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Work Planning & Control. Process Overview Dept Heads December 08 . Agenda. WPC Objective Work Planning & Control (WPC) process introduction What will a WPC do? What is changing? Authorization Release to Proceed Work Package Elements Next Steps Q&A. WPC Objective.

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Work planning control l.jpg

Work Planning & Control

Process Overview

Dept Heads

December 08

Agenda l.jpg

  • WPC Objective

  • Work Planning & Control (WPC) process introduction

    • What will a WPC do?

    • What is changing?

    • Authorization

    • Release to Proceed

    • Work Package Elements

  • Next Steps

  • Q&A

Wpc objective l.jpg
WPC Objective

  • Support SLAC mission with implementation of a productive WPC process that enables safe work by:

    • Capturing complete scope of work

    • Supporting identification & analysis of hazards

    • Identifying controls; permits, plans, surveys, etc.

    • Authorizing work by accountable representatives

    • Improving communication of hazards & controls to affected workers

    • Providing a mechanism for worker feedback, both as lessons learned and process improvements

What will a wpc process do l.jpg
What will a WPC process do?

  • Provide a framework to authorize and release all work, consistent with good practices and ISEMS principles

  • Provide guidance to document the planning, authorization and release of all work

  • Establish accountability

What is changing l.jpg
What is changing?

  • Eliminate JHAM for office-type work

  • Replace JHAM with ATA for non-office work

    • ATA – Activity & Training Authorization

    • Exclude office-type tasks from ATA

  • Replace non-routine JHAM with JSA or procedure

    • JSA – Job Safety Analysis

What is changing6 l.jpg
What is changing?

  • Describing work

    • Green – office-type work

    • Yellow

      • Outside your resident work area – dispatch

      • In your resident work area

    • Red – complex work

      • Multiple work groups/trades involved

      • Two or more permits or plans are required

What is changing7 l.jpg
What is changing?

  • How work is authorized

    • Work is authorized by a supervisor with

      • ATA signed by the employee and their supervisor, or

      • JSA or procedure signed by the employee & supervisor

  • Some work must be Released to Proceed

    • Dispatch work & complex work

    • Granted by Bldg Mgr, Area Mgr or PM/PI

Authorization l.jpg

  • All work is authorized

  • All work is authorized by a supervisor

  • All non-green work is authorized with a signed:

    • ATA for work in the resident work area, or

    • JSA or procedure for work outside the resident work area

Release to proceed l.jpg
Release to Proceed

  • Green work does not require a Release

  • Yellow work performed

    • outside resident work area requires a Release

    • in resident work area does not require a Release

  • Red work requires a Release

Work package elements l.jpg
Work Package Elements

  • FAMIS, Visual, Cator, work order (Scope)

  • Signed JSA or procedure (Documents Hazards & Controls, & Authorizes work)

  • Permit(s), if required

  • Release to Proceed

  • Other info (emails, notes, etc)

Next steps l.jpg
Next steps

  • Reinforce line management accountability

    • Appoint WPC “liaisons”

      • Deliver training per Directorate strategy

      • Support line management as a resource

  • Complete training by 3/31/09

  • Create a supportive environment to question performance and drive improvement

  • Include WPC in R2A2

  • Transition to Activity & Training Authorization (ATA) from JHAM (eliminating JHAMs)

    • Non-office work only (No ATA for office workers)

    • By end of 2009 performance review cycle

  • Green work description l.jpg
    Green Work Description

    • Office-type activities

    • Activities commonly performed by the public, posing well-known hazards, with controls that may be implemented without permits or special training

    • Examples include

      • Driving, walking, cycling on campus

      • Using janitorial or office supplies

      • Using lab equipment (calipers, microscope) in the absence of hazardous materials

      • Routine operation & service of office equipment

    Yellow examples l.jpg
    Yellow Examples

    • Align 3B lasers

    • Machining in your resident area/building

    • One time machining of Be in your resident area/bldg

    • Regular building maintenance

    • Use of a forklift to move supplies

    • Bolt a piece of equipment to the floor

    • Move a Bridgeport mill from one area to another

    • Operate hydrogen furnace

    • Perform plating shop operations

    Red work examples l.jpg
    Red Work Examples

    • BaBar D&D

    • Repair Q38 magnet in BSY

    • Install BC2 shielding support

    • Build Muon shield