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Activity 3 Definition of sustainable development Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Is EIA always reliable? Activity 4 City forum Summary

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Activity 3 Definition of sustainable development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Disneyland development: Benefit or loss. Activities 3 and 4. Click the links below to access the slides:. Activity 3 Definition of sustainable development Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Is EIA always reliable? Activity 4 City forum Summary.

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Disneyland development: Benefit or loss

Activities 3 and 4

Click the links below to access the slides:

Activity 3

  • Definition of sustainable development
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Is EIA always reliable?

Activity 4

  • City forum
  • Summary
does the building of disneyland abide by this definition
Does the building of Disneyland abide by this definition?

Sustainable development is a concept adopted for the development of an area in which the needs of environment, social and economic development are carefully balanced, so as to enable both the present and future generations to enjoy a vibrant economy, social progress, as well as a high quality environment.

every development has environmental impact
Every Development has Environmental Impact
  • Air quality
  • Noise
  • Water quality
  • Waste management
  • Land contamination
  • Ecology
  • Fishery
  • Visual appearance
  • Cultural heritage
  • Hazards to life
eia helping to minimize environmental impact


Environmental Impact

  • predictsor measures the environmental impact
  • identifies ways to minimize impact

(e.g.alternative site selection and strategic planning)

EIA – Helping to Minimize Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

 Important for sustainable development

in hk eia is required by law
In HK, EIA is required by Law
  • The Law:Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance (EIAO)
  • Designated developmental projects listed in Schedule 2 and 3 of the EIAO should set up an EIAin order to be granted permission to do the project
how does eia work in hong kong

Comments from Public &

The Advisory Council on the Environment (ACE)

We are involved!!

Comments from Public & ACE

How does EIA work in Hong Kong?










EIA Study






No AdverseImpact

Ecological knowledge is used in

advising society’s decision-making

how can the public find out what developments are planned
How can the public find out what developments are planned?
  • Media
  • EPD website

It’s our right and responsibility to contribute comments about future developments in Hong Kong


Relative to impacts upon fish culture enterprises, the Ma Wan Fish Culture Zone (FCZ) will probably not be affected by any rise in suspended solids, reductions in dissolved oxygen concentration or raised nutrient levels caused by either construction or operation of the theme park. Projected hydrodynamic changes will not affect the FCZ water quality, since water current speeds will be little affected. Waste water discharges will comply with Water Pollution Control Ordinance standards. Ways to reduce possible effects from the Penney\'s Bay reclamation have been recommended. These measures, together with monitoring will protect the Ma Wan FCZ.

Is EIA always reliable?

Extract from the EIA Report (executive summary):



  • Refer to the Ma Wan case
  • Prepare a group report!
  • Topic: Is EIA always reliable?
  • You should discuss possible limitations of the EIA to predict environmental impact arising from the development.

Activity 4:

Discuss with your colleagues and prepare well for the City Forum !!!


How do they interrelate?

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Society
  • Environment

You can use the issue of the theme park and dioxin to illustrate



(eg. predicting the impact, the study of dioxin)


(eg. computer modeling in EIA, machines used to remove dioxin)


(eg. economic benefit of the theme park, health problems due to dioxin)


(eg. prevent pollution caused by the building of the theme park and the leakage of dioxin)

science is affected by society
Science is affected by society

Scientific investigations are affected

by political, commercial and

social pressures.

society is affected by science
Society is affected by science

The public is influenced by

scientific investigations.


Commitment from


to the environment.

Our society relies on balanced ecosystems for survival.

We have responsibility for the present and future generations.


Chao Yeuk Lan, Crystal

Chow Chi-yui, Shirley