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Unit 4 Communication Workshop. What do you know about Sydney ?. Words preview. Chinatown officially scenery cuisine attractive spider web. n. 唐人街 adv. 正式地 n. 风景,景色 n. 烹饪 adj. 吸引人的 n. 蜘蛛 n. 网状物. Writing. 3. 9 million, Chinatown, Sydney Harbor Bridge, seaside city,

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Unit 4 Communication Workshop

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Unit 4



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What do you know

about Sydney ?

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Words preview















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3. 9 million,


Sydney Harbor Bridge,

seaside city,


Sydney Tower,

official created a city

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  • Introduction /history

  • Sydney

  • Located: South –eastern coast of Australia/__________

  • General : modern/beautiful city

  • Population: almost __________.

  • history: founded in

  • 1788/1842__________________.

seaside city

3.9 million

official created a city

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2. Things To See

Places to visit: Sydney Opera House/___________________

Darling Harbor/_____________

Scenery: beach/forest/mountains

3. Things to Do

Sports: sailing/_________/Bondi Beach

Tourism: Blue Mountains

Going out: international


Sydney Harbor Bridge

Sydney Tower



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Use your notes to write key sentences for each paragraph about your area.

For example:

Sydney is modern city located in South –eastern coast of Australia.

Have a try

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It is known to all that Sydney Opera House has become a symbol of Sydney.

Darling Harbor also attract a lot of tourism as well.

Sydney, official created a city , which has a population of 3.9 million was founded in 1788/1842.

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Sydney is a paradise of sailing , every year a great many come here for the sport.

Sailing is not the only thing you can do in Sydney, which is also home to surfing , one of the most challenging sports.

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Rio de Janeiro

a legendary destination for fun-loving travelers.

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Rio de Janeiro

1. Introduction:

Population: A city where 11 million people /Brazil’s second largest city

Located: west coast of the Atlantic Ocean

2. Things to see:

Entertainment: Carnival(狂欢节) Do not miss this great party /enjoy samba

Places to visit: modern malls/ theme parks/Copacabana--princess of the Sea

3. Things to do:

go swimming /go shopping/Copacabana beach

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A Song

Listen and complete the song:

The (1) _______ you have reached has been disconnected .

I give you my affection and I give you my(2) _____.

Trying to get a connection on the (3) ________ line. You’re so close, but(4) ___ away.





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I call you up all (5) _____ and (6)____.

I call you up from time to (7)_____.

To hear your (8)_____ on the telephone line.





Why is the singer always phoning ?

a) to listen to the recorded voice

b) to get a connection

b) to get a connection

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Listen with your partner about any scientific experiments that have been done in space.

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Listen to the radio programme and answer the following questions:

1.What was the first idea for an experiment?

2.What experiment did they finally decide to do?

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What do you think are some of the reasons that people carry out experiments in space.

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Decide on a subject for a scientific experiment to be carried out in space. Follow the stage.

Stage 1

Choose a subject that you would like to study in space.


Spiders, bees, fish , seed.

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Stage 2

Work in pairs. Decide on some specific research questions that you want to study.

Stage 3

Prepare to introduce your plan to your classmates . Give the reasons for your choices and the thins you want to find out . Tell the rest of the class what you have decide on and why.

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Thank you!

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