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“Futures & Options Give You a Powerful Trading Advantage in the Booming Commodity Markets” Victor Adair Senior Vice President / Derivatives Portfolio Manager MF Global Canada Co . Calgary Resource Investment Conference April 12 & 13, 2008. Program Outline.

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Calgary Resource Investment Conference April 12 & 13, 2008.

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Presentation Transcript

Calgary resource investment conference april 12 13 2008 l.jpg

“Futures & Options Give You a Powerful Trading Advantage in the Booming Commodity Markets”Victor AdairSenior Vice President / Derivatives Portfolio ManagerMF Global Canada Co.

Calgary Resource Investment Conference

April 12 & 13, 2008.

Program outline l.jpg

Program Outline

  • About MF Global – World’s leading broker in exchange traded futures and options

  • My Macro Market Opinions

  • Why I like to trade Futures and Options

  • How I trade / manage risk

  • Markets I am watching now

  • Questions

Disclaimer l.jpg


  • This presentation is for information purposes only

  • Trading derivatives (futures, options, forex) involves risk of loss

  • Investments can go up as well as down and involve the risk of loss

  • Past performance will not necessarily be repeated in the future

  • MF Global Canada Co. is a member of the:

    • Investment Dealers Association

    • Canadian Investor Protection Fund

    • Toronto Stock Exchange

    • Montreal Exchange

    • Winnipeg Commodity Exchange

Mf global ltd formerly man financial l.jpg

MF Global Ltd. – formerly Man Financial

  • World’s leading broker in exchange listed futures & options

  • 130,000 active accounts: financial institutions, industrial groups, hedge funds, asset managers, professional traders, private clients

  • Operates in 12 countries on more that 70 exchanges: 3,200+ employees

  • Daily average volume of 8 million lots, more than most of the world’s largest derivatives exchanges

  • NYSE listed: MF

Mf global canada co l.jpg

MF Global Canada Co.

  • Leading Canadian futures & options broker

  • Full service futures & options, stocks & bonds, foreign exchange

  • Online futures & FX trading platforms



  • Vancouver, Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Toronto, Markham, Montreal

Macro market opinions l.jpg

Macro Market Opinions


Credit Boom = Asset Boom + High Risk Tolerance

  • Many years of low interest rates / easy money

  • Moral hazard

  • Reaching for yield / don’t want to be left behind

  • Borrowers and Lenders - pushing the envelope on risk

  • NOW

  • Lenders: less willing or able to lend

  • Borrowers: less willing or able to borrow

Macro market opinions cont l.jpg

Macro Market Opinions – (cont.)

Commodities: A Demand Driven Bull Market

  • Common cause: rapid demand growth / supply shortages

  • China changed everything

  • Dr. Michael Berry – Quality of Life Cycle

    Commodities as an Asset Class

  • “Funds” are in the commodity markets like never before

  • Record open Interest and Volume in exchange traded futures

    Will Commodity Bull Market Continue? Yes, but with Wild Volatility!

Macro market opinions cont8 l.jpg

Macro Market Opinions – (cont.)

  • Inflation / Deflation?

  • US credit crisis induced slowdown = deflationary

  • Monetary action = inflationary

  • Credit tightness = deflationary

  • Fiscal action = bigger budget deficits = inflationary

  • Rising food/fuel prices = consumers squeezed =deflationary

  • Demographic trends in West = deflationary

  • US, UK, CAD easing = inflationary

  • ECB, China steady/tighter = deflationary

  • De-coupling? Will the “Rest of the World” continue to grow if USA goes into a real recession? No = deflationary.

Macro market opinions cont9 l.jpg

Macro Market Opinions (Cont.)

  • We are all currency speculators now:

  • 6 years of US$ weakness = 6 years of commodity market gains

  • Currency trends overshoot + then make “V” shaped turns

  • Current dramatic differences between ECB + Fed policies may precipitate the end of the Euro rally

  • Short term Bullish/Bearish Mood (Risk Appetite) in financial markets is determined by the question: Is the credit crisis over?

Why i like to trade futures and option contracts l.jpg

Why I Like To Trade Futures and Option Contracts

  • Mike Campbell interviewed Jim Rogers on Moneytalks Radio in October 2003

  • Jim said, “The best way to trade commodities is with futures contracts. But most retail traders use way too much leverage.”

  • Following that interview I wrote “Five Reasons Why Futures Contracts Give You a Powerful Advantage” posted on:

Why i like to trade futures and options contracts cont l.jpg

Why I Like to Trade Futures and Options Contracts – (cont.)

  • Efficient

  • Transparent

  • Pure Play

  • Variety

  • Leverage

  • Easy to go short, open 24 hours, regulated market

What is a futures contract l.jpg

What is a Futures Contract?

  • Specified unit of trade with an expiry date

  • Example: June 2008 Gold Futures Contract

  • 100 troy ounces / specified quality and delivery location

  • First Notice day: May 30, 2008

  • Value of the contract at $900 oz = $90,000

  • Minimum initial performance bond, approx. $4,000

  • Leverage = 22:1

How i trade l.jpg

How I trade

  • I develop Global macro opinions

  • I may be100% in cash or up to 4x leverage

  • I read a lot of different research – – to form my opinions

  • I’m not a day trader but I watch the markets all day

  • Opinions – necessary (you have to have the courage of your convictions) and dangerous (you have to give up quickly when proven wrong)

  • I try to anticipate a trade before it is time to make the trade – then I’m ready when its time to pull the trigger

  • I need a technical confirmation that my opinion may be right before I execute

How i trade cont l.jpg

How I trade – (cont.)

  • I trade like a mercenary – (Dennis Gartman) when markets change I change

  • I challenge consensus – “what if” the popular idea is wrong, has run its course?

