolbar l.jpg
Standard Toolbar

New-Open-Save-Print-Spell Check-Cut-Copy-Paste

Format Painter-Undo Typing-Can’t Redo-Hyperlink

Web Toolbar-Table-Spreadsheet-Chart-ClipArt

New Slide-Layout-Design-B&W-Zoom-Help

Drawing toolbar l.jpg
Drawing Toolbar


Move the object several ways

Auto Shape

Stars and Banners


Word Art

Text Box

Formatting toolbar l.jpg
Formatting Toolbar

  • Left Justify

  • Center

  • Right Justify

  • Bullets

  • Increase

  • Tahoma - Font

  • 32 - size

  • Bold

  • Italics

  • Underline

  • Shadow

Let s get started and make our first slide l.jpg
Let’s get started and make our first slide.

  • Go to File and select New

  • Select blank and then select the slide that has the title text box and a text box.

Beech grove city schools technology program l.jpg

Beech Grove City SchoolsTechnology Program

2003 - 2004

Technology department l.jpg
Technology Department

We are working on our PowerPoint presentation!

Mr. Wagoner

Creating text boxes l.jpg
Creating Text Boxes

  • To add independent text boxes:

    • In Slide view, click the Text box on the Drawing toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

    • Click and drag across to create the box, or click once and the box will expand as you type.

  • To add Auto Shape test areas:

    • Click on the Auto Shapes button on the Drawing toolbar.

    • Select a shape from the menu that appears.

    • Click and Drag to create the shape.

Drawing shapes on slides l.jpg
Drawing Shapes on Slides

  • Lines and Arrows:

    • From the Drawing toolbar, click the Line or Arrow button.

    • Drag the mouse pointer to draw the line or arrow

  • Shapes:

    • Use the Auto Shape drop down menu to select a shape to draw. Click once where you want a sample shape to be drawn.

    • Click and drag to draw the shape on your slide.

Different backgrounds and color schemes l.jpg
Different Backgrounds and Color Schemes

  • To change the background and color scheme of a slide select Format>Background>select a new color.

  • You can apply the new color to a single slide or “All” slides.

Different backgrounds l.jpg
Different Backgrounds

  • Another way to select a different background is to select Format>Background>Select the black drop down arrow>Fill effects>select the tab you want to use…Gradient…Texture…Pattern

  • You can apply the new look to a single slide or Apply to All.

Adding builds and transitions l.jpg
Adding Builds and Transitions

  • Go to View then slide sorter view

  • Go to SlideShow, select slide transition

  • Apply to selected slides

  • Modify transition … Advance slide

  • Go to tools and select build

  • Build....Dim.....effect.

  • View slide show

Running your slide show l.jpg
Running Your Slide Show

  • Select Slide Show then View Slide

Printing your slides l.jpg
Printing Your Slides

  • Select File>Print>Print What>Slides…Handouts…Note Pages…Outline View

Saving your presentation l.jpg
Saving Your Presentation

  • Go to File and choose Save As

  • Choose the folder where you would like to store the presentation (i.e. A:drive)

  • Click in the File Name box and type the name

  • Click Save