NSDI: State of Play

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Country: Austria. G.Schennach. NSDI: State of Play. Content. Core data ... Country: Austria. G.Schennach. NSDI: State of Play. User expectations and benefit ...

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NSDI: State of Play

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1. NSDI: State of Play

NSDI is considered to be an issue of all players Foundation BEV NMA since 1925, AGEO 1998, plattform for GI, discussion forum for gov institutions not established Standards not really existing, market demands regulate it, will be regulated by egovernment initiative Legal framework partial, no central law for NSDI up to now, federal states internal regulations also for private sector Funding public funding favorized, special funding by gov Roles and responsibilities co-ordinated by federal agency, involvement of provincial governments and communities, PPP Intellectual property rights and pricing in discussion between public institutions due to funding questions Educational aspects none, curricula slightly adapted, will be discussed within AGEO Country: Austria G.Schennach

2. NSDI: State of Play

Content Core data all data created on public interest or by law (land information, topographic maps, addresses, environment e.a.) Other data orthophotos partly, hydrographic data partly, planning, addresses, provided not for the entire country, depends on gov of federal states Semantic interoperability more or less market regulated Data documentation partly regulated, strict regulations for land information, for other applications missing, MDS in planning by AGEO covering all p+ participants Country: Austria G.Schennach

3. NSDI: State of Play

Access to information Discovery services metadata for special data on provincial level and federal level, metadata complete for land registration MDS by AGEO to be developed Data access and geoprocessing services data access partly regulated by laws or by-laws, services provided to the public, only few restrictions on private data Country: Austria G.Schennach

4. NSDI: State of Play

User expectations and benefit – objectives of the infrastructure Driving applications spatial planning, emergency services (bringing funds) eGovernment, eEurope implemeneted at the moment, proceeding well for all administrative items Exploitation of public information as far as possible included in the initiative, competence within the federal agencies has to be clarified. Especially political decisions to be taken on pricing policy of public agencies. existing I(ndividual)SDI have to be merged Country: Austria G.Schennach

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