  • I try to judge the mass psychology – who has a weak / strong position in the market?

  • Changing psychology – not math – moves markets

  • All markets are spreads – try to think like a spread trader – what is X worth relative to Y?

  • Markets are inter-related – but relationships change

  • Options: Current I.V. relative to history - Use alone or in combination with futures

Managing risk l.jpg

Managing Risk

  • I know practically nothing and cannot predict the future

  • Most likely risk: my opinion is wrong

  • Anything can happen

  • Patience – sitting in cash is OK

  • Add to winners, never add to losers

  • I know where I will get out (if I’m wrong) before I get in

  • Write down my reasons

Managing risk cont l.jpg

Managing Risk – (cont.)

  • Max loss 1% – 2% per trade / use low leverage

  • Accept that most of my trades may lose money

  • No big losses, occasional big wins

  • Relationships between markets change, but markets always influence one another

  • Be aware of my prejudices – foundation of all opinions

  • See 22 Trading Rules –

Yield on us 30 year treasury falling ir boost asset prices l.jpg

Yield on US 30 year Treasury (falling IR boost asset prices)

Dow jones falling ir boost asset prices l.jpg

Dow Jones (falling IR boost asset prices)

Us dollar index not always a bear market l.jpg

US Dollar Index – not always a bear market!

Commodity index 6 years of a bear market in us 6 years of a bull market in commodities l.jpg

Commodity Index: 6 years of a bear market in US$ = 6 years of a bull market in commodities

Commodity index vs us dollar index l.jpg

Commodity Index Vs. US Dollar Index

Gold now that s been a heck of a bull market l.jpg

Gold: Now that’s been a heck of a Bull Market!

Crude oil another fabulous bull market l.jpg

Crude Oil: another fabulous Bull Market!

Euro currency vs us endgame approaching l.jpg

Euro Currency Vs. US$ : Endgame approaching?

Us dollar index psychology is extremely negative time for a turn l.jpg

US Dollar Index: Psychology is extremely negative. Time for a turn?

Euro vs british pound could be the canary in the coalmine for a turn higher in the us l.jpg

Euro Vs. British Pound: Could be the “Canary in the Coalmine” for a turn higher in the US$

Slide27 l.jpg

Euro Vs. Japanese Yen: Risk thermometer, week to week ups and downs very similar to ups and downs of G7 stock markets

Slide28 l.jpg

New Zealand Dollar Vs. Japanese Yen: another risk therometer, look at the break in the summer of 2007 – another canary?

Canadian dollar vs us dollar match this with a commodity index chart overdone at 110 00 l.jpg

Canadian Dollar Vs. US Dollar: match this with a commodity index chart – overdone at 110.00

Canadian dollar and commodity index l.jpg

Canadian Dollar and Commodity Index

Slide31 l.jpg

Shorter term Gold: a rally up through $950 resumes the major up-trend. If $950 is resistance look for new correction lows

Slide32 l.jpg

Gold Reciprocal – are we pre-programmed to see bull markets? If this becomes a bull market then gold is falling in price

Gold crude oil all markets are spreads what is x worth in terms of y l.jpg

Gold / Crude Oil: all markets are spreads. What is X worth in terms of Y?

Gold s p 500 another spread l.jpg

Gold / S+P 500 – another spread

Copper does copper have a phd in economics a rally through 4 would be pretty impressive l.jpg

Copper: Does copper have a Phd in economics? A rally through $4 would be pretty impressive

Platinum power shortages at s african mines drive prices higher in a market with low inventories l.jpg

Platinum – Power shortages at S. African mines drive prices higher in a market with low inventories

Slide37 l.jpg

Crude Oil – Are “Investors” piling into the energy markets? Has rising global demand been cause for more than doubling prices in 15 months?

New york gasoline another commodity at all time highs l.jpg

New York Gasoline: another commodity at all time highs

Minn hard red spring wheat supply shortages volatility dis connect with cash markets l.jpg

Minn (Hard Red Spring) Wheat – supply shortages, volatility, dis-connect with cash markets

Corn global demand for better food ethanol funds new all time high prices l.jpg

Corn: global demand for better food, ethanol, funds, new all time high prices

Rice food riots hoarding front page news can a top be far away l.jpg

Rice: food riots, hoarding, front page news, can a top be far away?

Deere company another way to play the agricultural boom l.jpg

Deere & Company: Another way to play the Agricultural boom

Potash corp of saskatchewan wow l.jpg

Potash Corp of Saskatchewan: WOW!!

Us bonds vs s p 500 bonds catch a bid as stocks fall the classic flight to safety l.jpg

US bonds Vs. S+P 500: Bonds catch a bid as stocks fall – the classic flight to safety

Slide45 l.jpg

Philly Bank Share Index: started to fall from all time highs before the “credit crisis” became front page news

Slide46 l.jpg

Philly Housing Sector Index: Could this be showing signs of bottoming in the face of relentless bearish news from the housing sector?

Starbucks is the consumer cutting back on non essentials l.jpg

Starbucks: Is the consumer cutting back on non-essentials?

Vix cboe volatility index l.jpg

Vix – CBOE Volatility Index

Chicago mercantile exchange it has been a tripple play on rising stocks commodities and exchanges l.jpg

Chicago Mercantile Exchange: it has been a “tripple play” on rising stocks, commodities and exchanges

Summary l.jpg


  • MF Global is the world’s leading broker of exchange traded futures and options

  • The Credit Boom produced an Asset Boom + a great Appetite for Risk.

  • Futures markets give you a Powerful Trading Advantage

  • Opinions are necessary – and dangerous

  • How I trade / manage risks

  • There are great trading opportunities in a number of markets

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